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Cryptocurrency exchange Software

Cryptocurrencies have been game-changers in this digitally transforming business sphere. Ever since the advent of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, in 2009, cryptocurrencies have widely evolved, and the demand is ever-growing. To exchange your cryptos all around the world, in the most efficient and secure manner, all you need to focus on is a robust cryptocurrency exchange development.

Infinite Block Tech is a cryptocurrency exchange software development company, with adequate experience of helping several clients across the globe, launch their crypto exchange software successfully, and achieve their business goals. We have a team of seasoned, skilled developers who will offer a white label crypto exchange software that is 100% reliable and feature-rich. Our exchange software is pre-tested before delivering to the customers and assures high performance. Our white label exchange software supports major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.

The white label exchange software we offer comes with advanced, quality technical support, security integrations, and authentication. We help customers launch their exchange at a gallop, within just two weeks and gain a competitive advantage in the market. With our white label software, instant, highly-secure, efficient, and seamless transactions, a profitable business is guaranteed.

Why Choose Infinite Block Tech For
Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

  • A cryptocurrency trading platform that is capable of facilitating multiple currencies, is SegWit enabled, and can provide high-frequency trades.
  • A highly robust defense system that was designed to protect against hacks and malpractices
  • Multi-signature cold wallet and encrypted hot wallet
  • The capability to add and remove cryptocurrencies in an easy and efficient way.
  • Advanced features such as SegWit, BIP-32, Firebase among others
  • A cryptocurrency trading platform that is capable of facilitating multiple currencies, is SegWit enabled, and can provide high-frequency trades.
  • Integration with multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, HCX, and ERC20 tokens.
  • Extra layers of security in the form of KYC and AML verification processes to protect against fraudulent activity.
  • A matching engine that can be customized according to your needs.
  • Excellent compatibility - we offer iOS, Android, and Web versions.

Unique Features That Make Our
Cryptocurrency Exchange software Stand Out

Leverage or Margin Trading

Leverage/ Margin trading is the protocol of using borrowed funds to facilitate a trade or make an investment. Like with any type of trading, it aims to open a larger position with a smaller fund amount. A leverage/ margin trading platform allows traders to borrow a specific amount of funds to increase the size of their orders, which maximizes the gain from profitable trades.

Our cryptocurrency exchange software enables users with a robust risk management strategy and helps them make the most of their trades and market swings.

  • 100 X leverage with 1BTC margin
  • Numerous order types
  • Robust risk management
  • User-friendly interface
  • Feature-rich admin panel
  • Multiple layers of security.

Derivatives Trading (Futures Contract)

This type of trading works on the basis of an agreement or deal made between the buyers and sellers to buy/sell at a future date at a fixed price. Futures are utilized by traders to hedge investments or guarantee profits and are often utilized as a safety-net.

  • Flexible contracts
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Position holding
  • High throughput and low latency
  • Quick time-to-market
Futures Contract

Derivatives Trading (Perpetual Contracts)

Perpetual contracts differ from future contracts for the fact that the trader is under no obligation to buy or sell assets at a specified date in the future. Assets acquired under a perpetual contract can be sold or bought at any time depending on the whims of the trader.

By virtue of the perpetual contracts, you can give your users advanced trading options that can help them immensely.

  • Highly stable and reliant
  • Centralized
  • High TPS (Transactions Per Second)
  • Robust Risk Management
Perpetual Contracts

Copy Trading

Copy-trading is a wonderful way for beginners to cut their teeth in the market and boost their prowess. Copy-trading allows novice traders to mirror professional trades and learn from the strategies involved.

  • Multiple portfolio compatibility
  • Daily profit/revenue calculation
  • Detailed, helpful analytics
  • Useful charts and tables
Copy Trading

Spot Trading

A spot trade, also known as a spot transaction, refers to the purchase or sale of foreign currency, financial instrument or commodity for instant delivery on a specified spot date. In many ways, it is the exact opposite of futures trading.

  • Very fast transactions
  • Geography-based KYC verification
  • High liquidity
  • Numerous orders to make trading easier
Spot Trading

Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading

Over-the-counter or off-exchange trading is done directly between two parties, without the supervision of an exchange. It is contrasted with exchange trading, which occurs via exchanges. OTC trading is increasingly gaining popularity, especially in the cryptocurrency market.

