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The real estate business has been a source of immense opportunities for customers around the world for centuries. The arrival of Real Estate Tokenization into the foray has only added to this already promising industry. Being backed by Blockchain-based technology, Real estate tokenization has wooed many potential investors due to its efficiency, security, high level of liquidity, transparency among many other important factors.

The tokenization of real estate assets is the concept of converting the inherent value of a real estate property into a digitized token. Essentially, tokenizing means dividing the assets into shares in the form of tokens that can be distributed among investors as a return on investment.

At Infinite Block Tech, with our highly skilled team and experience, we offer the most comprehensive range of Real Estate Tokenization services in the market. Our processes are highly streamlined, efficient, and compliant with the highest regulatory standards. We employ the latest technology in the market to make your real estate backed token development process a hassle-free venture that is highly successful.

What does Real Estate Tokenization actually mean?

Real Estate Tokenization is a method of fundraising that allows property owners to issue tokens as a form of shared ownership for their property. These tokens represent a specific share of the real estate asset and can be bought by potential investors, essentially becoming partial owners of the respective asset.

The tokens are built on blockchain technology and are extremely secure. They also facilitate easy trading options for investors looking to make a quick profit. Shareholders can sell or trade their tokens at any time.

Real Estate Tokenization has been an increasingly popular method of raising funds for businesses and property owners as well as a viable opportunity for investors, making them a highly recognized business venture in the modern business world.

Real Estate Tokenization

Different Types Of Real Estate Tokenization

We offer a wide range of Real Estate Tokenization services that match your needs.

Commercial Real Estate Tokenization

We provide tokenization of commercial real estate properties in a legally compliant manner with the necessary protocols.

Residential Real Estate Tokenization

Earn capital gains and dividends by tokenizing residential real estate for investors around the world with our streamlined processes.

Single Real Estate Tokenization

Tokenize your stand-alone real estate with reduced liquidity premiums and raise funds in an efficient and easy manner.

Trophy Real Estate Tokenization

Raise funds by liquidating trophy assets with our tried and proven process with high regulatory compliance.

Assets That We Can Tokenize

Apart from real estate holdings, we can also tokenize a plethora of assets that can help you raise funds quickly and efficiently.


A reliable and secure method of raising funds using any artwork you might own.


We can help you raise funds using any rare collectible items you might have.


Get access to a global audience with our tokenized debt services.


Blockchain-enabled tokenization of equity shares.

Investment funds

Leverage the value of your investment funds by tokenization.

Vintage cars

A great investment opportunity for investors looking to own a vintage car.


Whether it’s film or music, we can help you to tokenize your creativity!

Luxury items

Make the most of your luxury goods with our simple and efficient tokenization process.

These are just some of the many numbers of tokenization capabilities we offer. We can virtually tokenize any possession, material or immaterial, of value that you own.

How Does Tokenization Work?

We enable investors with a streamlined, simple process to invest in tokens. Here’s a quick example of a payment process done through tokenization.

  • The card information of the customer is swiped or manually entered and is sent to the payment processor. All types of cards including debit and credit cards are accepted.
  • The account data and relevant information is encrypted by the payment processor for security.
  • A token is created by the payment processor.
  • The information is sent for approval to the relevant authorities. The process involves strict adherence to the legal requirements.
  • The Merchant stores the token in their system in lieu of credit cards or bank account data.
  • The token can be saved to make future transactions quick and easy.

How does Digital Real Estate Benefit the investor?

Irrefutable Ownership

With the immutable, highly secure nature of the blockchain network, the investment is highly secure and transparent with encoded ownership information.

Improved Efficiency

Buying a tokenized asset using bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is faster, cheaper, and more secure than traditional methods of asset acquisition.

Shared Management

By owning the asset with a group of other investors, you can share the responsibility and management tasks equally, making life easier for everyone involved.

Improved Liquidity

Tokenization provides a boost to real estate liquidity by means of fractional sales, minimal costs, and a globalized approach to finding investors.

Lower Cost

Tokenization of real estate is much cheaper than traditional forms of real estate management as there is no third party like bank agents and notaries.

Automatic Compliance

Our tokenization process is highly automated with the use of legally vetted smart contracts and other useful features that ensure a high level of regulatory compliance.

Our Proven Real Estate Tokenization Strategy

Real Estate Tokenization is quickly changing the way people invest in properties around the world. There is a huge potential for those looking to tokenize their assets with Infinite Block Tech’s highly successful tokenization strategy.

We aim to simplify the tokenization process with a highly regulated, practical approach that involves Legal, Financial, and Blockchain experts to ensure the compliance of the tokens we build.

