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Debut To NFT Aggregator Marketplace

The NFT aggregator platform development brings a new upgradation in the web3, along with partaking in the rise of NFTs. The NFT aggregator platform smoothens the NFT trades by combining all the NFTs of different genres from multiple NFT marketplaces. The NFT aggregator marketplace serves values like easy navigation of NFTs, flexible price comparison, etc., allowing the users to experience efficient NFT trades.

We at Infinite Block Tech aim at delightful NFT Aggregator Marketplace Development that contemplates a high-revenue NFT business model for entrepreneurs. Our elite NFT aggregator platform development company accords our clients with a pioneering platform that enables its user to explore, compare and trade NFTs. We provide a prominent white-label NFT aggregator platform that can be tailored according to the entrepreneur’s requirements and can be developed for different modes like mobile applications and web applications.

What Is The Need For NFT Aggregator Marketplace Development?

Along with the growth of NFTs, various NFT marketplaces have emerged. These marketplaces enable one to list their asset and allow the users to buy those assets. Communication between the various NFT marketplaces is necessary for the users. Some of the issues are that the users cannot compare and analyze an NFT's price differently as they have to sign in to each platform to do the analysis. The users also sometimes need help navigating the NFT they seek in a marketplace, and they have to research which marketplace that particular NFT is listed in.

The NFT aggregator marketplace eliminates many issues like this for the users and enables a flawless platform that amalgamates the NFTs listed on multiple marketplaces. The NFT aggregator platform development has immense potential to grow and glow in the crypto market. Infinite Block Tech expedites you in launching a flawless NFT aggregator platform with our expert knowledge of the market and the requirements of your audience.

The Emergence Of NFT Aggregator Marketplace

The NFT aggregator platform is the current trend in the NFT market. The NFT aggregator marketplace development smashes various limitations and allows traders to trade their NFT collections from different marketplaces without the need to visit those marketplaces. Today trending NFT aggregators like Gem and Genie have skyrocketed in the NFT market with transaction volumes in millions. Opting for the NFT aggregator platform development with sharp features and drastic functionalities like the popular NFT aggregator marketplaces will capitalize on your NFT venture.

Our Most Popular Clients In The Market

Our Coherent Roadmap On NFT Aggregator Marketplace Development


Initially, in NFT aggregator platform development, in-depth research on the NFT market and the competitors are done to plan and achieve a well-developed NFT platform.


With the research analysis, a strategic business plan is devised which focuses on creating a feature-packed NFT aggregator marketplace to support efficient NFT trades.


Based on your requirements and suggestions, we proceed to design a user-end prototype with highly-responsive UI/UX features.


Then, the front-end and back-end frameworks, including smart contract coding, filing & database setup, etc., are constructed to obtain the final version of the platform.


Then the platform is tested multiple times to check for any vulnerabilities or errors, and they are debugged to exhibit a pristinely well-developed NFT aggregator marketplace.


Once the NFT aggregator platform is developed as per your requirements and multi-tested, the platform is ready to be launched in the market.

Characteristic Features Of Our NFT Aggregator Platform

User Profile

This feature of our all-inclusive NFT Aggregator Platform displays the user's profile picture, and digital assets, among other information.

All-In-One Platform

Our NFT aggregator acts as a single platform for all NFTs by enabling its users to sign in and begin to buy, sell, trade, or access information about listed NFTs worldwide.

Personalized Recommendation

Our platform provides personalized suggestions for the user according to their interests, browsing history, NFT collection, and recent activities on the NFT aggregator marketplace.

Intricate Search Filters

Our NFT marketplace aggregator is compacted with advanced and precise search filters like highest price, lowest price, trending, etc., which aids the users in browsing efficiently.

Vivid Price Comparison

Our NFT aggregator marketplace facilitates the user with a comprehensive price comparison of the NFTs. This includes gas fees, royalty fees, commission fees, and other fees on various NFT marketplaces.

Wallet Integration

With our NFT aggregator software, you can create a platform that supports wallets like Metamask, Enjin, Math wallet, Alpha wallet, etc. Integrating multiple wallets in the platform enables the user to create, manage, and trade the NFTs with ease.

Centralized Dashboard

The centralized dashboard of our NFT aggregator marketplace displays extensive data of all NFTs present in diverse marketplaces.

Lazy Minting

The Lazy minting feature of the NFT aggregator platform facilitates the users to mint the NFT and pay the gas fees only when the NFTs are purchased, thereby smoothening the user's experience.

Royalty Support

In the NFT aggregator marketplace, the creators can set royalties before listing their NFTs and they are credited after each secondary sale.

Payment Gateways

The NFT aggregator platform facilitates a wide range of payment gateways and allows users to make payments in cryptos and fiat.

Multiple Blockchain Support:

Our NFT aggregator software assists in the creation of a multi-chain compatible NFT platform that supports different blockchain networks like Ethereum, Polygon, etc.

Third-Party Integration:

In this NFT platform, you can operate third-party applications like Email campaigns, Analytics, CRM, etc., to enable the platform to reach a wide audience with boosted sales.

NFT Aggregator Platform Development Services

User Interface

Our adept blockchain experts aim to design a user-friendly NFT aggregator platform with a unified interface that is supported on different devices like desktops, smartphones, or tablets.

One-Stop Shop For All NFTs

Our NFT aggregator marketplace acts as a one-stop marketplace that houses the NFTs in multiple NFT marketplaces and is integrated with advanced marketing tools, tracking tools, CRM, etc.

Real-Time NFT Evaluation

Our proficient experts explore the trends in the NFT market and analysis the audience's expectations of the platform to build an NFT marketplace aggregator that surpasses all your requirements and your audience's needs by merging all the valuable NFTs under one platform.

