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We at Infinite Block Tech have provided fundraising services to clients in the past. We have created multiple fundraising platforms like Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO), and Initial DeX Offering (IDO). A new type of fundraising model has been developed in the crypto space, and it is called Initial farm Offering (IFO). This fundraising platform is said to have eliminated the existing issues of those aforementioned fundraising models. This platform is created based on the DeFi protocols. Being an IFO development company, we have prior experience in developing decentralized applications (DApps) in the digital market. Contact us to avail of our IFO development services.


What is Initial Farm Offering (IFO)?

The cryptocurrency field has taken over the digital world by storm. Its introduction of fundraising models has been a huge booster to business entities and financial institutions. Many financial firms and business sectors have decided to adopt these methodologies to raise the profit of the organizations. The revolutionary fundraising models are Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Security Token Offering (STO). Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO), and Initial DeX Offering (IDO). These fundraising models have provided assistance to the business entities on a large scale and it yielded a high volume of profits for the institutions, but it is not perfect and has certain flaws, which have become a minor hindrance for the business entities.

In order to eliminate the hindrance caused by the models, a new type of fundraising model is introduced. And, it is known as the Initial farm Offering (IFO). It is a token sale event initiated by decentralized exchange platforms. The PancakeSwap is the first platform to utilize this fundraising model. We at Infinite Block Tech create a platform similar to PancakeSwap in order to launch your IFO model.

IFO Development

The initial farm Offering model is different and similar to IEO and ICO at the same time. All three fundraising models serve the same purpose of raising funds for crypto projects. The majority of the time, these are carried out on a decentralized exchange, but sometimes websites of the projects or other presale modes are utilized.

Since the introduction of cryptocurrencies in the digital marketing world, essential developments have changed the way of functioning of the fundraising models in the digital space. For example, prior to the introduction of the ICO fundraising model, finance projects primarily relied on venture capitalist backing, which is a tiresome and slow process. The arrival of the ICO model has revolutionized the working of fundraising models, the process of obtaining venture capitalists was cut short. The beginning system of obtaining venture capitalists was proven to be a long and tiring process for blockchain-based digital projects.

In order to solve this problem, many exchanges have entered the field and provided assistance to raise safe and transparent funds. At the present time, the focus has been switched on to the DeFi sector of the digital markets. A new model of fundraising system known as IFO has been introduced to execute innovative sales offerings for the funds.

How does IFO work?

Initial farm Offering is the new type of fundraising platform that is used to generate funds for the participation of projects.

With the assistance of Initial farm Offering, the users can take part in the pre-sales hosted via DeX to obtain tokens before listing them on the respective platforms. Initially, the DEX teams will thoroughly analyze the projects before hosting an official IFO. While the analysis process is initiated, it does not provide a guarantee for the success of the token or integrity of the token, as users should possess due diligence while taking financial steps.


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Benefits Of Initial Farm Offering


The investors investing in the platform trust the fundraising companies due to the accurate checking by the exchanges. Also, the investors proceed through KYC/AML, therefore, ensuring secured investments.

Free From KYC/AML

KYC/AML implemented exchanges allow the investors to initiate the verification process in the platform and ensure that the background checks are safe for the investors.

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The listing process in this fundraising platform is very simple as the exchanges immediately open for the tokens to the secondary market.

Fair Fundraising Methodology

The IFO fundraising platform initiates instant liquidity. The private investors buy a large number of tokens for a less price and the value of the token increases in a public sale.

Lower costs

Since IFO functions in liquidity exchanges, it costs fewer gas fees for deploying a new smart contract. This smart contract provides control over the asset tokens and liquidity pool.


How to Participate in an IFO?

The user is required to provide liquidity, before taking part in an IFO fundraising event. It is used to buy the required token to participate in the Initial Farm Offering. In the case of PancakeSwap, which is the primary platform used for launching IFOs, the user must provide liquidity using a digital wallet such as TrustWallet. Once the liquidity is provided, fresh tokens can be bought using the platform’s liquidity pool where the tokens are generated after the addition of liquidity and at the final stage, the users are provided with the tokens after the Initial Farm Offering event is completed.

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