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SafeMars Clone Script Development Company

Our SafeMars clone script development company is one of the most proficient development companies in the crypto market. We have prior experience in developing crypto clone scripts for our clients. The SafeMoon token has taken over the crypto world after its arrival. The profit yields generated by this token was incredible. It was regarded as the next big thing, but it also had few issues like all the crypto projects. In order to rectify those issues, the SafeMars development protocol was introduced. At Infinite Block Tech, we are always updated with the current issues of the crypto market, and provide development services accordingly. We have the expertise to develop a SafeMars clone platform that functions similarly to the SafeMars protocol. To avail of our SafeMars clone development services, reach us soon!

What is SafeMars?

SafeMars is an independent liquidity generating protocol. The working of the SafeMars protocol depends on the tax reduction from the transaction fees. It deducts 4% as tax from the transaction fee, in which 2% is directly sent to the token holders and the other 2% is added to an automated liquidity pool. SafeMars exists within a unique domain of tokens, where the investors are rewarded with profits by just holding the token in the digital wallet. These rewards are entirely based on the success rate of the transactions that take place.

SafeMars Clone Script

How Does a SafeMars Clone Work?

SafeMars clone is the complete replication of the SafeMars protocol. The functioning of this clone platform is very similar to the original SafeMars platform. The SafeMars clone is similar to the original, it provides high yielding and liquidity to the crypto tokens that are built on the Binance Smart Chain platform. The primary working of the SafeMars clone is dependent on their smart contracts. These SafeMars clone smart contracts implement a certain level of funds, represented as processing fees. This processing fee can be represented as the transaction fees that are deducted during the selling and buying process. Due to this implementation, the token holders receive passive revenues. This working method is said to reduce the possibilities of monetary losses due to token holding.

How to build a Fundraising Platform like SafeMars

At Infinite Block Tech, we have the technical expertise and knowledge to develop a fundraising platform like SafeMars. In the past, we have developed many fundraising platforms for our clients and it has been a great success in the crypto market. We specialize in developing a fundraising platform like SafeMars using two primary methods, such as whitelabel SafeMars token clone script and SafeMars clone script development platform.

Whitelabel SafeMars Clone Script.

In this method, the fundraising platform like SafeMars clone script is developed by implementing the whitelabel clone script solutions. This platform is customized based on the customer’s requirements and specifications at a minor level. It is a market-ready fundraising platform, thus, it can be deployed into the digital market in a very less time. The only drawback in implementing a whitelabel clone solution is that after the deployment, further customizations cannot be added on.

SafeMars Clone Script Development Platform

In this development method, the fundraising platform like SafeMars is developed by implementing the SafeMars clone script development solutions. The SafeMars clone script is the direct replica of the original platform in terms of the programming lines. It possesses all the core functionalities of the original platform. The SafeMars clone script is developed from scratch by implementing the features provided by the customers. This type of fundraising development platform can be deployed into the digital market similar to the whitelabel clone solutions, but with the only exception that further customization can be added on later.

SafeMars Clone Script - Features

Our SafeMars clone script development platform is built with astonishing features.

Automated Liquidity Lock

This feature prevents the token from being rugged and it also maintains the stability and utility of the crypto token in the platform.

Distribution Of Rewards

The functionality of our SafeMars clone script platform is based on the reflection attribute, where the holders receive a high distribution of rewards for high volume transactions.

Liquidity Pools

Our platform has a very efficient liquid pool where it creates liquid providers for the users who are investing funds in the pool.


Our clone script platform is integrated with the swapping mechanism, where it allows the swapping of cryptocurrencies based on the requirements of the customers.

Burn Mechanism

This feature increases the value and usability of the token by burning them, it means transferring the tokens to an unavailable account.

Reach Astonishing Heights With Our SafeMars Clone Script Development Services

Advantages of SafeMars Clone Script Development

Less Volatile

Our SafeMars clone platform is less subjected to fluctuations, due to its less volatile nature, and it remains stable for a long period of time.

Constant Deflation

Our SafeMars clone script development platform experiences constant deflation, as the supply of the tokens is high.

High-Quality Security

Since our SafeMars clone platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain, the involvement of fraudulent activities are removed.

High Market Visibility

Since our SafeMars clone script platform is developed on the BSC blockchain, it is highly transparent, thus, it increases the market visibility.

Why go with SafeMars Clone?

SafeMars clone is the direct replication of the SafeMars platform. It is a very quick and easy procedure to develop a crypto platform. The clone platform can be deployed into the crypto sphere in a very short period of time compared to other crypto development methods. The primary reasons for developing a clone platform for SafeMars are

  • SafeMars is providing high-quality solutions to the reward systems that function in the DeFi environment.
  • This crypto platform creates a safe token earning ability without becoming susceptible to the exposure of impermanent losses.
  • SafeMars is a community-driven platform where the value is provided to the community by implementing governance mechanisms.
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