Multi-chain Support

Our NFT aggregator software allows you to deploy an NFT platform that supports multiple blockchain networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, etc.

Decentralized Platform

The NFT aggregator platform works in a decentralized manner and facilitates a handy admin panel according to your requirements.


Our NFT aggregator marketplace is built with multi-level security to avoid hacking or misuse of data, thus providing a safe & secure platform.

Coherent Steps On Workflow of NFT Aggregators

Data Pooling

This initial vital process of the NFT aggregator marketplace involves amalgamating various NFTs' transactional data from multiple NFT marketplaces, and the information is pooled together.

Data Aggregation

This pooled information is combined in a unified interface and makes it seamless to access the data with a single entry point for the platform.

Data Classification

In data classification, the pooled data are classified according to specific parameters like rarity, price, timing, ranking, etc., to make the analysis of data seamless for the investors or buyers in the NFT aggregator platform.

Feeding Data To Search Engines

Later, when the pooled data are aggregated and classified, the data collected is installed in the search engine of the NFT aggregator marketplace, which makes it easier for the users to track their preferred NFTs.

Batch Purchase

Batch purchase is one of the crucial functions of the NFT aggregator marketplace as it allows the users to bulk purchase the NFTs from multiple marketplaces in a single transaction. It saves the users from paying extra gas fees, which they had to pay when purchasing each NFT separately.

Enriching Benefits Of Our NFT Aggrgator Marketplace

One-Stop Solution For All NFTs

The NFT aggregator is considered a comprehensive data collector, as it showcases the NFTs from various marketplaces to the users with multiple dimensions of data like the NFTs' current market trends, prices in multiple marketplaces, etc.

Enhanced Search

Using powerful search algorithms and sorting, our NFT aggregator marketplace facilitates its users to navigate the NFT they search with ease.

Personalized Suggestions

Every user searches for particular types of NFTs in the platform, utilizing the browsing history or recent activities; our aggregator platform presents specialized personal recommendations for the user.

Adaptable Price Comparison

Our NFT aggregator marketplace assists the user in comparing the differences, like market volume, the number of holders, etc., between the NFTs using comprehensive data analysis tools.

Various Industries That Our NFT Aggregator Software Caters


Artists can mint their digital assets/artwork into non-fungible tokens and protect their work from plagiarism or copyright thefts in our NFT aggregator platform.


Our NFT aggregator marketplace allows sports fans to trade their sports NFTs like trading cards, popular video clips of sports momentums, and sports accessories.


With our NFT platform, gamers can buy, sell, or trade their in-game assets, like skin, weapons, collectibles, etc., from the NFT games.

Real Estate

Our NFT marketplace aggregator supports its users to view various real estate listings from different marketplaces or to list their real estate assets.


In this NFT platform, the users can convert their music files into NFTs and list them for interested buyers to purchase them, all the while eliminating piracy.


With our NFT aggregator marketplace development, you can create a platform to support the users to mint, buy, and sell domain names securely

Hire The Best NFT Aggregator Marketplace Development Company

Infinite Block Tech will assist you in launching your NFT aggregator marketplace development and make your venture snowball. Our renowned white-label NFT aggregator marketplace will enable you to build a tailored platform that ticks off each of your needs and requirements. Our skilled consultants and technical experts will ensure on devising of a strategic workflow of the development process and execution of them precisely. Our top-tier NFT aggregator platform development service will furnish your platform using advanced tech stacks and enhances your smooth & glitch-free platform.

How We Make A Difference
In Your NFT Aggregator Platform Development?

Infinite Block Tech is an eminent NFT Aggregator Marketplace Development Company with compelling amenities that sets us apart and makes you choose us as your tech partner!

  • Our team understands & satisfies your needs for the platform.
  • Our years of technical expertise will ensure a high-standard platform.
  • User-centric features with Community-focused functionalities.
  • Compliant with enhanced reliability & security.
  • Supports multiple blockchain networks.
  • Ready-to-deploy solutions to ease the platform launch.
  • On-time delivery with 24/7 technical support.

Also, our transparency and trustability with the clients are what make us much more desirable for your NFT aggregator platform development. We take you along through all the steps of development of the platform to make your boarding with us ecstatic and prolific. So, Join us now to begin your buoyant NFT venture.

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An NFT aggregator is considered an upgraded version of the NFT marketplace. It combines multiple marketplaces and houses NFTs of different genres from various blockchain networks. The users can analyze and compare an NFT price across different marketplaces in one platform and decide on whether to buy or sell them.
The NFT aggregator marketplace combines the NFTs of multiple marketplaces into one single platform. This creates a much more convenient platform for the users and allows them to compare the NFT prices and acquire them accordingly by giving them a clear view of the market.
An NFT aggregator amalgamates NFTs of various genres from different NFT marketplaces and showcases them in one platform. This aids the users in comparing the price of NFTs in multiple marketplaces, increases search efficiency to navigate the NFTs at ease, etc.
By choosing the best NFT aggregator marketplace development company in USA, you can create a remunerative NFT aggregator model that facilitates the trades of non-fungible tokens efficiently. With our adept knowledge and expertise, we ensure the development of an NFT venture that checks off all your requirements and preferences.
An NFT marketplace and an NFT aggregator platform both enable the user to buy or sell non-fungible tokens. The difference between the two is that the marketplace allows users to list their NFT on the platform and allows them to sell or trade the NFT on their brand name. At the same time, the NFT aggregator marketplace combines the NFTs of various marketplaces, which can be traded under one brand/platform's name.
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