  • Multi-currency exchange
  • Smart contract enabled
  • Very affordable Fees
  • Eliminates middlemen/ third-parties
  • Institutional-grade security
  • Dispute management system
OTC Trading

Our top-notch Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Features

Our seasoned, skilled developers conduct careful, in-depth analysis, and integrate the finest and the most advanced features for the exchange, to ensure a seamless performance, and bring in utmost traction. Our features include;

Smart Contract Trading

We integrate reliable, high geared smart contracts into your exchange that verifies and performs automated, high-speed, cost-effective, and risk-free transactions.


Our exchange platform adheres to the necessary KYC norms and executes genuine verification of customers and transactions to avoid future conflicts.

Multicurrency Wallet

We build highly secure, impeccable crypto wallets that support the storage of multiple cryptocurrencies and are encrypted with multi-signatures.

API & SDK Integration

Our solid API and SDK integration will enable a flawless performance and helps with the efficient management of all the protocols required to run the exchange smoothly.

Multi-language support

We offer multi-language support with our exchange platforms to bring in more customers for the exchange on a global scale, thereby more profits.

Admin Backend Panel

Our robust admin panel and unique dashboard will help exchange owners manage the platform, user funds, and organize risk management in the most efficient and effective way.

Payment Gateway Integration

Our payment gateway supports payment through multiple ways such as cryptocurrencies, fiat money, Visa, Mastercard, and more, to facilitate instant, efficient payments.

Cost-Effective Trading

Customers can execute the most secure, cost-effective, global peer-to-peer trades with no additional fee, by making use of our crypto exchange platform.

High TPS

We integrate the exchange software with high-volume TPS (Transactions Per Second) to seamlessly perform unlimited transactions with zero downtime.

Mobile Trading Application

We extend mobile trading application support with necessary features and functionalities to help customers with a more efficient, instant, hassle-free trading experience.

Matching Engine

We assure the most favorable deals for the exchange by integrating a dominant matching engine with high-performance that instantly connects buyers and sellers.

Referral Program

Our integrated referral program benefits both the exchange owners and users. Users get bonuses for referring more users, and the exchange gains more participation.

Firebase, Firewall implementation

Our software comes with high-end firebase, firewall implementations, which ensure that the exchange is glitch-free and not prone to security breaches.

Pending transactions handling

The exchange software will also help users handle and perform any pending transactions efficiently and effectively in a hassle-free manner.

Crypto Liquidity

Users can now conduct instant transactions at ease, without being affected by price volatility, with our improved liquidity integration.

History of Transactions

Our robust blockchain integration helps store transaction histories, and users can view them anytime to avoid any confusion in the future.

Types of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges are broker based digital exchanges that use a trusted middleman to carry out transactions. CEXs are the most widely used form of cryptocurrency exchanges. The middleman is similar to a banking transaction where the bank is used as the middleman who handles the transactions/assets.

  • We provide a highly customizable Centralized Crypto exchange that is highly secure.
  • Enjoy the quickest order matching and transaction speeds.
  • Built with world-class features that enable security, functionality, intuitive UI/UX.
  • A scalable platform that can be built per your requirements.
Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges eliminate the need for a middleman or any third party by directly matching the traders. There is no central authority and the exchange allows for peer-to-peer transactions. They are not as widely used as Centralized Crypto exchanges in the public arena but see a lot of usage in private corporations where they provide a better fit.

  • Highly efficient, fast, and reliable.
  • Built with distributed ledger technology that provides security and autonomy.
  • Automated smart contracts and numerous other helpful features.
  • Enjoy a swift, streamlined, and carefully prepared development plan.
Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Get the best of both worlds with this offering that combines traditional practices with the capabilities of the new generation of cryptocurrency exchanges. Hybrid Cryptocurrency exchanges are the perfect mix between centralized and decentralized exchanges.

  • Various benefits of both centralized and decentralized platforms.
  • An innovative method that is at the forefront of the ‘next-generation’ of exchange software.
  • High level of functionality and liquidity of centralized exchanges combined with the security of decentralized exchanges.
  • Get a highly specialized team of developers that have intimate knowledge of hybrid cryptocurrency exchanges.
Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange

One Page Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

If you’re looking for a streamlined and highly efficient crypto exchange, this is the way to go! Our highly structured one-page cryptocurrency exchange development process enables you to get into the market successfully in the shortest time possible.

  • Very simple, hands-on, and to the point.
  • Highly accessible and efficient.
  • Eliminates the need for more cumbersome processes like KYC.
  • An expressly fast crypto exchange.
One Page Cryptocurrency Exchange

Binance-like Exchange Development

Our Binance-like exchange development has garnered a lot of attention in recent times. Built by our highly experienced developers, this offering is sure to help you make a big splash in the market!

