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Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, are attracting a lot of users as they promise anonymity, decentralization, and better stores of value. There is a sizeable number of users who prefer to protect their privacy and keep their transactions hidden. Hence, peer-to-peer trading platforms prove handy as they allow buyers and sellers to exchange cryptos anonymously. Additionally, an escrow function can be included to protect users against fraud. Infinite Block Tech is a top P2P cryptocurrency exchange development company offering whitelabel and customizable solutions. Using our services, you can launch a platform that is scalable and feature-rich.

How To Use P2P Exchange Platforms For Trading

Peer-to-Peer exchanges allow users to trade cryptocurrencies instantly and discreetly, without any hassles.

First, the buyers and sellers need to register on the P2P exchange

They also need to authenticate themselves by completing the KYC

They can also link their wallet addresses with their accounts

Buyer and sellers can browse existing orders on the platform, or create their own

User can select an order they like and proceed with the transaction

Users have to complete the payment or deposit the asset within the specified time limit

To protect users against fraud, the escrow option can be used to transfer assets on the P2P exchange

Users can also chat with each other using the messaging option to explore and bargain new prices

Premium Features Included In
Our Peer-to-Peer Crypto Exchange Software

Our solutions arrive with innovative features that enhance the user’s experience!

Escrow Option

An anti-fraud mechanism where users can store their cryptocurrency and funds in an escrow account.

Top-notch Security

Protect users with multiple levels of security by employing different protocols that promise a safe user experience.

Easy Registration

Users can register themselves using their social media accounts and log onto the platform with ease.

2FA Option

Enable another layer of security by asking users for an OTP when logging in or completing transactions.

Price Tracker

Users can instantly view the latest prices of cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and more.

Simplified Payments

Hassle-free checkout is guaranteed as our P2P exchange solutions support different options like debit/credit card, net banking, crypto, wallets, and more.

Search Options

Finding orders that match your requirements and budget is made easy with a seamless search and filter engine.

Review System

Users can rate their experience and other participants on the platform, thus singling out scamsters and improving the ecosystem.

We Follow A Comprehensive Peer-to-Peer
Exchange Development Process

Our team practices a professional and agile development methodology that guarantees results

  • Ideate

    Our team collates all your requirements and drafts a list of deliverables along with a roadmap

  • Create

    The peer-to-peer exchange development phase is in full swing, and different modules are being created

  • Audit

    The team will begin work on testing the platform and identifying bugs or glitches that can hamper the user experience

  • Deliver

    The final product is delivered for your inspection, and our team will install the P2P exchange on your servers

  • Improve

    As your business grows, you can approach us to update and upgrade the P2P cryptocurrency exchange

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