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A New Fundraising Mechanism For Your DEX Platform

At the present time, digital assets are experiencing empowerment with blockchain technology. The distributed ledger system of the blockchain offer s robust security for digital assets. The primary significant feature in the domain of digital assets is the power to enable investors to digitize and manage their digital assets. The huge demand for investors in the platform has boosted the blockchain industries by triggering entrepreneurs and innovators to take part in the development of a decentralized exchange platform. The blockchain platform provides a fundraising opportunity for contributing to the surge of blockchain with decentralized exchange.

What Is Initial Dex Offering (IDO Development)?

Initial Dex Offering (IDO) is a digital token for launching a project via a decentralized liquidity exchange. IDO tokens are the representation of digital assets in the decentralized exchange and the digital assets can be in the form of cryptocurrency.

The primary point of IDO is Fundraising. There are multiple options available for a business entity to raise funds for the purpose of development. Banks and venture capitals follow the conventional fundraising model which is a tedious process.

The evolution of blockchain technology has taken the fundraising process to the top echelon. All companies are planning to raise funds using the following models ICO, STO, ILO and IDO.

In Initial Dex Offering (IDO), the projects receive funds from the investors in a similar fashion to the traditional startups that receive funds from venture capitals. In IDO, the investors will not have the power to own any shares or equity in the project.

Initial Dex Offering

An Overview Of The Differences Between The Fundraising Models

Initial DEX offering(IDO) Initial Coin Offering Security Token Offering(STO) Initial Exchange Offering(IEO)
Decentralised exchange Decentralised Decentralized Environment Centralised environment
Representation of Digital Assets Globally sold Representation of physical Assets Direct Exchange
No exchange fee No intermediaries Profit-sharing Includes Exchange Fee
Efficient Listing Liquidity premium Buy-Back Rights Expensive listing

Benefits Of Initial Dex Offering Development Platform

Lower Costs

When liquidity exchange is used in a project, the gas fee to deploy a new smart contract is less. Smart contracts initiate governance over the asset token and liquidity pool.

Fair Fundraising methodology

The IDO model initiates instant liquidity and token development. The value of the token increases when the token goes for a public sale.

Instant Trading

In IDO, the investors start trading from the moment the tokens are launched. Early buyers can sell their tokens to a higher value as the price starts to elevate from the moment the first investor buys a token.

Instant Liquidity

The primary factor of this fundraising model is liquidity. The liquid pool offers liquidity with no slippage. Initially, the project requires some value for the tokens to acquire liquidity in order to enable the swapping of tokens in the liquid pool.

Our Services To Launching Your IDO Development Platform

Whitepaper Drafting

We introduce your project to the crypto market by providing a detailed and comprehensive whitepaper service.

Strategy And Roadmap

We provide strategic based roadmaps which are used to visualize the trajectory of the project and it helps in securing stakeholders.

Coin Development

We provide proven and trusted solutions for customized, secure token development services.


We initiate a detailed marketing strategy for your project and design marketing solutions to acquire better market visibility.

Blockchain Integration

We provide standardization and automation across various industries with customized integration of blockchain technology.

IDO Marketing Services

Marketing is the most crucial service in order to bring market visibility to your business entity. Raising funds for companies is easy but to raise funds for a startup is a rough process. It is a very time-consuming process to convince an investor and build trust around him with your idea.

At Infinite Block Tech, we play a significant role in developing and marketing your project with a strategic approach in order to build trust among the investors and venture capitals to invest in your project. We have succeeded in helping several clients across the globe to initiate IDO launch services successfully. Our product development team has extensive experience in assisting our client in all possible ways. Our primary specialization is to customize the tokens to your own specifications. Our optimized team will assist you in becoming one of the best business entities in the digital market.

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