  • Highly user-friendly UI
  • Overflowing TPS
  • Quicker trades
  • Multi-language support, and more.
Binance-like Exchange Development

White Label Bitcoin Exchange Software

We provide an extensive range of White label Bitcoin exchange software that is crafted to meet your individual needs and requirements. These highly customizable offerings will surely help you stand out from the competition.

  • Highly customizable
  • Built with cutting edge technology
  • Multiple security protocols
  • Compatible with all leading platforms
White Label Bitcoin Exchange

Security Features of our
White label cryptocurrency exchange platform

Infinite Block Tech employs the latest in security protocols to ensure that your exchange is secure and protected at all times.

HTTP Authentication

Robust HTTP Authentication protocol to authenticate user login.

Data Encryption

Sensitive data such as user details are encrypted with secure data encryption.

Jail Login

Continuous failed attempts trigger a suspension period and are flagged for review.

Anti-Denial of Service (DoS)

Prevents the overloading of the server by managing the number of requests.

Anti-Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Protects the system against unwanted high traffic that make the system susceptible to attack.

Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection

Protect your internal systems from attacks via third-party applications.

HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection

Safeguards against web attacks that try to gather sensitive information using proxy HTTP requests.

Escrow System

A smart contract enabled security buffer that acts as a trusted middleman between buyers and sellers.

Process of Launching Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Step 1

Assessing the Requirement and Preparing to Develop the Exchange.

Step 2

Installation of vanilla trade exchange products that are geographically optimized based on the place of the exchange’s incorporation

Step 3

Installation of match engine as per business requirements

Step 4

Integration of various blockchains

Step 5

Developing Enhanced Security Features

Step 6

Listing of the digital currency on to the exchange

Step 7

Handing-over market-ready exchange to the client

Why choose Infinite Block Tech for
Cryptocurrency exchange development

At Infinite Block Tech, we pride ourselves in providing world-class solutions at a highly reasonable price. We have helped numerous clients forge a path for themselves in this often volatile market and have gained an immense amount of experience and knowledge in the process. With our specialized teams for the various aspects of development and marketing, there is no place else you need to look for comprehensive, hands-on service.

Our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange
Software Offers

  • Highly customized cryptocurrency exchange
  • Multi-currency payment compatibility
  • Latest technology in the blockchain-based crypto market
  • Dedicated support and maintenance.
  • Periodic checks for bugs and system lapses.
  • High liquidity and efficient trade practices.

By partnering with Infinite Block Tech, you get the following benefits and more!

  • A market-ready exchange platform
  • Highly affordable development costs
  • Complete customization capabilities.
  • Boosted brand value with prominent labels
  • A tried and tested method of development
  • Beginner-friendly staff and procedures

An End-to-end Solution For Your
Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

At Infinite Block Tech, the crypto exchanges we develop are primed to bring you into the market in the quickest way possible without compromising on quality. Our streamlined process of cryptocurrency exchange development ensures you enjoy a tried and tested solution that gets you closer to your goal at every step of the way.

Our forward-looking crypto exchange software development process:


The first step in ensuring a successful start to your cryptocurrency exchange platform development is to select the appropriate platform for your needs. We provide you with our immense knowledge and experience in this regard to help make the absolute best decision. All our exchange platforms provide a high level of efficiency, security, and scalability. However, we strive to find the most tailored solution for each of our clients.


Liquidity helps determine the cash flow for your business, and varies depending on the variable market rate of cryptocurrencies. We enable you to transact digital crypto assets by fulfilling the demand and flexibility of your crypto business, including spot liquidity, single margin, OTC liquidity and ladder trading fees.


The proper handling of the incorporation and licensing of a crypto exchange is vital to its success. With our immense knowledge in this regard, we will provide you with a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is compliant with the highest regulatory standards according to both international and geographical laws.


The availability of a traditional banking option is very important in the vitality of the cryptocurrency exchange platform development process. We help our clients in securing the necessary agreements in the quickest, and the most efficient manner possible.


At Infinite Block Tech, we believe that there is no such thing as too safe. We provide a robust KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process that helps you identify and mitigate any risky individuals. These processes are built to check the identity of any potential customer through a variety of credentials. This necessary step ensures that you are safe from fraudulent activities in the long run.


We have a highly specialized marketing team that is experienced in all the nuances of effectively marketing your cryptocurrency exchange. We guarantee a noticeable increase in your sign-up rate in a quick amount of time, and boost your customer interactions through a barrage of marketing tactics.


Target the right audience for your cryptocurrency exchange platform with our SEO optimization experts. We will identify the right keywords and strategies to adopt to gain traction on venues such as Google searches. This will instantly increase your chances of landing and retaining valuable customers.


