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Enter The World Of NFT Collectibles With CryptoPunks Clone

The present world is striving towards the domain of digitization. From the sports sector to the financial sector, everyone is adopting the concept of digitization. The financial domain has been revolutionized by the creation of cryptocurrency which leads to the arrival of non-fungible tokens. Non-fungible tokens have transformed themselves as a massive revenue generator for businesses and individuals by trading them seamlessly on NFT marketplace platforms. Collectibles are the most popular non-fungible token assets that are constantly traded on the marketplace platform. Among these NFT collectibles, Pixelated NFTs like CryptoPunks have made a name for themselves by topping the charts for the most sold NFT collectibles in recent years. We have the expertise to develop CryptoPunks like NFT collectibles by using our seamless CryptoPunk clone technique and maximize your revenue.

Origin Of Smart Contract-Driven NFT- CryptoPunks Clone

CryptoPunks are the earliest NFTs that were introduced to the digital domain. This was created in the year 2017 by Larva Labs. This NFT collectible is created on the core of the Ethereum blockchain. This is a very unique NFT collectible. The main operational element of CryptoPunks is its smart contract. The characteristics of this NFT are completely based on the codes that were being embedded in the smart contract. It is a complete code-driven NFT. At the initial stage of its arrival, it was based on the ERC-20 token standard, then it was implemented with the ERC-721 token standard because of the action to transform them into an NFT.

CryptoPunks are represented as a 24x24 resolution-based art box that is enclosed with unique pixelated faces. There are a total of 10,000 CryptoPunk NFTs in stock.These collectibles completely satisfy the virtues of an NFT. They are unique and can neither be replicated nor destroyed.

The Meteoric Rise Of CryptoPunks At The Present Time

The innovative way of generating the Punks is being the primary reason for its exponential growth in the digital space. These NFT collectibles are smart contract-driven which makes them very unique. Among these 10,000 smart contract-driven CryptoPunks collectibles, it is divided into 5 major types, male, female, alien, zombie, and ape. Almost all the types have been a successful hit among the crypto audience. But The alien type has been the massive talk of the town at the present time. Totally, two alien types were sold for more than $7.2 million USD individually and the CryptoPunks called the Covid Alien has grossed around $11.7 million USD. This is the highest-grossed CryptoPunks since its arrival to the crypto market.

Why Develop Your Own NFT Collectible Like CryptoPunks?

Non-fungible tokens are the most active trading entity in the digital space. To go along with NFTs, their sub-division called NFT collectibles has encouraged several digital businesses to invest in them. It is an estimated NFT variant to assist businesses to have a successful run in the digital trading domain. This excellent accomplishment rate is because of the surge of NFT collectibles like CryptoPunks, CryptoKitties, BitCats, etc and this surge is primarily due to the impact created by CryptoPunks. This enormous impact in the digital ecosystem is due to its special operational core where these estimated punks are smart-contract driven NFTs At Infinite Block Tech, we have prior experience in creating NFT collectibles in an economical fashion to conduct businesses on various customized blockchain platforms.

  • BitCats

    BitCats are pixelated NFTs that are based on the Ethereum token standard ERC-1155. These pixelated digital cats are unique and their trading value is completely dependent on rarity. The core uniqueness of this collectible is that it is hand-made and furnished with unique personalities.

Create Your CryptoPunks Like NFT Collectibles With Our Effective Development Services

  • At the initial stage, we initiate a quick study over the type of NFTs that are preferred by the customer.
  • After the selection process is completed, we connect a crypto wallet to the chosen compatible blockchain technology.
  • The selected type of non-fungible token is created by the product development tem along with the development of the architecture and the user interface of the NFT.
  • The required technical information such as bidding time, price range, and availability is added to the newly created NFT collectible.
  • At the final development stage, the NFT collectible is tested for bugs and once they are rectified, the newly tested NFT collectible is launched into the digital market.

Our Clone Script Provides smart contract-driven NFT Collectibles Like CryptoPunks

Our clone script services are deemed to be one of the best services in the market. The entire functionality of CryptoPunks is based on their smart contracts. It is a code-driven NFT. Thus, we create a replica of that smart contract coding and develop your CryptoPunk clone. Since the CryptoPunk like NFTs are completely dependent on the machine-driven software functionalities, the customization of the clone script would be a great beneficiary feature for the product.

Our Blockchain Technologies To Create Your NFT Collectible Like CryptoPunks

  • Ethereum

    Ethereum is the most commonly used blockchain technology for developing and trading non-fungible tokens. This technology provides a wide array of accessibilities to digital products. This is a very appropriate blockchain technology for users who want to experience cross-chain compatibility, ERC-721 token standard functionality, and unique asset management at a high level for their digital business.

  • Binance Smart Chain

    Binance Smart Chain is regarded as one of the most efficient blockchain technologies. It is a well-suited blockchain for conducting businesses related to non-fungible tokens. The high-speed network and economical transaction fee have allowed this platform to evolve as powerful blockchain technology.

  • Flow

    Flow is a new entrant in the blockchain industry. It is specifically constructed for extensive scaling without processing with the utilization of the sharding mechanism. This provides quick and low transaction costs for digital businesses that are being conducted on this blockchain platform.

Hire Infinite Block Tech To Maximize Your Digital Business Revenue.

The mission of our NFT development company is to create high-level traction for your digital businesses. We have various methods to achieve this. Developing CryptoPunk clone is one of those methods which help business models to maximize their revenue manyfold. We are a success generator due to our extensive abilities to develop your business platforms with a wide range of development features and blockchain functionalities. To avail of our prominent development services, contact us soon!

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