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What is White Label NFT Marketplace?

A white Label NFT Marketplace is a tested, pre-built, ready-to-deploy, and fully customizable solution that allows you to develop a platform that facilitates buying, selling, and bidding NFTs in the form of digital collectibles. This digital trading solution allows creators, collectors, and investors to monetize their creations and also other collectibles by converting them into non-fungible tokens and trading them. White-label solutions render the underlying perks to the development.

  • Absolute Customizations
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Quicker Route-To-Market
  • Boost Brand Credibility
  • Scalable & Transparent
  • Secured & Reliable

Streamlined Process Of White Label Marketplace
Software Creation & Management


For one to start a Business venture, all one needs is a little push in the right direction, and that is what Infinite Block Tech does. We assist you in creating a custom NFT Marketplace with our strategic analytics & advanced tools.


By building an NFT trading platform, you create a bridge between the digital assets and the buyers/bidders. Not only that, but you also create a platform that allows the artists and creators to gain the recognition they deserve for their work.


With a powerful dashboard on the platform, managing the operations from orders and catalogs to shipping and payments gets easier.


Using our integrated marketing tools, you can devise and exhibit a strategic marketing campaign to engage the audience in your NFT Marketplace.

Why Is White Label Solution Most Preferred Than Building The NFT Marketplace From Scratch?

You can create an NFT marketplace from scratch if you wish to, but most cryptopreneurs opt for a much easier and more effective solution to engage in NFT marketplace development. The white label solutions offer a much more efficient way of creating the NFT marketplace by containing the following aspects.

Seamless Customization Option

A white label solution allows absolute customizations, creating an NFT marketplace that contains the market and user-demanded features with your preferred functionalities.

Consumes Less Money & Time

Building an NFT trading platform using a white label solution costs less. Also, it requires less time to create the platform using white label solutions than building it from scratch.

Allows You To Focus On The Business's Growth

As the white label solution eases the process of NFT marketplace development, it gives you more time to focus on devising effective strategies to make the platform attain its success.

High-End Security Options

As this is a customizable solution, it enables you to add additional and eminent security features effortlessly. This results in creating an NFT marketplace with multi-fold security.

Adaptable Upgradations

The NFT platform can be easily updated when built using white label solutions. This opens up its potential by easily upgrading the trending in-demand features of the platform.

Easy To Brand

The NFT marketplace can effectively establish a brand identity with competent services that showcase its values, which are on point with the current trend of the NFT market.

Dominant Features Of Our White Label NFT Marketplace

Intricate Storefront

With an engaging and informative storefront in the NFT marketplace, the users can explore the NFTs in the platform eminently and learn the details about them.

Token Search & Filters

An advanced search option allows the users to navigate the NFTs effortlessly. With filters in the platform, the users can categorically search for the NFTs like new items, hot deals, price range, etc.

Manage Profiles

The white label NFT platform allows the users to view the profiles of the NFT creators and collectors to gain detailed knowledge about the created NFTs and NFT collections.

Create Listings

Once the NFT asset is minted, the creator can list the asset on the platform with its detailed information and sales information, and it will be displayed among potential buyers.

Listing Status

When both the seller and the buyer of the listed NFT expect its updated status, this feature signals them, enabling verification.

Bidding Option

The NFT platform can hold NFT auctions, in which the seller sets the bid amount, auction start & end date, etc., and the interested buyers can expel their bid.

Wallet Integration

With an advanced wallet integrated into the platform, the NFT platform allows users to store and trade the NFT collections efficiently.

Multi-Payment Gateway

The NFT platform supports crypto and fiat payments to offer users an excellent trading experience with easy & smooth transactions.


The assets in the NFT marketplace are ranked according to criteria like floor price, trading volume, number of collections, and also based on the number of owners.

Avant Security Features To Keep The NFT Platform Safeguarded

Jail Login

Integrating this security feature in the NFT platform denies suspicious users entry after several unsuccessful login attempts.

CSRF & SSRF Protection

The platform offers a secured cyberspace with Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and Server-Side Request Forgery integration.

End-To-End Data Encryption

Integrating advanced security features like AES 256 encryption and PII data integrity in the NFT marketplace strengthens data protection.

Blacklist Users

The Admin of the NFT platform can block users when found any illegal or harmful activities by monitoring their activities through the IP address or other factors

Firewall, DOS, DDOS

With Firewall protection, the NFT platform guarantees a secured system for the web application, server handling, and port handling. The protection of the DOS attacks and DDOS threats safeguards the platform from cyberattacks and illegitimate traffic.

2F Authentication

The two-factor Authentication allows the users to access the NFT marketplace only after verification. The platform's authenticity can be preserved with methods like 2F Authentication, Google authentication, Re-captcha, etc.

How Working With A White Label NFT Platform Provider
Enhances Your Business Venture

    The following lists the amenities you experience by partnering with a white label solution provider and why you should hire one right now!

  • By working with a white label agency, you will gain a package deal and find more time to focus on the growth of your business rather than hiring experts for each requirement for NFT marketplace development.
  • With a white label solution provider, you will have an expert team to create an advanced and on-demand NFT platform that handles the project from start to finish efficiently.
  • Also, a white label agency focuses on building the platform according to your satisfaction along with the user and market-driven factors.
  • Further, with their expertise in the industry, the white label agency will devise eminent strategies for you to earn more revenue through the NFT platform.

