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STEPN Clone App Development

We will provide you with a brand-new Move-to-earn platform that combines real-world activity with Web3 technology and the blockchain to create an interactive and gamified fitness experience that not only encourages a healthy lifestyle but also allows users to earn money while exercising.

Key Take-Away Points from STEPN NFT Game

  • An NFT game that crosses paths with socializing and health.
  • Incentivises the lifestyle choice.
  • Pushes to adopt a more healthy lifestyle.
  • Generates rewards while running.

Users will be able to combine their favorite style of activity with an appropriate NFT shoe and can receive prizes. Users can integrate the "metaverse” in their own customized version of this NFT game as we believe it is a far more realistic representation of what a near-future metaverse would look like. The actual world and your digital world start to mingle together in this augmented reality. In our Web3 lifestyle move to earn NFT Game Development, users can integrate incentives when they exercise in real life.

Steps involved in your own Move to earn STEPN NFT Game

  • First of all, users have to install the app from the app store.
  • Then, create an account on the official gaming website.
  • The user must, after the installation and creating the account, enter an activation code.
  • Once this is done, the user can select and acquire a sneaker NFT that suits their level of fitness and start collaborating outside.

The consumers will buy the NFT sneakers with the additional feature to rent off the sneakers. In this way, the owner and user of the sneakers will be rewarded generously and will be distributed in a fair manner.

STEPN NFT Activation Code

Due to the swarming buyers coming pouring of internet traffic for the activation code, some heavy restrictions or conditions will be applied to have enough time on your hands to seek it out. This measure is applied to avoid network overload and force sustainable growth. A number of activation codes and modes of distribution will be completely under the platform owner’s control.

Sneakers in the STEPN NFT Marketplace

What are those and how and which to choose? This will be decided by you. Now, this will be fully customizable according to the idea of the owner but, to provide you with an idea, there are 4 types of sneakers to rent or buy from STEPN

  • Walker. These sneakers are for the basic performers that can complete 1-4 km per hour. Users have to be within this speed limit to earn energy.
  • Jogger. These sneakers will ramp up the challenge to stay within the 4-10 km per hour speed limit.
  • Runner. These are for the professional athletes who can serve and stay in the 8-20 km per hour speed range.
  • Trainer. These sneakers cover a whole wide range of speed limits of 1-20 km per hour if you are new to this or do not know how well you can perform.

After the selection, users will be given the option to buy or rent out the sneakers to which they will be paid accordingly.

STEPN NFT Game Development

You as an owner can quantify sneakers on different aspects such as COMMON, UNCOMMON, RARE, EPIC, AND LEGENDARY. The recurring funds associated with our Move to earn STEPN NFT Game Development will be related to the sneaker repair cost. There will be a repair prospect to the shoes as they will need to be repaired to be used again. There are 4 different attributes associated with the repair that is crucial for users are:

  • Efficiency: Enhances earning
  • Comfort: Enhances earning
  • Luck: Enhances Mystery Box drop rate
  • Resilience: Reduce repair costs

Our NFT Game will be utilizing GPS to accurately track and log the distance, track, speed, calories burned, or any target set by the consumer. All of this is highly customizable on our Move to earn STEPN clone.

Move to Earn STEPN Clone

To counter the smarty pants, the Move to earn STEPN clone will be equipped with an anti-cheat algorithm that will detect whether you are actually running or your phone is doing all the burning. While burning the calories, our NFT Game app will churn out designated Tokens that can be utilized to repair, mint, and level up.

This Move to earn STEPN clone idea will revolutionize the compelling value proposition for health insurance firms and nations looking to enhance the health of their clients and populations. We at Infinite Block Tech aim to help you learn everything you can about the upcoming NFT revolution. We'll teach you how to traverse this intriguing new realm of non-fungible tokens and how to implement tokenization in your own reach.

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