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ICO is the hottest fundraising mechanism to date. Infinite Block Tech, being one of the earliest to arrive in the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain development, has earned a reputation for itself by helping several clients across the globe launch their ICO projects successfully. We have a team of market experts with solid experience who has the ability to work with any size of business, from startups to large enterprises. We offer comprehensive solutions from ICO consultation, development, marketing and launch helping clients bring their business vision to life by raising enormous funds. We have extended our solutions across various industries such as healthcare, supply chain, payment industry, and many more, and transformed them with our cutting-edge technology solutions. Our large, globally expanded client base and their ICO success stories are what makes us stand out from the crowd.

What Is Meant By ICO Consultation?

ICO ( Initial Coin Offering) is a popular fundraising method that helps entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. The entrepreneur is issued a coin/token which is sold to potential investors in return for investment to raise significant capital to kick-start the business. ICO consultation means to delve for a comprehensive consultation on every step of the way to launching an ICO. The consultation solutions comprise ideation, planning, legal aspects, whitepaper drafting, ICO token creation, ICO marketing, and launch. In simple terms, ICO consultation is the process of consulting experienced professionals in the market, to get hold of effective strategies to implement for the ICO, to achieve better outcomes for the business.

ICO consultation service providers will help you determine everything from which token to choose, and which token standard, necessary legalization depending on the ICO model, the profitable chances for the ICO model, and how to refine it, sound ICO marketing and launch strategies to reach out to a wider audience, and many more.

ICO Consulting

Why Are ICO Consulting Services Essential ?

With the increased popularity and competition for ICOs and evolving ICO regulations, there is only a thin line between the success and failure of an ICO. There are many ICOs that have failed to sustain in the past due to a lack of proper strategy and planning. Therefore, it is essential to completely analyze and understand the market trends and requirements, and create an ICO that attracts the investors. For that purpose, seeking ICO consultation services from experts will be extremely helpful.

Also, for a novice crypto entrepreneur, it might be overwhelming to keep with the constantly changing regulations and market trends. Therefore, hiring an experienced team of ICO consultants will make the whole process convenient for them. On the other hand, ICO consulting services benefit not only novice entrepreneurs but also existing ICO projects to further enhance their strategies to gain better results.

Our ICO Consultation Services

ICO Marketing Strategies

We have the best marketing analysts and strategists with us who will conduct thorough market analysis, formulate an actionable marketing structure, implement powerful ICO marketing strategies, and constantly review them to further improve for better results. We ensure our marketing strategies help you get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.

ICO Landing Page Consultation

Our highly dedicated and skilled experts will analyze and guide you with innovative and intuitive ICO landing page designs that are user-friendly, easy to navigate, and captures the potential investors’ eye. We also work meticulously with you to understand your personal ideas and preferences and guide you on how to execute them in the most efficient, and effective way.

Legalization and KYC

As popular as ICOs are, they have also been known for fraudulent issues in the past. Many countries have started legalizing ICOs to avoid such issues. We have well experienced legal consultants who will guide you through every legal procedure to be followed based on your location, and the KYC procedures to gather authentic investors for your project.

Customized Token Creation

ICOs operate depending upon smart contracts. Our solidly experienced developers will analyze the feasibility of your project idea, and assist you with customized token creation based on your preferences, effective smart contracts creation and implementation into the tokens, token distribution process, determining the exchange rate between the tokens for fiat currencies , dividend payouts, etc.

Whitepaper Drafting

With in-depth knowledge in the field, our ICO consultants will help you draft a white paper fitting your ICO model. Our assistance will help identify the areas of improvement, drafting the whitepaper structure and execution. We will make sure your whitepaper is legitimate, covers every information your investors need to know from legal aspects to your primary goal, investor benefits etc which will gain their trust towards your project.

Token Loss and Hacks Prevention

Our experts will thoroughly analyze any stumbling blocks that could affect your ICO sale beforehand, and help prevent them. Mainly, the two common issues that occur frequently are investors losing access to their tokens, or the user funds being hacked. We help you avoid such mishaps by assisting you in creating individual accounts to all users, how to create unique addresses and login information etc.

Determining Token Sales

Most ICO startups tend to be in a dilemma when it comes to choosing how many token sales they want to have for their project. Currently, the ICOs which are executing multiple levels of sales are rapidly increasing in the market. There are basically three levels of sales which are most commonly followed, such as private sale, pre-sale, and main-sale. Our team will help you determine how to go about your token sales, and be with you through the entire process ensuring your tokens reach out to maximum potential investors.

ICO Listing Consultations

For startups creating an ICO, it is very important to list their issued digital tokens on reliable exchanges. Listing an ICO token not only brings in credibility, but also increases the chances for the ICO to grow in value as more investors will become aware of it and gain access to invest in it. With the expanding number of exchanges, getting a token listed on the right exchange might seem like a challenging process. Our extensively experienced ICO consultants will guide you with your whole listing process. They will help you list your tokens in several reputable exchange platforms which will improve awareness about your ICO project, and bring in more potential investors.

ICO Launch Consultation

The execution of the project into the market is more important than the creation itself. Our experts will make sure your ICO is ready to hit the market, comprises every element that is objectively better than what the competitors are offering, and guide you through every step from preparation, prelaunch to post launch to ensure your ICO is sustainable and successful.

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Why Choose Infinite Block Tech As Your ICO Consulting Company?

Infinite Block Tech is a primary ICO consultation services company in the current market. Our success stories speak for our commitment and expertise. We have unmatched successful ICO project numbers and experience, and we believe, when the customer value is met, success follows automatically. We diligently work towards bringing our clients’ vision to reality in the best possible way and help them create a unique identity for themselves and their business in the market.

We are the best choice to partner with for your ICO consultation services for the following reasons:
  • Comprehensive consultation solutions at cost-effective prices
  • A broad team with enterprise-level experience and knowledge
  • Priority to quality and security
  • Tailor-made solutions catered to individual needs
  • Round-the-clock customer support
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