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Virtual Currency MLM Software

Infinite BlockTech boasts of providing state-of-the-art virtual currency MLM software development with our tried and tested track record of best in the field of Multi-Level Marketing. With our Virtual Currency MLM software, you can market your coin with members associated with your marketing and the payments will be paid and received in Digital Currency. A certain sponsor can bring in many referrals as they can and this process goes up all the way to the starting point.

Types of MLM Software

  • Helping Plan

  • Level Income Plan

  • Board Plan

  • Binary Plan

  • Generation Plan

Features Included

Virtual Currency MLM software development has features that will make your software much more rounded.

Multiple Payment Integration

The Virtual Currency MLM software supports integrated wallet for managing your revenue and funds like payment request wallet, working wallet, etc. It can also support a range of coins on your wallet.


Our Virtual Currency MLM software has the best of security practices like SSL, Dedicated Technical Team, Dedicated Functional Support, Auto payout, higher level encryption, etc.

Member Management

With our Virtual Currency MLM software, you can keep track of all the members or agents that have been referred by you and provide a safe distributor joining.

Automated Marketing Process

The whole process of reaching out to customers with marketing assistance like SMS notifications and such can be automated to reach customers within the specified time frame.

Formidable Admin Dashboard

The administrator has the full control of the software along with its members and all the revenue generated by the marketing done to customers.

Pros of Virtual Currency MLM Software

The main usage of Virtual Currency in MLM is the security and the transparency of transactions being done.

Low Fees and no middlemen

Virtual Currency MLM eliminates the existence of a middleman as opposed to traditional MLM and requires a small percentage of fees to pay for the profit margin sales.

Faster Transactions

As Virtual Currency MLM only handles Bitcoins for any type of payment, it is faster than the traditional payment.

Eliminate risk of fraud

The Virtual Currency MLM software completely eliminates the middleman so any chances of fraud risk are removed and the transparency ensures smooth business transactions.

Track Revenue

The Blockchain network tracks each and every log of the transaction being made.

Secure Data

Virtual Currency has the reputation of securing data in the blockchain network it is in. So all the transactions being made are secured with the highest level security.

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