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The rise of new introductions of cryptocurrencies has increased tremendously in the past several years. New opportunities have been arisen for investors and for business entities to invest and gain profit.

Many crypto companies have decided to create their cryptocurrencies and deploy them in the digital market. SafeMoon is the latest inductee in the cryptocurrency world, it was first introduced to the market in March 2021. From that period of time, till now, it has been a huge fundraiser. It has cemented itself as the fastest growing cryptocurrencies of the present time with desired forecasts and an extremely beneficial window of opportunity. Along with profits produced by the Bitcoin crypto, SafeMoon is raising more profits and empowering interests among the public audiences.

SafeMoon is a decentralized finance (DeFi) token. It is a combination of auto-liquidity generating protocol and RFI tokenomics. Due to its immense popularity and its success rate, the majority of the business entities are switching towards SafeMoon as an alternative. We at Infinite Block Tech have the expertise to create a token like SafeMoon for our customers and push their business forward.

What is SafeMoon Clone ?

SafeMoon clone is a complete community-driven decentralized token that is created for exchanges that operate similar to SafeMoon. It is a customizable DeFi token protocol that executes functionalities that are similar to the original token. SafeMoon can also be categorized as a whitelabel solution. The users will receive the freedom to customize their SafeMoon token clone’s tokenomics plans based on their business requirements.

SafeMoon Clone Script

How does a SafeMoon Clone work?

SafeMoon Clone initiates four primary functionalities such as static rewards, reflection, manual burns, and automatic liquidity pool.

Static Rewards

Static Rewards are created to solve the existing numerous problems that include, volume-based trading and condition-based trading. The main functionality of static rewards is to reduce the pressure that is being exerted on the token due to its mass adoption.

Manual Burns

The primary reason for the creation of manual burns is to improve the token usability of a platform. The burning mechanism of the SafeMoon clone focuses on implementing beneficial outputs for a longer period of time and the total burning of the SafeMoon Clone is also tracked effectively.


The reflection function allows the users to form a passive share of income on every positive new entry into the platform.

Automatic Liquidity Pool

Automatic Liquidity Pool executes two primary functions, which include, acquiring funds from buyers and sellers and sums it to the LP forming a solid price floor and the other function is a vital function where the clone script’s contract assists the price floor of the token.

SafeMoon Clone - Features

The salient features of a SafeMoon Clone Script are as follows

  • Compatibility

    Our SafeMoon Clone is very compatible with market fluctuations. Even though it is a new entrant to the digital market, our clone script can overcome fluctuations at ease.

  • Farming Rewards

    Our SafeMoon Clone yields trouble-free farming rewards for the users.

  • Increase In Adoption

    The introduction of many distinct features has led to mass adoption. The static reward function reduces the pressure exerting on the token and thus increases mass adoption.

  • Main-net

    We initiated a fair launch of the SafeMoon clone to the main net at ease.

  • Percentage Returns

    The percentage related returns are high in this platform due to the increase of mass adoption in the field of cryptocurrency.

How to Create Defi Token like SafeMoon

There are two methods to create a DeFi Token like SafeMoon, the first method is to create a SafeMoon Token Clone Script, the second method is to build the token from scratch and deliver end-to-end SafeMoon token clone services.

1 Create the token name, the logo or symbol, and the total supply.

2 Select the appropriate blockchain platform for launching the token.

3 Create an account to construct the DeFi token.

4 Execute a new smart contract that automates the operations.

5 Making sure that the token has the ability to be sent to different addresses of the users at ease.

6 Form a token transfer event that alerts the DeFi wallets when a transfer of the DeFi token takes place.

7 Determine the transaction fees whenever the token is transferred.

8 Copying the wallet address is vital as it helps to transfer the token from the wallet in which it is being originally kept.

9 The wallet assists the user in storing and managing the tokens.

10 The token migration process is initiated in the form of flawless and easy processing of transactions. This entire procedure must be decentralized and secured.

