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Magnifying The World Of Zed Run NFT Games

Non-fungible tokens have been the trendsetter of the digital world in recent years. The growth of cryptocurrencies and NFTs is astonishing. Many business models are taking advantage of the surplus benefits of the NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are very flexible in nature. It can be developed on different blockchain platforms and can be integrated with multiple development protocols. The main reason behind the popularity of NFTs is the combination of blockchain games and non-fungible tokens. The gaming industry has utilized the benefits of non-fungible tokens to its advantage. Many exciting NFT games have played a huge role in expanding the popularity of NFTs in the crypto ecosystem. The common NFT games are Cryptokittens, Gods Unchained, Decentraland, Zen Run. etc. Right now, many business entities are shifted towards investing in betting games like digital horse races. NFT games like Zen Run are the perfect candidate for business models that are interested in digital betting games. We at Infinite Block Tech assist business models in developing their own NFT Marketplace like Zed Run.

The New Digital Horse Racing NFT Game- Zed Run

Zed Run is a blockchain-based game that focuses on digital horse racing. This game is completely similar to real-life horse racing, where people bet on the horses and win money. Zed Run is the digitized form of the traditional horse racing platform. In this game, the digital horses are represented as non-fungible tokens. All the horses are unique, and they are initiated through training and breeding to level up the horse for increasing their racing performance and later on, the owner of the digital horse can hold onto them or sell them on an NFT marketplace.

NFT marketplace is a special platform that is used for trading non-fungible tokens. The NFT- like digital horse is traded on any open type marketplace, such as OpenSea and Rarible. These types of NFTs that are being generated in NFT games like Zed Run are called Breathing NFTs. These non-fungible tokens are constructed in a way that they possess DNA, and it is passed on to next-generation zed or horse through the algorithm that is devised in this platform.

Zed Run Clone Script

A Complete Breakdown Of The Working Of Zed Run

The digital horses in the game are very similar to real-life horses. They have their own distinctive features, uniqueness and performance levels. These digital horses are classified into five breeds, such as Genesis, Exclusive, Pacer, Cross, and Legendary. Among these breeds, the genesis breed is the first generation horse with a total count of 38,000 releases on the platform.

The Working Of Zed Run

In this NFT game like Zed Run, the horses consist of four different bloodlines, such as Nakamoto, Sazbo, Finny, and Buterin. The breeding process allows this bloodline to release a combination of 28 possible outcomes, and the range between the horses and their ancestry is denoted by Z1-Z38. This way, it certifies the rarity and quality of the horses. The lowest number denotes the closest to the ancestry and the highest number denotes the farthest to the ancestry. For example, a Z1 denoted horse is high in rarity and quality.

In this NFT marketplace like Zed Run, the user can initiate multiple amounts of combinations because of the various characteristics that are presented in the platform. These combinations increase the performance and value of the Zeds. The complete ownership in this platform is called stable. The breeding process in these platforms increases the value and the authenticity of the ownership.

This NFT based game has motivated the majority of the business models to develop their own digital horse race betting game. In order for the business model to create an NFT marketplace like Zed Run, the organization should hire a world-class NFT development company like Infinite Block Tech.

Components Of Zed Run Platform

The Zed run NFT game is built based on the basic components that are used in any development of a digital horse racing NFT game, such as marketplace, breeding, racing, and attributes.



The marketplace is the framework for any NFT gaming platform. It allows the in-game purchases to be listed for the transaction processes.



Breeding is the process of evolving the present digital horse. It is a way of increasing the performance level of the horse to win races.



The digital horses that underwent the breeding process are enabled to race against the other horses, and the racing component holds the data regarding the horses and races.



The attribute component provides data about the availability and rarity of horses, bloodline scarcity and zed environment.

Construct Your NFT Marketplace Like Zed Run

We at Infinite Block Tech, develop NFT marketplaces integrated with different blockchains and development protocols. Our primary aim is to develop these marketplaces according to the business model’s requirements. The NFT marketplace like Zed Run can be developed by three methods, such as providing end-to-end marketplace services to our customers, utilizing our white-label Zed Run clone solution, and deploying a Zed Run clone development platform.

White-label Zed Run Clone

Our white label Zed Run clone solutions allow the customers to deploy their NFT marketplace like Zed Run into the crypto space immediately. White label zed run clone is a marketplace clone that contains similar features and benefits to the original zed run NFT game. White label Zed Run clone marketplace saves time and money for business models, as they are already market-ready.

Customer Satisfaction
Zed Run NFT clone

Zed Run NFT clone is a type of blockchain-based NFT game that possesses similar functionalities and features to the original Zed Run NFT game. This clone platform is created by implementing the Zed Run clone script. This platform can be customized based on the customer’s specifications at ease.

What Is A Zed Run Clone Script?

Zed Run clone script is a coding architecture of zed run NFT game, that provides the framework for the Zed Run clone development platform. This clone script initiates similar functions of the original Zed Run platform in the clone platform.

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Why Hire Infinite Block Tech As Your NFT Game Development Provider?

Infinite Block Tech is one of the pioneering NFT game development companies. We have developed many NFT game based marketplaces for our customers in the past, such as NFT marketplace like Gods Unchained, NFT marketplace like Decentraland, etc. Our blockchain experts have the required tools to develop any type of NFT games in different blockchains. Our most primarily used blockchain technologies are, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, EOS, TRON, NEO, etc. We specialize in deploying white label NFT game platforms and developing NFT clones like Zed Run NFT clones. Our technical team is well-versed in programming, as they develop one of the best clone scripts in the crypto space for our customers. Once we deploy our Zed Run clone development platform into the NFT domain, we provide 24x7 post-marketing services to our customers. Our primary goal is to help our customers to reach great heights in the blockchain world. To avail of our NFT development services, contact us soon!

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