Our Most Popular Clients In The Market

Significant Business Benefits Laid Out By Our
White Label NFT Marketplace

High Return On Investments (ROI)

Multiple Revenue Streams

Venture On A Thriving Tech Space

Incredible Growth Rate

Easy Brand Recognition

Custom Business Venue

High-Powered Admin Dashboard

    A dynamic admin dashboard in your NFT Marketplace allows you to manage end-to-end functions from one place. Moreover with high-performance tools and pioneering features built into the panel, you can operate certain functions in the platform efficiently. Here are several deeds that our efficient admin panel offers.

  • Manage the NFTs
  • Burn excess or duplicated NFTs
  • Filters & Category Edition
  • Whitelist/ Blocklist Management
  • Sub-Admin & Customer Management
  • Special offers & Programs Management
  • Service Fee & Payment Management
  • Rich API Integrations & SDKs
  • Content creator & Investor Management
  • Detailed Analytics, Insights & Reports

Catch A Glimpse Of
Our White Label NFT Trading Solution With This Demo

The Sequential Process
Of Our White Label NFT Marketplace Development

UI Development

A highly attractive and responsive user interface is essential in an NFT marketplace to engage users by offering an excellent user experience.

Smart Contract Development

Coding the smart contracts with particulars on the operation of the platform to conduct a flawless workflow in addition to multi-level security.

Storage Setup

The InterPlanetary Filing System (IPFS) and DataBase are set up to store the NFTs as well as the user data in the NFT marketplace.


The developed backend and framework and the storage setup are integrated into the platform to make a comprehensive NFT marketplace.

Test & Debug

The NFT platform is put through multiple testing on the testnet to find any errors or vulnerabilities and then fix them to improve the platform's performance.

Beta Release or Deployment

Finally, after testing, the NFT marketplace is ready for launch. Also, the beta version can be released for certain users to gain feedback on the platform before its launch into the market.

Our Front-Line White Label NFT Marketplace Solutions

OpenSea Clone

Rarible Clone

Foundation Clone

Axie Infinity Clone

NBA Top Shot Clone

Nifty Gateway Clone

SuperRare Clone

Sorare Clone

CryptoKitties Clone

Magic Eden Clone

Sudoswap Clone

Decentraland Clone

Enjin Clone

CryptoPunks Clone

Sandbox Clone

Cryptograph Clone

Our White Label NFT Marketplace Development On Different Blockchain Networks


Ethereum is one of the fast-growing blockchain technologies with a huge active audience. Moreover, it offers a decentralized space for its users to build apps and organizations, hold assets, transactions, communications, etc.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

BSC is considered one of the world's fastest blockchain networks, offering instant transactions. This blockchain network allows the users to build or explore Decentralized Applications (dApps), access funds and dApps with wallets, securely stake BNB, etc.


The Polygon network is the decentralized Layer 2 solution of the Ethereum Blockchain that has higher efficiency, security, scalability, and utilities. Also, this network assists its users in developing dApps with low transaction fees.


Solana blockchain supports the development of decentralized and scalable applications. Furthermore, it powers thousands of transactions per second, consuming low transaction fees.


The Cardano blockchain network rewards its users with traceability and identity management. Moreover, this network is known for its energy efficiency and low-cost consumption by using a proof-of-Stake protocol named Ouroboros.


The Avalanche blockchain is considered one of the fastest networks and creates an eco-friendly blockchain. Also, this network enables users to build fast, low-cost, solidity-compatible dApps and launch customized blockchains.

How We Entitle You To Launch A Robust
White Label NFT Marketplace?

Infinite Block Tech is an exceptional expert in white label NFT marketplace development services. By deploying our cutting-edge tech stacks for the NFT marketplace development, we proffer a well-advanced custom NFT trading platform consisting of numerous unique and also avant-garde facets that enrich the platform's value. So, what are you still waiting for? Establish your custom NFT Marketplace with us now!

  • Analyze Customer Requirements
  • Result-Oriented Approach
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cross-Platform Solutions
  • Adept Blockchain Developers
  • 100% Satisfying Customizations
  • Pre & Post Development Support
  • 24/7 Technical & Non-Technical Assistance
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Best Packages

Our Best Packages For Custom NFT Marketplace Development

Development Services Basic Advanced Premium
NFT Token Development (ERC721 & 1155)
Collectibles (Art, Music, Videos)
Search Filters
Admin Panel

Any One

Any Two

Multi-chain Support

Wallet Integration


Trust wallet, fortmatic wallet, myether wallet-anyone

Metamask and Wallet Connect


Centralized or Decentralized


Only One

Upto 5 Languages

Bids, Open Auction & Instant Buy

Different Types Of Auction

Marketing Services
Add-On Options (Any Two)
Lazy Minting Drop
- Time Auction
- Reserved Features
- First Come First Serve
Fiat Integration (Only one) Own Token Development with Integration
Split Royalty NFT Packs
Import NFTs Physical Product Delivery API Integration
NFT Staking

Any Two

Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Our Fluent Technology Stacks

Storage Platforms

Front-End Frameworks

Blockchain Platforms

NFT Standards


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