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Ethereum smart contract MLM like Lions’ share

Lion’s share is a desired and in demand name when it comes to Ethereum based smart contract MLM businesses. The platform is self-operating, does not involve any admin or manual intervention, therefore cannot be modified or hacked easily. A lion's share clone script is almost an exact replica of the native Lion’s share platform which is also a decentralized smart contract MLM script deployed on the Ethereum blockchain network. It comes along with the key features and functionalities of the Lion's Share platform and customers can include additional features or customizations according to their personal preferences to achieve a unique identity and recognition among potential users for their MLM business.

If you’re looking to usher in your Ethereum smart contract MLM like Lions’ share business in the shortest turnaround time, and boost your visibility and credibility in the competitive marketplace, getting hold of our Lion's Share Clone Software is the smartest choice for you to make. At Infinite Block Tech, we have a widespread team of blockchain experts, developers, programmers, strategists, analysts and more with an experience that is unsurpassed in the field. Their strong expertise and ability will ensure a clone script for you that brings out the most realistic representation of the native platform, with added advanced features and functionalities to step up your game in the industry. Our solutions are customizable, scalable and extremely affordable to help you get closer to your end goal within a short span of time.

Lion’s Share Clone Script

Lion’s share clone script is a ready-made, decentralized smart contract MLM script that is all set to be deployed directly into the Ethereum blockchain network. The script offers a peer to peer matrix compensation plan that pays 100% commission to the users and operates similar to the popular Lion's Share MLM project.As the clone script is readily available, it helps users save a lot of time, money and resources, and launching a platform like the already established successful model will help them gain visibility in the shortest time and take their business to the next level in an efficient way. If you’re aspiring to start your own Ethereum smart contract MLM platform, Lion’s share clone script is the perfect option for you instead of going through the development process all the way from the ground up.

What is Lion's Share MLM?

Lions’ Share MLM is a fully-decentralized, peer to peer Smart Contract based Matrix program that is built over the Ethereum blockchain network. As the platform functions based on the smart contract mechanism, it is fully automated, and it cannot be altered or accessed by any hackers. The platform offers enhanced transparency and affordability to a wide-range of users around the world.

Similar to other crypto MLM platforms like Forsage, Million-money etc., the Lion’s share MLM platform is the first of its kind to combine various countries. It is highly beneficial to get started with a crypto earning program like Lion’s share as soon as possible as smart contracts are playing a key role in revolutionizing such businesses and bringing in a paradigm shift in the way they operate by bringing in more efficiency, accuracy, security and seamlessness.

The users can become an active participant in the Lion’s share MLM platform by paying a very nominal initial fee of just 0.04 ETH, and the platform also extends secure wallet support such as Metamask, Trust Wallet etc.


Bestir yourself with the boundless opportunities in the MLM sector by bagging the best Lion's Share MLM Clone Script. Schedule a meeting with our experts to know more!

Eclectic Features of Our Lion's Share Smart Contract MLM Clone Script

  • 100% decentralization
  • Authentic, Verified smart contracts
  • Affordability and Accessibility to a wide-range of audience
  • Customizable and Flexible Matrix System
  • Multi-currency wallet and multiple payment gateways
  • No geographical boundaries
  • Advanced, User-friendly UX/UI
  • 100% white labeled
  • Enhanced anonymity and transparency
  • Invulnerable system
  • 100% open source
  • Binary level business model
  • Completely automated
  • One-time investment business
  • Unvarying Compensation plan

Inbuilt Wallet System With Our Lion's Share Smart Contrat Clone Script

The native Lion’s share platform accepts only two types of wallets i.e MetaMask and Trust Wallet, and our Lion’s share clone script also supports the same wallet types.


Metamask is more suitable for people who access the MLM platform via web i.e through PCs or Laptops etc.

Trust Wallet

Trust wallet is suitable for people accessing the MLM platform via their mobile phones, or tablets, both iOS and Android.

