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Tron Dapps Development Services Company - briefly explain

TRON is a decentralized blockchain network like EOS, Ethereum etc., programmed with specific protocols, own blockchain explorer and own cryptocurrency known as Tronix(TRX) developed to meet specific intentions. TRON is mainly created to build peer-to-peer decentralized media networks all across the world. The smart contracts built on the TRON network are coded with solidity language. TRON DApp development refers to the decentralized applications that are built on the TRON blockchain network. With the help of the TRON blockchain network, users can efficiently trade their cryptocurrencies around the world.

Being a pioneer in blockchain technology, Infinite Block Tech has mastery over developing a wide range of successful blockchain-based solutions for small startups to large enterprise level businesses. We are composed of a team of extremely talented and experienced blockchain experts, domain experts, developers, programmers and more, with all the resources and knowledge needed to develop and deploy TRON DApps that rightly fit the clients’ requirements. We integrate cutting edge technologies, features and security implementations into your TRON DApps which will bring in enhanced productivity, efficiency and effectiveness into your business changing its landscape, and we ensure to complete the project within the specified span of time at the most affordable price in the industry.

TRON DApps Development Services That We Offer

Our highly knowledgeable and experienced developers offer an extensive range of TRON DApps development solutions for any size of business, across any industry in the most reliable manner

TRON DApp Development

We have a broad team of industry experts with proficiency to offer feature-rich TRON DApp development solutions across almost every major industry including healthcare, logistics, Fintech, and many more. We have the ability to identify the most advanced technical components, implementation and other requirements to perfect your TRON DApp development.

TRC10 Token Development

TRC10 token is generated on the TRON blockchain network. Our strong experience with developing various blockchain networks helps create and launch secure TRC10 tokens for your ICO or any other purpose. We implement burnable, mintable, transferable and upgradable features into the smart contracts.

TRC20 Token Development

We have a thorough understanding of the technology required to build custom TRC20 tokens for your business that are also compatible with ERC20 tokens. Our TRC20 tokens enable interface customization with the smart contracts.

TRON Wallet Development

With exceptional expertise and technical background, we build the most safe and secure wallets for your TRON DApp platform that is highly customizable. The wallet supports Tronix(TRX) , and we assist small startups to large enterprises with building their TRON wallets.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Our expert TRON DApp developers will help you build decentralized exchanges based on the TRON network with advanced features and functionalities that will facilitate seamless, secure crypto transactions.

Smart Contracts Development

With an experience of successfully creating smart contracts for various clients around the world, we develop and deploy smart contracts based on solidity on the TRON network, that will ensure smooth automated transactions for your business. We deploy the smart contract on any public/ private network according to your preference.

Node Framework

If you are confused about implementing and understanding the node framework, we are here to help you. We know exactly how to implement and run a node on your TRON blockchain network that will assure seamless functionality of your platform.

API Integration

We assist you deploy your applications with a wide range of APIs presented by the TRON blockchain network that will help improve your interactions with the components of blockchain.

Exclusive Features of TRON DApps

High TPS( Transaction Per Sec) Capacity

TRON DApps have the capacity to handle about 2000 transactions per second which is comparatively higher than Ethereum and Bitcoin. Due to the high TPS volume, TRON offers higher throughput.

High Storage Volume

TRON basically comprises two types of storages i.e LevelD and KhaosDB, therefore they ensure a high storage facility.

High Scalability

The TRON network protocol possesses the capacity and flexibility to handle a growing amount of work and expand the potential to fulfill the growth of the business.

EVM Compatibility

The TRON Virtual Machine is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine which allows the smart contracts of the EVM to be executed on the TVM.

Multi-lingual extension with Google Protobuf

The TRON protocol sticks to Google's protobuf that supports codes generated in Python, Java, C++, and Objective-C.

Proof Of Stake

The TRON network makes use of the proof of stake mechanism to ensure transactions confirm the main blockchain making it complicated to forge counterfeit chains.

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TRON is one of the major blockchain platforms that has gained the fastest growing DApp user base over the last few years. This is because of the efficiency of involvement it brings in. Having gained utmost attention and traction in the recent years, TRON DApps are being developed across an array of industries including healthcare, logistics, fintech, gaming and more.

TRON DApp platforms integrated with advanced features will bring in maximum productivity, efficiency, security and effectiveness for the users. These TRON-based Dapps further expands the potential of the business, and also offers appreciable rewards to the users in the form of TRON dividends. Experts around the crypto space believe that TRON has every potential to change the landscape of DApps and their functionality, and take the business to a whole new phase.

TRON DAPP development

TRON Tools and Technologies that we implement

Tron Studio

TRON Studio is an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) that is utilized for compiling, developing, debugging and deploying solidity based smart contracts on the TVM(TRON Virtual Machine).


TRON Grid offers an user-friendly hosted API and loads balanced full nodes allowing efficient access to the developers into the TRON network without having to run their own node.

TRON Station

TRON Station is a web application and JavaScript API library that helps estimate the TRON energy and bandwidth consumption based on the TRON network.


TRON Web is a comprehensive JavaScript with API functions that help with deploying smart contracts, querying the blockchain, contracting information and trading on decentralized exchanges.

Our TRON DApps Development Process

Requirement Gathering

  • We understand your individual needs for your new, or existing application.
  • We determine the feasibility of the project, and business logics to implement smart contracts.
  • We create a roadmap of your project.

Technical Architecture

  • We prepare the smart contract definition document
  • We create data flow diagrams
  • We design the technical architecture of your TRON DApp application
  • We prepare GDPR compliance requirement documentation
  • We create delivery milestones


  • We start developing your TRON DApp platform with cutting-edge technologies
  • Once developed, we ensure to run alpha and beta testing.
  • Next, we release candidates for further internal checks
  • Finally, we proceed to production


  • We go ahead with IT infrastructure configuration and provisioning
  • We deploy your TRON DApp on the main network


  • We ensure to alter our Requirement gathering according to changing market trends and user preferences.
  • We ensure backlog prioritization.

Why choose Infinite Block Tech for Tron DApps Development ?

The following attributes make us stand apart from the crowd, and the ideal choice for your TRON DAPPs Development.

  • Established TRON DApp Development company with exceptional experience and expertise in the field.
  • Implements agile development practices.
  • Enterprise level technical background
  • Accomplished team of developers
  • Transparent development process and pricing
  • Reliable solutions at reasonable prices
  • Priority to security
  • Guaranteed high-quality solutions and timely delivery.
  • Individualistic approach towards each client
  • Wide scope for customization
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