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After the revolution of blockchain for its characteristics like decentralization and transaction data on a distributed ledger, businesses started looking for a technology that offers similar benefits but in an enhanced, and a much quicker way. This is how “Hedera Hashgraph” came into the picture. As a Hedera Hashgraph development company at the forefront, Infinite Block Tech helps customers build decentralized applications on the hedera hashgraph in the most secure, speedy, and seamless manner. We have a team of savvy blockchain developers who employs a peculiar algorithm that comprises every blockchain benefit such as decentralization, distribution, and high-end security, subtracting the low transaction speed concerns.

Being a primary Hedera Hashgraph development company, we have helped several clients across the globe launch their decentralized applications on the hedera hashgraph platform successfully. Our expertise helps with institutional-grade development and deployment of dApps on hedera hashgraph, ensuring high performance with low-latency. Be it any industry such as finance, real estate, media and entertainment, gaming, p2p lending, healthcare, etc., we have the ability to build efficient and effective dApps using Hedera hashgraph and transform the business to the next level.

Our Hedera Hashgraph Development Services

Whether it's a new decentralized application, or an already existing application, our skilled set of experts can fuse a hedera hashgraph network with your application. We work meticulously with you to understand your vision and transform it into a successful application using hedera hashgraph. We offer comprehensive hedera hashgraph development services that comprises the following.

Hedera Hashgraph application consultation

Our extensively experienced market experts will discuss your business ideas with you, and analyze the feasibility of converting your ideas into action. They will help you figure out the potential of hedera hashgraph and apt use-cases for your business.

Tailored Hedra Hashgraph Development

We develop and deploy institutional grade dApps on the Hedera hashgraph network comprising smart contracts, Hedera hashgraph APIs, Consensus, and File service.

Integration of Hedera Hashgraph with existing applications

Our blockchain specialists can integrate your existing application or blockchain network with a hedera hashgraph network shifting the business layers to smart contracts and kicking off transactions from the hedera network instead of a centralized network.

Smart Contracts Development

We develop and deploy reliable solidity smart contracts on the hedera network for B2C and institutional level applications that ensure speediness and accuracy of transactions.

Tokenization of Assets

Our experts possess the ability to tokenize any type of asset such as tangible, non-tangible, digital, government bond asset classes, etc., on a hedera hashgraph network with the help of smart contracts and ERC token standards.

Solid Technology Stack

We implement the best technology stack for your decentralized application on the hedera network, with advanced and intuitive UX/UI that will ensure high performance and enhance the user experience.

Hedera Hashgraph

What is Hedera Hashgraph?

Hedera is a public distributed ledger technology built from scratch to support existing and new applications operating at web-scale. Hedera achieves the same result as the most pervasive public blockchains such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but in a faster, fairer, and more energy-efficient, stable, and secure way. The difference between Hedera and blockchain is that the operations are recorded via a directed acyclic graph( DAG) instead of the chain like in a blockchain network. Hashgraph supports decentralized applications, and it is designed based on an asynchronous Byzantine-Fault Tolerance (aBFT) consensus, which makes the system secure and resistant to any attacks.

How Hedera Hashgraph benefits your application?


Hedera Hashgraph sequences the transaction orders using cryptographic time-stamping. Therefore it prevents malicious nodes from having control over the transaction orders.

Enhanced security

Applications on Hedera Hashgraph are built based on asynchronous Byzantine-Fault Tolerance (aBFT) consensus which is highly resilient to attacks such as DDoS( Distributed Denial Of Service).

Transaction Speed

Hedera Hashgraph helps the application achieve super fast transactions with low latency. The magnitude of Hedera is faster than any other blockchain alternative.

High Performance

Hedera Hashgraph boosts the performance of the application with the ability to handle 50,000 transactions per second which will help expand the user base of the application.


Hedera runs based on a standard network governed by term-limited enterprises with no authorized fork. Hence, It guarantees long-term stability for the application.

How Do We Manoeuvre Your Hedera Hashgraph Development?


We ensure to constantly collaborate with our clients and keep them informed about each and every step of the process. We communicate with them throughout and make sure to grasp their inputs in every step of the way.

Prioritize Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Our dedicated team of experts strive to bring your vision to life in the best way possible. We consider your priority and goals, as ours.

Highly Knowledgeable Team

We are one of the early adopters of Hedera Hashgraph development. We have a team of highly knowledgeable experts with solid experience with the ability to dive deeper into the hedera code to resolve any issues and guarantee glitch-free functioning.

Standard Coding Practices

We follow standard coding guidelines and ensure security, scalability, and reusability. We keep our coding process transparent to our clients and consider their project as our own.

Enhanced solutions at a shorter span

We make sure our solutions are unique but quick and get your application up and running in no time. Our goal is to provide effective, but cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

Our Hedera Hashgraph Applications across various industries

With solid hands-on experience, our highly skilled developers have the ability to develop dApps on Hedera hashgraph for any industry in the most secure, scalable, and seamless manner. Here are some of our primary domain applications

Why Choose Us for Hedera Hashgraph Development

Being a predominant Hedera Hashgraph Development company, we have achieved the below mentioned qualities over the years, which is why we fit as the perfect choice for you.

Extensive Expertise

We are one of the earliest to arrive in the market for hedera hashgraph development, and we have developed many successful dApps applications on hedera over the years. Our skilled set of developers is proficient to build hedera based dApps for any industry. Our previous projects and their success stories speak for themselves.

One Hundred Percent Commitment

Once you collaborate with us, we take full responsibility for your project, and consider it as ours. We ensure to deliver and deploy it in the most compelling way possible, and timely delivery. We make sure every penny that you spend is worth it. Connect with us and witness your business reaching new heights.

Utmost Customer Satisfaction

We give top priority to customer satisfaction. We work diligently to understand each and every requirement of our customers and ensure to adhere to it. We will be with our clients through every step of the way and make the whole process efficient to them. We are available round-the-clock for any backhand support or queries.

Security and Reliability

Our in-depth experience and knowledge in the realm ensures security and reliability for the applications and bug-free operations.

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