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Axie Infinity- A Blockchain Gaming Phenom

Axie Infinity is a war-based blockchain game that has been played by a wide range of users. This is a major push in the NFT domain with its stellar features and benefits. This game consists of 140,000 active characters and it is an excellent choice of business for you. There are various business methods for starting a solid career in the crypto domain; the NFT gaming platforms are the epitome of humongous success and business growth.

  • NFT games like the Axie Infinity are built on a blockchain network. Therefore, they are transparent; all information and data regarding the game are secured and they are visible for everyone who’s involved.
  • Axie Infinity is highly secure. This is being a trademark for businesses to build a game similar to it. This effective security is provided to the game because of its integration with the blockchain network.
  • The Axie Infinity has cross-chain functionality which enables the trading of its in-game assets that are represented as NFTs across various NFT games that are built on the same blockchain network.
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Our Axie Infinity Clone Features

We develop your NFT game with all the required features of the original platform and furnish you with a meticulously crafted gaming platform.


The core of our Axie Infinity clone is to initiate war with other participants in the game and win rewards. This battle feature is constructed with extreme precision and stability.


The land feature of our clone platform paves the way for the utility to the in-game assets. This feature initiates stable tokenizing of the lands and enables the generation of AXS tokens.

Axie Breeding

The Axie breeding in our clone platform enables the promotion of the axie from the rookie stage to a summit without the usage of any attributes.


Our Axie Infinity clone has its own marketplace. Therefore, all the in-game assets that are purchased can be traded on the marketplace.

Native Tokens

Our clone platform will have its in-built native tokens. These tokens furnish the participants with governance functionalities and it allows users to give suggestions for changes in the platform.

Beneficial Factors Of Our Axie Infinity Clone

User-Based Beneficial Factors

  • Sophisticated graphics with a high-quality 3-D experience.
  • Seamless reward mechanism.
  • Elimination of operational risks for users.
  • Stable investment option for users.

Admin-Based Beneficial Factors

  • Dashboards with complete customization.
  • Optimized user management.
  • Stable transaction management.
  • Integration of seamless Ad and referral offers.

Top Ways To Earn Profit By Using Our Axie Infinity Clone

  • The major way to earn enormous profits in our Axie Infinity clone is to take advantage of the tokens on a constant basis.

  • The utilization of in-game investment like investing in creatures, abilities, land plots, etc on our platform allows you to gain profits by trading them over secondary marketplaces.

  • Creating a whole new creature in our clone by combining the core of the parent creature enables a good source of revenue for users.

  • The rewards earned in our clone platform can be shared among other participants by initiating lending and borrowing mechanism for the creatures.

Workflow Of Our Axie Infinity Clone


Players can register into the profile of our platform and integrate their crypto wallets.


The players need to purchase a minimum of three axies on our platform.


Engage in battles to earn tokens and proceed further in the game.


The tokens that you win can be staked for future rewards.


Breeding axies enables the maintenance of value for the creatures.


Players have the ability to construct homelands for axies on our platform.


It furnishes the players with the power of governance in the platform.

The Demand For Axie Infinity Clone

  • There are numerous blockchain-based games in the market but Axie Infinity is preferred for clone development by various business sectors.
  • Axie Infinity game has topped the charts of crypto space in various categories such as radar listing, radar games category, and Ethereum-based applications.
  • The virtual experience provided by this game is out of the world when compared with other blockchain-based games.
  • This is one of the few blockchain games that provide a hassle-free and seamless gaming experience.

Infinite Block Tech Is The Perfect Development Company For Launching Axie Infinity Clone

Worldwide DeFi Expertise

At IBT, our clone development team is well-versed in every technical aspect of the DeFi platform and we have provided services to various clients.

Perfect Execution

We integrate the qualities of accuracy and speed in a single entity and execute the Axie Infinity clone in a perfect manner.

Project Attention

We show complete attention to each and every project that we are working on and it is distributed at an equal pace.

Multiple Testing

We initiate multiple testing and bug fixes to ensure there aren’t any technical irregularities in the platform.

Fully Customized

Our major focus is to create a clone platform with all the customization features requested by our clients.

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