11Listing the token on leading exchanges in the digital market will increase its trading and sale. This process is done after the creation of DeFi Token like SafeMoon.

12The introduction of a cold storage facility will assure the users to protect their tokens from any unauthorized access.

13 All token data are updated by copying the token contract address.
14The updated token information will be viewed on the screen.

15The tokens can be transferred to other users by initiating a transaction.

16The transaction will contain all data like hash, total amount, and block number.

17The final step would be the deployment of tokens in the digital market.

Develop your SafeMoon Clone with our innovative development team.

Why should you start a fundraising protocol like a SafeMoon?

As the cryptocurrency field is on the rise in the digital marketing world, investors are interested in making a mark in this field. The success of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin has made investors gravitate towards this domain. Many token development companies have begun to develop their own crypto tokens. SafeMoon is a decentralized finance token that is not exactly similar to the traditional crypto token but it possesses few characteristics.

SafeMoon was introduced to the crypto market recently and its price value has been subjected to high volatility. In the early stages, it began with an average note, after few weeks, Elon Musk tweeted about the SafeMoon, and its coin value was increased by 25%. Its profit on investment has been increasing steadily, thus, it creates an attractive investment platform for the users who are planning to start a fundraising protocol like SafeMoon.

How to list SafeMoon Clone Token on Decentralized Exchanges?

The SafeMoon Clone Token can be purchased from DeFi Exchanges or from any Automated Market Making Protocols such as BitMart and PancakeSwap. It can be initialized through a set of sequential steps such as,

  • 1

    Creation of Account

    Account creation is the first step in buying a SafeMoon Clone token on Automated Market Making Protocols. The transaction account will act as the managing authority that is serving the asset management services.

  • 2

    Integration of Wallet

    The integration of the wallet process involves the integration of any digital wallet that is available in the market with the platform. The progression of the listing process depends on the successful execution of the wallet integration process.

  • 3

    Fund Deposit

    The crypto tokens can be deposited into the specified automated market maker wallet address and can be withdrawn easily from third-party platforms like Binance. This procedure allows the funds to be set free for transactions at ease.

Why Choose IBT

We, At Infinite Block Tech, specialize in providing SafeMoon Clone Development services to business entities. Our expertise in the field of decentralized finance is unparalleled. We offer quality services to clients who want to develop a DeFi token. At Infinite Block Tech, we offer top-notch product deployment, automated liquidity provisions, quality architectural design, and efficient market analysis. We are critically acclaimed for our services in the token development domain. We develop tokens on various blockchain platforms such as Binance Smart Chain, Tron, EoS, Ethereum, etc. We primarily focus on providing robustness and scalability in the minting of tokens and manual burning mechanisms. We ensure to build your SafeMoon Clone with an attractive UI design that will increase the visibility of your token brand. Our primary goal in this field is to ensure that our clients always stay ahead in their business competition. Contact us soon!


SafeMoon Clone Script is a complete community-driven decentralized token that is created for exchanges that operate similar to SafeMoon. It is a customizable DeFi token protocol that executes functionalities that are similar to the original token.
Creating a DeFi Token like SafeMoon can be very supportive at the present time. Most of the business entities are more interested in token creation and gain more profits for their business. When it comes to cost, it entirely depends on the requirements of the customer and the time duration in which the customer requires the token. The minimum cost starts from $5000 and it would vary depending on the requirements.
SafeMoon Clone Software is comprised of four primary functionalities such as static rewards, reflection, manual burns, and automatic liquidity pool. In order to build a SafeMoon Clone Software, the client should avail of our SafeMoon Clone Development services.
A fundraising protocol like a SafeMoon can be chosen as the first choice among the other cryptocurrencies because it is been a very short period of time since the deployment of this protocol and it has grossed enormous profits and return on investments. Thus, it is a favorable fundraising platform at the present time.
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