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Crypto Wallet Development Services

Digital platforms have been facing numerous challenges in the centralized ecosystem in the past. Now, the arrival of cryptocurrencies has changed the entire outlook of digital platforms with their impressive decentralized ecosystem. Cryptocurrencies are digital coins that are sold, bought, and traded online. This innovative creation has unlocked many new development opportunities for thr digital platform. The rise of cryptocurrency is enormous but, cryptocurrencies cannot be sold or traded just like that. They need a medium that can provide smooth transactions for the users and this medium is called Crypto Wallet.

A crypto wallet is a digital wallet that can store, sell, buy, and trade cryptocurrencies. The functioning of this medium is very similar to physical wallets, but the only exception being that the crypto wallet operates in the digital form. Crypto wallets exist in different versions such as mobile version, web version, desktop version, etc. They can store numerous cryptocurrencies where the quantity of the storing capacity is based on the characteristics of the crypto wallets, thus, it varies for every crypto wallet. There are numerous crypto wallets with distinctive features that set them apart from each other. At Infinite Block Tech, we provide assistance in developing your own crypto wallet similar to your desired crypto wallets.

What Is a Trust Wallet?

Trust wallet is a decentralized wallet that is used to store and trade cryptocurrencies. This is a user-controlled wallet, which means that the user is the only individual to have access to the wallet and can control the funds in the wallet without any interventions. The priority of Trust Wallet is to make cryptocurrencies accessible at ease. This crypto wallet is only found in the mobile app version.

Trust Wallet App

Trust wallet app is a mobile decentralized wallet application. This mobile wallet is available on android and iOS platforms and has the capability to store numerous amounts of different types of cryptocurrencies.

Why Build A Cryptocurrency Wallet App Like Trust Wallet?

Decentralized Environment

Trust Wallet is constructed to function in a decentralized manner. This feature allows users to store their private key in the device instead of the digital wallet.

Privacy Of Information

Trust wallet users do not need to provide their personal information and also need not be required to comply with any KYC regulations.


When compared to other crypto wallets, trust wallet is built with top security features that are focused on eliminating the risk of getting hacked and data manipulated


Trust wallet allows users to earn a passive income from crypto tokens by staking. This wallet supports a wide array of cryptocurrencies.

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Trust Wallet App Features And Specifications

  • Token Support

    Similar to the other NFT marketplaces, the Solana-based NFT marketplace is also trustless and exists in a decentralized environment. The involvement of centralized authority is eliminated; thus, it does not restrict the user’s transactions in any way.

  • Easy Send And Receive

    This type of NFT marketplace can process millions of transactions at high speed at the same time and at a fraction of the cost that takes place in the previous popular marketplaces in the crypto sphere.

  • Transparency

    This NFT marketplace allows the users to stake their governance token, SOL, for passive income in the network, and by staking the tokens, it generates high rewards and profits for the user in the marketplace.

  • Multi-Sig Authentication

    This feature allows users to store crypto coins securely by enabling two or more users to sign the transactions digitally to ensure high-level authentication.

Trust Wallet

Crypto Wallet Development Methods

At Infinite Block Tech, we follow two major crypto wallet development methods, like whitelabel crypto wallet development and crypto wallet clone script development method.

Whitelabel Crypto Wallet Development

We provide a ready-made crypto wallet that contains the features of your preferred crypto wallet. This method is quick and it is very suitable for short-term success.

Crypto Wallet Clone Script Development

We provide a completely customizable wallet that is a replica of an existing wallet. This method is effective and can be furnished with further features to increase its efficiency.

Trust Wallet Clone Script

Trust Wallet clone script is a programming structure that is coded with the exact features of the original Trust Wallet application. We have prior experience with developing clone scripts for crypto-wallets. Trust wallet clone is based on the clone script software. This software is completely customizable by customers. Our clone platform functions as an advanced version of its original platform because of our additional customization features. By default, the Trust wallet application is only developed for the mobile version, but with our clone services, we can develop crypto wallets like trust wallets for browser and desktop versions.

Benefits Of Our Trust Wallet Clone

  • Our clone script platform is completely secured and safe to use.
  • Our platform is user-friendly and customer-centric.
  • The Trust Wallet clone script is focused on being collaborative and permissionless.
  • Our clone platform initializes mass adoption.
  • Our clone script is available on both IOS and Android and also can be developed for the web.
  • Efficient crypto staking and earning returns are executed in our clone platform.
Fee Structure Of Our Trust Wallet Clone App

Our Trust Wallet clone has numerous functionalities to exchange and trade crypto tokens. The user can either exchange them in an exchange platform or install the Dapp browser, which enables users to trade tokens from their wallets directly. The fee structure in our crypto wallet clone is similar to every other crypto wallet. It is impossible to develop a wallet with no transaction fee. The transaction fee will be deducted from transactions and delivered to the crypto miners.

Our Solid Expertise In Blockchain Technology

The listed below are the common NFT development services we provide in Infinite Block Tech.




Ripple Coin

Ethereum Classic


Bitcoin Cash




How To Add Cryptocurrencies To Your Trust Wallet Clone?

  • Log into your newly created Trust Wallet Clone.
  • After logging into the account, select receive.
  • Copy the crypto wallet address or scan the QR code.
  • The copied wallet address is used to transfer funds to the digital wallet.
  • The last step would be selecting the transaction tab, in order to display the transaction history to check whether the transaction is completed or not.

How To Initiate Payments With Our Trust Wallet Clone?

  • Log into your Trust Wallet clone.
  • Select the send option.
  • Provide your recipient’s crypto wallet address in the required region or scan the QR code.
  • Add the required amount that needs to be sent and select the next option.
  • Examine the transaction details, inclusive of the gas fees.
  • The final step would be to select send to complete the payment.

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Why Infinite Block Tech Is A Perfect Fit To Create A Crypto Wallet Like Trust Wallet?

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