The added advantage with the Lion’s share MLM platform is that, as it works based on smart contracts, the transactions take place almost instantly with no latency, they are properly streamlined, secure and hassle-free. The transactions take place directly between users in a peer to peer manner, and the funds are almost instantly transferred from one wallet to another. The platform accepts only Ethereum(ETH) and more referrals means more profit opportunities for the users.

Primary Benefits Of Our Lion’s Share MLM Clone Script Development

  • One-time investment plan
  • Speedy, streamlined smart contract-based transactions
  • Completely secure and Hack-proof
  • Peer to peer transaction system
  • Ensures 100% commission
  • Transparent development and pricing
  • Integrated wallets support
  • No-third party involvement
  • Not necessary for withdrawal request
  • Cost-friendly
  • No predefined time limits
  • Immutable compensation plan

Our Lionsshare.Io Clone Development Process

Requirement Gathering

We diligently work with you to understand your unique requirements and plan our development process accordingly to adhere to them in the best possible way. Once we figure out the plan, we let you know the estimated cost, and time of delivery.


We ensure to design your platform with a highly intuitive, interactive and attractive User interface and enable simple and easy operations which will help you expand your user-base.


We make sure to execute a transparent development process and include our client’s opinion in every step of the way to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Our robust implementation of tools and technologies into your platform will enable seamless performance with low latency.

Quality Assurance

Before deployment, we ensure the script is rigorously tested, fully functional and bug-free to ensure hassle-free business experience for both platform owners and the users.


Once thoroughly tested, we deploy our lion’s share clone script customized to fit your needs in the Ethereum blockchain network to get you up and running, and ahead of your competitors.

How to Start a Smart Contract MLM like

Getting started with a successful smart contract MLM like requires solid technical expertise. The development process involves a lot of time, money and intricacies and requires expert consultation on so many aspects. This is why, acquiring a ready-made Lion’s share clone script is the right choice for you.

The clone script comes with 100% source code, inbuilt features, security implementation and every other requirement to get the platform up and running in a short turnaround time. All you have to do is, purchase the script and customize it according to your individual preferences in aspects like additional features, UX/UI, color themes, logo etc., to achieve a unique identity in the marketplace over the widespread competition.

Why Build An MLM Platform With A Smart Contract MLM Script Like Lions Share Clone?

There are a multitude of reasons why businesses prefer a smart contract MLM script like Lions share clone, instead of building the entire platform from scratch. Here are the most essential ones.

Customizable white label solution

The Lion’s share clone script that we offer is a 100% white label solution. Therefore, it is extremely customizable and users have the flexibility to set the compensation plan, entry fee, profit, and other elements of the platform as per their personal preferences.

Swift Deployment

The Lions’ share clone script is ready-made with every essential feature and functionality to get up and running, therefore it helps users with an instant launch to make headway over the intensely growing competition and gain immediate attention and traction.

Extremely Affordable

Purchasing a ready-made clone script and customizing it is way more cost-effective compared to building a platform all the way from the ground up. It helps you save an ample amount of money spent on the resources required for development by acquiring a clone script.

Why choose Infinite Block Tech’s Lion's Share Clone Script solution for your smart contract MLM business?

As a premier company in the sector with a team of some of the most skilled set of experts, Infinite Block Tech strives to create the most appealing, efficient and enhanced business experience for both you and your platform users, and drive maximum results for your business. We are fully focused on making things work for your target users as well your business.We commence our development process only after gaining a complete understanding of what you want, and how you want it to attain utmost customer satisfaction. We help you communicate the right message to your audience and boost your brand identity and credibility among them. We include our clients in every step of the way and embrace their feedback at each stage to deliver the perfect end result. We tend to offer you the solution as quickly as possible in the most competitive price without compromising quality. We believe we are great at what we do. Bring your ideas to us, and we will help you transform your MLM business into a whole new level.

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