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WazirX Clone Development

WazirX clone is a pre-programmed software that is coded with all the necessary features and requirements that makes the platform a replica of the WazirX exchange. This platform is customized from top to bottom with every feature that is available in the exchange platform. From storefront to backend programming, everything is picture perfect. Additionally, the WazirX clone development comes with a wide range of additional features that are deemed to elevate the business model to great heights.

WazirX- India’s Most Trusted Crypto Exchange

WazirX is a popular crypto exchange in the Indian crypto market. The exchange platform is built with a simple and effective onboarding process that enhances the crypto trading experience. This platform is based on the networking capability of the P2P system. WazirX is developed on the Binance blockchain network, and Binance owns them. With this blockchain, many WRX tokens are transacted with the decentralized ecosystem.

Features Of Our WazirX Clone Platform

Margin Trading

In our WazirX clone platform, the borrowing and securing of the cryptocurrencies are done effortlessly and it initiates a stable margin trading for the users at ease.

Multiple Cryptocurrency Support

Our clone platform provides a wide range of selection options for users. The users can select various types of cryptocurrencies for trading.

Market-Based Pricing

Users of the clone platform will be furnished with live updates of the cryptocurrency market. Thus, enabling information for the users before initiating a trade.

Automated Trading Bot

The WazirX clone platform is in-built with an exceptional automated trading bot that is used to automate buying and selling with the standardization of profitability.

Resolution Measures

The dispute that occurs within the clone platform in terms of tokens between the stakeholders is resolved perfectly with our quick resolution measures.

KYC/AML Processing

Our WazirX clone platform will initiate effective KYC/AML processing to verify users before starting to trade. This way, a completely secured platform is provided.

Payment Gateway Implementation

A wide range of payment gateways is available at the WazirX clone platform. Users can select the gateway they want and initiate trading effectively.

Crypto Wallet

Our WazirX clone platform is integrated with an extensive number of crypto wallets. The main purpose of this feature is to facilitate transactions securely in a p2p manner.

Benefits Of Our WazirX Clone Platform

Extensive Range Of Payment Options

Our WazirX clone platform initiates trading in an effective way. This effectiveness has everything to do with the enormous payment options. Thus, users can select any type of payment method for their transactions.

Decentralized P2P Trading

Our trading network is completely decentralized. Hence, users can initiate trading of cryptocurrencies without having to worry about the involvement of third parties.

Multi-Language Support

Our WazirX clone platform has in-built multi-language support. This is extremely beneficial for users from various parts of the world.

Rating And Review

A great level of user update is provided by collecting reviews and ratings from the users who have already traded. This way, it enables the new users to have an insight into the WazirX clone.

Offline Wallet

Along with the utilization of online crypto-wallets. Our WazirX clone platform is integrated with an offline wallet as well. These wallets secure the transaction for present and future purposes

Escrow Wallets

Fraudulent activities are eliminated completely on our WazirX clone platform. This is done by processing transactions via escrow wallets.

Workflow Of A WazirX Clone Platform

Stage1-Registration Process

Users are asked to register into the clone platform before they commence the trading process. A basic level of information is required to enter, and then they are assigned with individual crypto wallets.

Stage2-Payment Options

After completing the registration process, the user can choose their payment option. Based on the cryptocurrency and its parameter, the payment option is chosen aptly.

Stage3-Notification Alerts

Users receive notification alerts about the offering that is going in the WazirX clone after entering the platform. Thus, the users can pick their desired offer and initiate the trading process.


After initiating the trading process, the user is provided with the opportunity to communicate with the involved parties and confirm the authenticity of the transaction.

Stage5-Trading Process

After completing the authentication process, the final stage is executed, which is the trading of cryptocurrencies. The traded cryptocurrencies are stored in the crypto wallet securely for future purposes.

Workflow Of A WazirX Clone Platform

Analyzing client's business requirements
Strategizing a suitable plan
UI/UX Designing
Development phase
Test runs
Support and maintenance

Develop Your WazirX clone platform with Us!

  • Our WazirX clone platform allows you to transfer cryptocurrencies in a flash. This is possible because of our effective servers in use for the exchange.
  • Our clone platform is completely compatible with a wide range of cryptocurrencies and has the prowess to be built on various blockchain networks.
  • The liquidity provided by our platform is extensive. Thus, it would serve as a perfect crypto exchange platform for your business.
  • Top-tier security protocols are used for the WazirX clone platform. This is used to provide a safe and secure trading environment for your business model.
  • Our clone platform is built with a very simplified user interface. This UI/UX allows users to trade cryptocurrencies in a very easy way.
  • After the development of the WazirX clone platform, we will make sure to provide guidance to the platform in the form of post-marketing services.
  • These post-marketing services include content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, forum marketing, influencer marketing, etc.
  • Our primary focus will be to elevate your crypto business to greater heights. This is meticulously done by giving 24x7 round-the-clock technical support.
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