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NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain Network

NFTs are becoming a huge name globally, with the most popular celebrities and business organizations joining the global market. The NFT market total capitalization has risen to $40 billion and is still increasing as new creators and investors join the market.

Binance Smart Chain is a blockchain technology that offers fast transactions at a lower cost than other Blockchain networks. NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain is developed using BSC. It is completely reliable, providing low-cost transactions at a higher speed.

Are you interested in the world of NFTs and want to become a part of the international market? Start with our NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain, which offers you the best services in the market.

What is Binance Smart Chain?

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a highly popular blockchain network built to run smart contract-based applications. It is designed to improve the throughput and transact funds faster. It runs in parallel with Binance Chain to benefit the users with high transaction capacity and smart contract functionality.

BSC is an independent blockchain that can run even if Binance Chain goes offline. It was launched with the Ethereum tools and DApps for developers to port their projects over from Ethereum.

Features that NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain offers


The NFT marketplace has a storefront that contains details on auction & bids, users, price history, etc.

Advanced categorization

It has details on the NFT token cost, recently added, latest offers, best-seller, most popular, etc.

User search capacity

The users can search the NFTs by adding various categories in the search bar option available on the platform.

NFT assets listing

The Product listing has all the details of the NFTs in the marketplace, such as NFTs title, NFTs description, NFTs ownership, etc.

Purchase and Bidding options

The investors can directly purchase the digital assets with the “Buy Now” option or else “Bidding” in online auctions set by the owner of NFTs.


Wallet integration helps users securely send, receive, and hold their currencies in the NFT marketplace.

Third-party wallet

The users might be using another third-party wallet such as Trustwallet, Metamask, MyEtherWallet, or Coinbase. Our NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain allows them to integrate the wallets easily on the platforms.

Auction capability

The NFT owners can set a minimum price and a particular time limit for the investors to purchase with an auction function.

Benefits of NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain

Transaction fees

The NFT marketplace developed on the Binance Smart Chain provides crypto services with the lowest gas fees compared to other blockchain networks.

Cross-chain interoperability

The Binance Smart chain offers cross-chain interoperability where users can transfer data and assets between the different blockchain networks.

Faster execution

The BSC has a 3 second average block time. It uses a POA (proof of authority) mechanism, thus increasing the speed of transactions in the blockchain network.

EVM compatible

The Binance Smart Chain was developed compatible with EVM so users can deploy DApps on the BSC NFT marketplace with Ethereum support.

Smart Contract Audit

The NFT marketplace on BSC is smart contract audited. All the defects are fixed, which prevents the marketplace from network attacks.


The decentralized feature of the marketplace allows the buyers to directly deal with the NFT sellers without the interruption of a third person.

Transaction history

The NFT marketplace displays the statistical data of the assets from the day it was minted to the present day.

Good returns

Investors can launch the NFT marketplace that would benefit them in yielding a higher return within a minimum time.

Why build NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain Network?

NFT projects on other popular blockchain networks suffer from higher operation fees and delayed transaction time. BSC is the major blockchain network that has overcome these complications.

Developing the NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain requires low transaction fees and time. The Binance Smart Chain network allows cross-chain interoperability and provides high security for risk management.

Since the popularity of NFT has been increased, The number of investors accessing the NFT Marketplace has caused flooding on the online platform.

To overcome this, Binance Smart Chain is the perfect choice for NFT Marketplace Development which brings greater benefits for the users as well as the platform owners. The successful projects on BSC Network have a high chance for collaboration with

We Develop NFT Marketplace on various Blockchain networks

  • Ethereum : Ethereum allows smart contracts and decentralized apps (dApps) to be written and run without the risk of downtime, fraud, control, or third-party interference. NFT Marketplace based on Ethereum blockchain is an exclusive entity offering space to carry out NFT based applications. It displays digital collectibles to active participants in the auction of collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain network.
  • Solana : Solana NFT Marketplace Development involves the set of stages preceding the design and development of NFT Marketplace. It displays rare collections of NFT arts, artifacts, music, and in-game digital assets. Because of its speed and low transaction costs, Solana presently has a theoretical peak capacity of 65,000 transactions per second and has become one of the most widely utilized blockchains today.
  • Polygon : Polygon, formerly known as MATIC, is an interchain scalability solution that provides a framework for establishing blockchain applications that can communicate with one another. Polygon Blockchain Network allows users to mint, buy, sell NFTs based on various categories such as arts, music, trading cards, and collectible items within a second on a Polygon network.
  • Cardano : The NFT Marketplace, built on the Cardano network, is a one-of-a-kind entity that provides a platform for NFT-based applications to operate. It is an open-source and decentralized Blockchain network. It presents digital collectibles to active users in the Ethereum Blockchain network's collectibles sale.

Why choose IBT?

Infinite Block Tech is considered the best Binance Smart Chain development company globally, with a skilled team developing White-label NFT Marketplace on BSC and other blockchain projects.

We are the future for upcoming generations to take their crypto business to the next level by making their investments profitable.

Our NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain offers the best guidance for investors in developing world-class DApps and DeFi projects using the latest cutting-edge technology at an affordable price.

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