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Polkastarter Clone

Polkastarter clone is a perfectly designed crowdfunding platform that comprises all the exact functionalities of the Polkastarter platform. This clone platform is multi-tested and replicates everything that is incorporated in the Polkastarter platform. It contains each and every operational factor of the Polkastarter platform.

Polkastarter- An Effective Crowdfunding Platform

Polkastarter is a crowdfunding platform that has recently entered the crypto market. This crowdfunding platform is built on the foundation of the Polkadot blockchain network. This has allowed numerous crypto projects to raise funds in a very economical and quicker way than other fundraising platforms. Hence, it is more used by various businesses and it would be a perfect complement to your business by developing a clone like the Polkastarter platform.

  • Users can purchase tokens at an early stage before it hits the market and also with an optimized level of ROI after the purchase.
  • The core of Polkastarter is the ability to be integrated with Polkadot which provides an excellent level of scalability to the platform.
  • This platform enables seamless cross-chain functioning with a high throughput of the native blockchain while being connected with external blockchains for liquidity.
  • Polkastarter platform works on the basis of a lottery mechanism. Therefore, it increases the chance of winning an IDO for the users.
  • It has its own native tokens called the POLS. These tokens can be leveraged by initiating, holding, staking, and providing liquidity.

Our Polkastarter Clone Features

Cross-Chain Compatability

Our Polkastarter clone enables users to trade tokens across various blockchain networks without facing any complications.

Determined Swaps

This clone platform allows the crypto projects to list their tokens at a fixed rate and it will remain constant for every other token in the platform.

Anit-Theft Measures

Top-tier anti-theft measures are added to your clone platform to initiate trust among your users. This feature certifies the information of the token on the platform.

Liquidity Mining

Our Polkastarter clone can initiate numerous liquidity mining programs to be run on it and therefore it provides liquidity that can be incentivized for user’s participation.

Permissionless Listing

Our clone platform is completely decentralized. Thus, it promotes a permissionless ecosystem for users to develop and launch a fixed swap token pool.

Roadmap Of Our Polkastarter Clone


Our first phase begins with the planning of the setup of the IDO platform that needs to be launched. Analysis and initial processes are done based on your requirements.

Whitepaper Creation

Once the planning phase is completed, the whitepaper is created. Our skilled writers create a perfect whitepaper that establishes the complete goal and tokenomics of the crypto project.

Design & Development Stage

Our development and design team will analyze and get information regarding your customizations and add features based on your launchpad and start creating the website.

Token Development

Token development is a very important process as it initiates the complete functionality of the launchpad. We create a perfect native token for your platform.

Marketing Solutions

Our marketing solutions help you to promote and market your launchpad launching to the digital space and bring in users seamlessly.

Listing Process

Your newly developed native token will be listed on external fundraising platforms to raise funds to build up a solid foundation for your project.

Product Launch

Once the fundraising process is complete, the final phase would be the launching of the project. Your newly developed Polkastarter clone will be launched effectively into the market.

Benefits Of Our Polkastarter Clone

High-Speed Trading

Our Polkastarter enables decentralized crypto projects the ability to trade at a high speed. This leads to the purchase of tokens at a minimal price.


Our clone platforms run a verification process for all the documentation that was submitted by the crypto projects. This way, it develops trust between the project and the platform.

Instant Liquidity

Instant liquidity is achieved through our clone platform. It is done by pairing the upcoming crypto projects with altcoins.

An Optimized Trade

Unlike the other fundraising models, our clone platform uses the IDO model. Therefore, no matter the market stability, the user can buy tokens if the project is whitelisted.

Change Your Crowdfunding Platform Into Something Special By Using Our Polkastarter Clone!


A superior cross-chain platform that is completely decentralized will be provided.


A perfect balance between speed and security feature of decentralization is furnished flawlessly.


An immense amount of users will be brought in by developing a very user-friendly platform.


Every past technical issue will be cleared effectively and a bug-free clone will be provided.


Cutting-edge technology is used on the platform along with effective trading bots.

We Are Your Perfect Business Partner When It Comes To Polkastarter Clone Development

  • A wide range of blockchain technologies are available at our disposal and based on your requirements, you can select your desired one for the clone platform.
  • Our security features in the digital space are second to none. Every nook and corner of the launchpad clone will be secured completely.
  • Perfect multi-chain compatibility will be embedded into the clone platform which enables the transaction of multi-chain tokens from various projects.
  • Numerous testing is done to your clone platform in order to certify and ensure that the glitches are eliminated and a smooth functioning platform is provided.
  • We support you 24x7 before and after the development of your Polkastarter clone and also initiate excellent post-marketing solutions.
Polkastarter Clone
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