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The concept of cryptocurrency in the business world has paved the way for many financial innovations that provide assistance to the business models to increase their profit. Non-fungible tokens are one of those amazing financial innovations. We at Infinite Block Tech are pioneers in the field of non-fungible tokens. We help business models to get involved in the innovative field of NFT and upgrade their business value. We are always updated with the current trend in the crypto world.

At the present time, developing a marketplace with reference to an existing marketplace is a quick and efficient way of deploying it into the digital marketing world. Our NFT development company helps the business models to develop their NFT marketplace similar to the existing marketplaces. We develop NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, etc., for our customers.

Surf Through The World Of Non-Fungible Tokens

Non-fungible tokens have submitted themselves as an ocean of opportunities for digital content creators. It has enabled creators to showcase their digital work to the world and gain value and popularity. NFTs are a digital certification for the authenticity of a digital product, and they can even be represented as a digital asset. NFTs are unique. Each NFT carries a value, which prevents fraudulent activities.

Opensea Clone Script

Non-fungible tokens are traded in a decentralized exchange platform, but the NFT marketplace is the popular exchange platform. An NFT marketplace is built on a blockchain network, which secures the transaction data of every purchase. All types of NFTs can be traded in a marketplace, but there are some marketplaces that accept special types of NFTs, like only digital art collectibles, only sports assets, etc.

The popularity and the efficient functioning of the NFT marketplace have submitted themselves as a huge revenue generator for business models. All major business entities have created a formidable interest in the field of NFTs, as they have begun to develop their own NFT marketplaces to yield maximum profit. In order for a business model to create an NFT marketplace, they have to hire an NFT development company. We develop NFT marketplaces similar to the pre-existing marketplaces, for example, NFT marketplace like OpenSea.

What Is OpenSea NFT Marketplace?

OpenSea is the premier marketplace that was created in the crypto space. It is the first peer-to-peer marketplace. It is a popular open-type marketplace. It enables trading of all types of NFTs, such as audio files, music files, image files, domain names, trading cards, etc. OpenSea marketplace is built on a blockchain, and its functioning is dependent on smart contracts, which eliminates the involvement of central authorities. The entire framework of the marketplace is dependent on the ERC standard tokens, such as ERC-721 and ERC- 1155.

ERC-721 token standard

ERC-721 token standard

ERC-721 is the popular token standard in the Ethereum blockchain. This token standard is combined with solidity smart contracts to provide ERC token complaint contracts. ERC-721 tokens produce token identifiers to provide addresses for the tokens, which is a very useful feature for investors in the field.

ERC-1155 token standard

ERC-1155 token standard

ERC-1155 standards are used to develop both fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens. This type of token standard holds a group of digital assets instead of a single asset. In the ERC-1155 token, the smart contracts can be modified to perform single transfer operations in the NFT marketplace platform.

How To Build an NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea?

At Infinite Block Tech, we provide top-notch NFT marketplace development services to our customers. An NFT marketplace like OpenSea can be developed using two primary methods, such as providing end-to-end marketplace services and developing the marketplace by creating an OpenSea Clone.

What Is An OpenSea Clone?

OpenSea clone is an NFT marketplace that is developed with features and capabilities similar to an OpenSea marketplace. The trading process, purchasing, and selling of digital goods are similar in this platform. An OpenSea clone can be created and deployed into the marketplace domain by integrating the OpenSea clone script process.

What Is An OpenSea Clone

What Is An OpenSea Clone Script?

OpenSea clone script is a ready-to-deploy script that incorporates all the features of an OpenSea NFT marketplace. It enables functions that are similar to an OpenSea marketplace, such as purchasing, selling, and trading of NFTs. OpenSea clone software provides the power for the clone script to function efficiently.

What Is An OpenSea Clone Script

Workflow Of OpenSea Clone Script

The entire working of our OpenSea clone script depends on these five unique mechanisms. The first mechanism is to construct a new NFT marketplace, and the second mechanism is to deploy them into the marketplace domain and open the newly constructed NFT marketplace. The deployed NFT marketplace is initiated via a crowdfunding platform. After the initialization of the NFT marketplace in crowd sales, it is integrated with a power-in application environment. After the first four mechanisms are executed perfectly, fetching of digital products is done by making use of the various APIs ( Application Programming Interface) provided by our NFT development company.

Workflow Of OpenSea Clone Script

Our Salient Features Of OpenSea Clone Script

  • Our OpenSea clone script has the ability to interact with various API platforms.
  • We provide a detailed version of the listing platform to list all the NFTs
  • Our clone script comes with in-built escrow activity specifications.
  • The designing core of our clone script is very simple compared to the other marketplaces.
  • Our OpenSea clone script is integrated with a tri-wallet system to store all the crypto tokens.
  • Our clone script is built with military-grade security features, which are considered to be one of the best in the NFT domain.
  • Our categorizing mechanism is built in an efficient way so that it reduces complications for the users.

Why Choose Infinite Block Tech As Your NFT Development Company?

Infinite Block Tech is regarded as one of the best NFT marketplace development companies in the cryptocurrency world. We are well updated on the current topics of the crypto market. Developing NFT marketplaces have been huge among business entities. It is said to generate high revenue for the business models. We have an experienced team of developers who have past experience in developing the marketplace by implementing the clone script method. In the past, we have created NFT marketplaces like SuperRare, Rarible, Foundation, OpenSea, etc. Our blockchain team has solid expertise and knowledge in building an NFT marketplace in different blockchain platforms based on the desire of the customer. Our popular blockchains that are used for the creation of NFT marketplaces are Ethereum, TRON, EOS, Binance Smart Chian, etc. After the development of the marketplace, we stay in contact with the customer by providing post-marketing services to expand the reach of their crypto project. Our primary aim is to uplift our customer’s business and keep them ahead of the competition.

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