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What is Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Development?

Cross-chain is one of the significant breakthroughs in the crypto sphere. A conventional marketplace built on a specific network, say for Ethereum, can include only ERC-721 standard NFTs. The NFTs of other blockchain networks, say Binance Smart Chain or Solana, will not have room in Ethereum's marketplace. Due to this limitation, the crypto audience is confined to only one network, and they lack the potential to explore the benefits of the other prominent networks in the market. This is where cross-chain ability (or) interoperability comes into play!Cross-chain is an excellent functionality that facilitates users to seamlessly connect with other different blockchain networks, thereby bringing it under one roof. So a cross-chain NFT marketplace development is a development solution in which users will be able to bring in their NFTs minted from different blockchain networks. To be precise, cross-chain NFT connects blockchains.

Why Cross-Chain NFT Development is Best Fit?

  • Adapting to New Technology : It is mandatory to get adapted to the latest technologies in order to become out of fashion in the market. The cross-chain feature is one such modern concept that leverages NFTs.
  • Future is Interoperable : Even though NFTs are hitting millions in the market, they are still in the nascent stage. Cross-chain is the future of NFTs. So incorporating this functionality will make your brand reach great heights in the near future.
  • Build Better Community : When there are no restrictions to use a single blockchain, the community of your project increases drastically. This is because enthusiasts of all blockchain networks will come under one umbrella to trade their favorite NFTs.

Types of NFT Marketplaces Suitable Cross-Chain NFT Bridge

Art NFT Marketplace

Music NFT Marketplace

Gaming NFT Marketplace

Sports-Based NFT Marketplace

Utility-Based NFT Marketplace

Fashion NFT Marketplace

Domain NFT Marketplace

Cross-Chain NFT Bridge

Let's travel back to the nascent age of the internet when emails were trending. So consider you have an account on Gmail, and your friend has an account on Yahoo. Initially, the systems would not allow you to send mail to Yahoo from the Gmail platform. Thanks to the interoperability of email systems with which now we can send to anyone from any platform. Implementing the same into blockchain is a cross-chain bridge. A Cross-Chain NFT bridge is a bridge that unites two different networks and allows the hassle-free transfer of NFTs between them. Despite having their own protocols, it provides a compatible solution to establish a connection securely on both networks.

The Necessity of NFT Marketplace with Cross-Chain

Everything sounds good, but you may wonder what's the necessity to teleport NFTs from one blockchain to another. Scalability is the answer! Every blockchain has its own advantages. When an individual tries to taste the merit of an opposite network, there is no option left other than teleporting NFTs. This easy transfer of NFTs from one blockchain to another will increase the mass adoption of NFTs overall. So here is what you can do with cross-chain NFT development!

  • Teleport your NFTs to your favorite blockchain protocol.
  • Make the NFTs accessible to diverse enthusiasts under one marketplace.
  • Enable cross-chain auctions and sales.
  • Facilitate direct NFT swaps.

Work Flow of Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace

Consider you build an NFT marketplace that supports both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks.

The buyers/sellers can create their profiles by creating their wallets or linking their existing wallets.

Creators can select the network in which they want to mint an NFT.

They can upload the digital format of the file and give the necessary details regarding the NFT.

It can then be minted to tokenize the file into NFT.

The NFTs can be listed in either auction sales or fixed price sales, depending on their needs.

Here's where sellers come in.

They search the marketplace for their favorite NFTs.

If the asset is listed in an auction sale, bidding has to be done. The highest bidder within the specified time will be announced as the winner.

If the asset is listed in a fixed price sale, it can be bought by paying the right amount.

Then, if the NFT created in the Ethereum network needs to be swapped to the Binance Smart Chain network or vice versa, then a cross-chain bridge has to be used.

By simply preferring the destination network and approving the transaction in the wallet, the NFTs will be swapped to the desired network.

Finally, the NFTs have to be claimed to complete the teleportation.

Perks of Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Development

The various perks of cross-chain NFT marketplace Development include but are not limited to,

  • Teleportation Made Simple

    Technically speaking, moving NFTs from one protocol to another is an arduous task. But we make it look simple with a matter of 3-4 clicks.

  • Splendid Interface

    The platform is meticulously designed with a sleek user interface to make the operations simple and straightforward.

  • Interoperability

    The cross-chain functionality facilitates seamless and hassle-free connection across different blockchain networks.

  • High Liquidity

    Since the NFTs will grab the attention of the users across different blockchain networks, it provides higher liquidity than a regular marketplace.

  • Strong Community

    Bringing in audiences from diverse blockchain networks will enable the marketplace to have strong connections and communities.

  • High Security

    The marketplace involves high-end security features to safeguard the traded assets.

Why Infinite Block Tech is the Best Suit for Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Development?

Infinite Block Tech is one of the leading blockchain development companies that provides excellent cross-chain NFT development services. Our adept professionals and technical experts can understand your requirements easily and have the potential to develop a personalized marketplace. Cross-chain NFT creation is the latest trending concept that has seized the attention of NFT admirers and investors worldwide.

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