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How Does A Leverage Crypto Exchange Software Work?

Leverage and margin trading is a highly lucrative trading order promising high returns. Traders use leverage to increase their market exposure dramatically and earn profits from price changes. Leverage is nothing but borrowed funds that are given by exchange platforms. However, traders can borrow funds only after placing a security deposit or margin with the lender. In this way, the trader can place larger orders with minimal investment and reap massive profits. Infinite Block Tech offers premium leverage crypto exchange software that offers leverage upto 100x. Our solutions are 100% whitelabel and customizable. Our team of excellent developers creates robust platforms that are easy to scale.

100x Leverage Trading vs. Standard Trading
A Tale Of Two Exchanges

Leverage and margin trading benefits both — the trader and the exchange. Wondering how? This story will explain.

Alice and Bob are two independent exchange owners. While Alice is always searching for new opportunities, Bob firmly believes in traditional methods. With leverage trading trending, Alice adopted it whole-heartedly, while Bob reluctantly ignored it. Let’s see how their decision affected their revenues.

Bob’s Standard Crypto Exchange Alice’s Leverage Crypto Exchange
Bob does not offer leverage trading services and charges a fee of 0.1% on every order. Alice offers 100x leverage trading and charges a fee of 0.05% on every order.
Thus, if a trader deposits 1 BTC on Bob’s exchange, the maximum exposure they can enjoy is 1 BTC. Thus, if a trader deposits 1 BTC on Alice’s exchange, the maximum exposure they can enjoy is 100 BTC.
Thus, if a trader deposits 1 BTC on Bob’s exchange, the maximum exposure they can enjoy is 1 BTC.
  • Every Order = $8
  • 100 Orders/Day = $800
  • Monthly Earning = $24000
  • Annual Earning = $288,000
If 1BTC = $7500 and its value increases to $8000, then Alice’s profits will be,
  • Every Order = $400
  • 100 Orders/Day = $40,000
  • Monthly Earning = $1,200,000
  • Annual Earning = $14,400,000

You may have noticed that Bob charged a higher fee on every order, but still earned significantly lesser than Alice. What’s more, by offering leverage trading, Alice became a millionaire in one month, while even after a year, Bob is still far away!

Crypto Margin Trading Platforms That Arrive With
Next-generation Features

We offer stellar whitelabel leverage crypto exchange software that is equipped with trendy features and functions.

Aggregated Price Feeds

Source the latest market prices for different cryptocurrencies and offer the best value to traders.

Editable Leverages, Limits, and Fees

Exchange owners can edit every aspect of the exchange, including the leverage amount, margin requirement, and transaction fees.

Simple Deleveraging

Exchanges can use the deleveraging option to automatically absorb trader’s funds if they cross the bankruptcy limit.

Partial Close Order

Allow traders to partially liquidate their orders to take away the profits and continue trading.

Joining Bonuses

Attract new users to join the exchange by offering exclusive rewards and bonuses.

Mobile Applications

Offer cross-platform functionality by launching the exchange on Android and iOS.

Additional Features

Our cryptocurrency exchange with leverage functionality also arrives with several more exciting features, including

Copy Trading/ Social Trading

Market Making Tools

Multi-currency Support


Smart Order Routing

Manage Multiple Accounts

Insurance Fund

Risk Management

Whitelabel Leverage Crypto Exchange Software Packed With Benefits

Our exchange software is built with the latest technology that gives you an advantage over your competitors!

User-friendly UI

With a clean and attractive design, our exchange software allows your users to navigate the platform with ease

Top Matching Engine

With a powerful matching engine, buyers and sellers can get connected instantly on your platform.

Super Liquidity

Enable customers to deposit and withdraw funds without hassles by offering a variety of payment options.

Extended Support

Keep up with the time! Update and upgrade the leverage crypto exchange as your business grows!

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