As a successful Cryptocurrency Exchange Development company, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years. Our dedicated customer service team is on-call to provide you with assistance, and effectively solve any challenges that might arise. Simply put, there is no challenge that we have not already faced and dealt with in an efficient manner. We continuously equip ourselves with the ability to solve new challenges and stay at the forefront of innovative solutions.


Get the right product for you

  • Whitelabeled Exchange Software
  • Fully Secure blockchain based
  • 6 Month of support included
  • FREE brandable Whitepaper
  • FREE setup in your private cloud
  • Multi-Cryptocurrency deposit, withdraw, buy and sell
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • DDoS protection, X-XSS-Protection, HTTP Public Key Pinning and CSP Protection
  • KYC & AML
  • Support Tool for Exchange Users
  • USD EUR Bank Deposit & Withdrawal Support
Scale Up
  • Whitelabeled Exchange Software
  • Fully Secure blockchain based
  • One Year of support included
  • FREE brandable Whitepaper
  • FREE setup in your private cloud
  • Multi-Cryptocurrency deposit, withdraw, buy and sell
  • Buy orders based on conditions
  • Sell orders based on conditions
  • Trade between users
  • Trade Matching Engine
  • High Performance & Scalable
  • Referral Rewards Programme for Users
  • Fluid Trading Platform
  • Flexible Withdrawal Permissions
  • Name Accounts can be Transferred
  • Order Matching in Decentralized Network
  • Order Book and Trader Pooling
  • Whitelabeled Exchange Software
  • Fully Secure blockchain based
  • One Year of support included
  • FREE brandable Whitepaper
  • FREE setup in your private cloud
  • Multi-Cryptocurrency deposit, withdraw, buy and sell
  • Buy orders based on conditions
  • Sell orders based on conditions
  • Trade between users
  • API Integration
  • Trade Matching Engine
  • Different Types of Orders
  • Paypal deposits for customers
  • Stripe deposits for customers
  • Change Transaction Fees for buy and sell
  • Detailed Reports with filters
  • KYC & AML
  • Encrypted Data
  • Jail Login
  • HTTP Authentication
  • Multi-Cryptocurrency Currency Support
  • Multisignature Wallet
  • Highly Customized UI/UX
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Anti-Phishing Code
  • CSRF & SSRF Protection
  • Elliptic-curve cryptography Wallet
  • DDoS protection, X-XSS-Protection
  • HTTP Public Key Pinning CSP Protection
  • IBT Blockchain Experts Support for your exchange
  • Advanced Exchange Views
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • SEO/SEM Enabled
  • Integrated Referral Program

Our Products

Create extensive and customized crypto currency exchange software built by our dedicated and proficient blockchain engineers for hassle-free transaction solutions.

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Starts from $30,480

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The cost of building a crypto exchange software depends on various factors such as the type of exchange you choose, project complexity, your unique requirements, and customization preferences. However, acquiring white label solutions will cost much lesser compared to building from scratch.
With a team of qualified, skilled professionals and blockchain experts, Infinite Block Tech is undeniably the best cryptocurrency exchange development company. With unmatched experience and knowledge in the field, users are guaranteed a robust, feature-rich platform that will provide the most secure, seamless trading experience.
The key features for a solidly built white label crypto exchange include multi-currency and language support, automated KYC/AML, powerful matching trade engine, high-volume liquidity, secure wallet, advanced UX/UI, payment gateways, 2FA, and enhanced security integrations.
Yes, absolutely. Currently, there are only a handful of cryptocurrency exchange companies in India. So, it will be easy for the users to analyze the services and pick the right one. Such companies will consist of qualified professionals who will offer the most valid integrations for the exchange.
Well, it depends on how you choose to go about it. If you buy white label crypto exchange solutions, it will take just a few week’s time. All the user has to do is, buy, install and exchange is all set to hit the market. Whereas, setting up from scratch is a long process and consumes more time.
Yes, KYC/AML is absolutely necessary for every crypto exchange. It helps the exchange owner to understand customers better, and properly verify, control and manage the risk factors for the exchange.
A Cryptocurrency exchange development company offers end-to-end solutions for your crypto exchange development, a ready-to-launch platform with every necessary feature, technical and security integrations to make the exchange fully-functional, depriving you of technical knowledge and development costs.
By executing cryptocurrency exchange development, you can provide potential investors, a secure, efficient, effective trading platform with the ability to perform multiple trades globally, and manage their funds in a risk-free environment. This will eventually yield huge profits for your business.
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