We are constantly in touch with the top consultants in the field of crowdfunding, securities, accounting, and real estate to ensure we stay at the forefront of regulatory compliance. All our processes fall squarely within the legal framework and will ensure a successful end result for our customers.

Our Checklist for Real Estate Tokenization

  • Decentralized process
  • Smart Contract enabled
  • Type of Interest
  • Fully Legal Entities
  • Regulation of Securities
  • Corporate Code
  • Asset Typeaunch maintenance
  • Location of the Asset
  • Ratio of Tokenization
  • Mortgages on the Asset
  • Investor Traceability
  • Automated KYC/AML
  • Accredited Investor Verification
  • Globalized Investment
  • Legal & Regulatory Frameworks

Benefits Of Real Estate Tokenization

Real Estate Tokenization provides a plethora of advantages for both the investor and the owner.

  • Diversification

    Optimize usage of real estate properties with fractional ownership. Real Estate Tokenization is a great way to diversify your portfolio with micro-investments in numerous sectors.

  • Inclusive

    With the small amount of investment needed by individual investors, there is an opportunity for all in the realm of real estate tokenization.

  • Transparent Records

    Built with blockchain technology as the backbone of our operations, all the records are highly transparent and immutable. Every interaction is carefully stored on the blockchain and can be accessed at any time, providing a high level of transparency.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    With our Smart Contract enabled investor verification, aided by KYC processes, there is a high degree of security for both the investors and the ownership. Automated processes eliminate the need for manual intervention and human-made errors.

Future of Real Estate Tokenization Investing

Due to many benefits of a blockchain-backed tokenization process such as immutability, automated regulatory compliance, transparency, security, high volume liquidity, the elimination of third parties, and more, the future of real estate tokenization is bright, to say the least.

Tokenized real estate investment provides the many benefits that potential investors are looking for in today’s modernized business world. In fact, real estate tokenization is widely viewed as the most profitable use of blockchain technology in the market with a global total asset value of $228 trillion, making it a must for any shrewd investor.

With old methods of investments and raising funds out the window, the fresh opportunities provided by Infinite Block Tech and our tokenization services is the stepping stone to the future that you need.

Scope of Real Estate Investment Tokens

Tokenized Real Estate Investment is one of the hottest trends in the real estate market right now. With the world around us moving quickly to the digital method of transacting business, the viability of real estate tokens is set to continually grow in the upcoming years and surpass the greatest expectations.

The scope of the Real Estate Tokenization is limitless. Virtually, any asset can be tokenized, in a safe and efficient manner, providing the best way for owners to raise funds for their entrepreneurial needs and a great way for investors to grow and diversify their portfolio in an optimized, secure manner.

With the globalized approach of investment that our tokenization process provides, you can attract potential investors from around the globe and maximize your chance of success.

Why choose Infinite Block Tech for Real Estate Tokenization?

Award-Winning Blockchain Developer

We are a premier name in the field of blockchain technology and development. We have won numerous awards for blockchain services.

Successful Tokenization Campaigns

We have a resume full of highly successful tokenization projects under our belt and have worked with customers from all around the world.

In-house Blockchain team

We possess a highly experienced in-house team full of designers and developers, marketing professionals, business analysts, SEO specialists, and more. All our products are developed in-house with no third party involvement.

Experience In Software Projects

We have unmatched levels of expertise in all aspects of development. We can take care of everything from ideation to launch while ensuring a successful product within the stipulated time.

Legally Compliant

We have partnerships with legal counselors and lawyers in all the disciplines to ensure that the work we do falls under the legal and regulatory requirements in every single way.

Strict Non Disclosure

We ensure strict adherence to the NDA we sign with all our clients. You will never have to worry about sensitive information or data breaches.


Real Estate Tokenization provides a great number of benefits for both investors and owners. It is highly transparent, immutable, secure, and compliant to the highest regulatory standards. It eliminates the need for third-party intermediaries and allows owners to raise funds the ‘modern way’.
If you’re an entrepreneur or a real estate asset owner looking to raise funds, Real Estate Tokenization is the way to go. By making use of your existing assets, by tokenizing your property, you not only maximize your returns but minimize the risks you undertake. The market for real estate backed tokens is guaranteed to grow, providing a wonderful opportunity for all.
The cost of Real Estate Tokenization depends on numerous factors that tend to vary from client to client, such as time spent on development, work that goes into the tokenizing process, the level of marketing needed, and more. To get an accurate estimate based on your individual requirements, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you out.
Infinite Block Tech is often regarded as the best Real Estate Tokenization company, by both industry experts and our satisfied customers. With a history of successful tokenization campaigns and the ability to tokenize virtually any worthwhile asset, we are the premier name in the industry.
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