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What Is A Hybrid Crypto Exchange?

Hybrid exchanges are nothing but a mixture of the components of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. To put it simply, CEX+DEX= HEX. Hybrid exchanges first came into existence with the idea of elucidating the stumbling blocks involved with centralized and decentralized exchanges. A Hybrid digital asset exchange(HEX) is built based on the functionalities and liquidity of a centralized exchange, while also comprising the confidentiality and security of a decentralized exchange.

Hybrid Exchange Platform Development Company

The most commonly known types of cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized and decentralized exchanges. Each of them has their own set of advantages such as, a centralized exchange is known for its stability, high frequency, high volume liquidity, etc., while a decentralized exchange is known for its security and privacy. Each of them has their own set of teeny bit flaws as well. But then comes the hybrid exchange(HEX) platform that unites the advantages of both CEX and DEX platforms and offers enhanced functionality, liquidity, frequency, security, privacy, and more to the users. These exchanges are gaining more and more traction in the market by the day, and are becoming preferable to the users as they help boost the cooperation with a large investor base with the attributes of a centralized exchange, and makes storage of funds reliable with the attribute of a decentralized exchange, where there is no presence from a central authority.

Being a foremost cryptocurrency and blockchain development company that embarked upon this journey ahead of time, Infinite Block Tech has gained considerable expertise and is well-versed in the field. This makes us the most trusted and your ideal hybrid exchange platform development company. We ensure to offer extensive hybrid

exchange development solutions in the most effective and cost-effective manner, and we give utmost importance to quality and security. We also make sure to cater to the specific needs of each client and achieve utmost customer satisfaction. Clients from all over the world bring their unique ideas to us, and we bring them to life with the most innovative solutions that transform their business into a whole new level.

Hybrid Crypto Exchange Development

Why Hybrid Exchange Platform

A centralized exchange platform works depending upon a central authority to control and hold the user's funds and execute transactions. Here, the users have to put their trust on the third party that their funds will be safe. Although a centralized exchange brings in numerous benefits such as enhanced functionality, liquidity, and speed in transactions, there is a minor pitfall that if a centralized server is hacked, the hacker could efficiently access all the information of the platform. This is why they have been more prone to hack threats in the past.

Likewise, when it comes to a decentralized exchange, there is no centralized server and the private keys are stored in the user’s server itself. Therefore, they ensure more safety and security for the funds. But again, some users might feel these platforms are not user-friendly as there is no central authority to organize and manage their funds and the activities of the platform. And users tend to forget their passwords, and it becomes almost impossible to recover their accounts.

To prevail over these minute setbacks of both CEX, and DEX, while having the best of both is what a Hybrid crypto exchange software is composed of. You can ensure your privacy and safeguard your private keys, while also enabling faster transactions, speed, liquidity efficiently in a hybrid environment. As it combines the best of both, it brings in maximum benefits for the users and thereby, a perfect choice to set about your venture.

Our extensive Hybrid Exchange Platform Features

Custom Admin And Users Dashboard

We build a robust front-end and back-end admin and users dashboard with custom features for both users and platform owners to efficiently manage the activities and customize the user profiles etc.

Fast and Secure Transactions

Our advanced trading tools and functionalities will enable fast and secure transactions for users all around the world in a hassle-free manner.

User- Friendly Interface

We implement a highly intuitive, interactive, and user-friendly interface that fits both experienced and novice users to help you expand your user-base and provide them an enhanced experience.

Efficient Communication Between Buyer And Seller

Our hybrid digital asset exchange platform is highly responsive and connects the buyers and sellers with each other almost instantly making the communication easier.

Smooth Cryptocurrency Trading Experience

We have employed a team of a skilled set of developers whose strong technical expertise will ensure core functionalities that guarantee smooth trading experience for the users of the platform.

Two Factor Authentication

Our hybrid crypto exchange platform is enabled with Two-Factor Authentication that provides an added layer of security to the users and the exchange owners.

Advanced Smart Contract

We implement advanced smart contracts mechanism into our hybrid crypto exchange software that enables automated verification and facilitation of transactions in a seamless manner.

Payment Gateway Integration

We integrate multiple payment gateways into our exchange platform to enable your to users quickly and efficiently make payments in their desired payment method which will further make your exchange preferable to them.

Instant Alert And Notification

The users of our platform will be instantly notified about every activity that takes place, every new transaction, changes in the crypto prices, etc.

Easy To Use Platform

Our platform comes with a simple, but attractive and user-friendly UX/UI and is ideal for any type of user, both beginners and experienced.

Additional Features Of Our Hybrid Crypto Exchange Software

Hybrid Model

Our Hybrid digital asset exchange model combines the benefits of both CEX and DEX to help users leverage the best of both. It includes higher volume liquidity, fiat currency support, enhanced privacy, transparency etc.

Full Liquidity Order Book

We implement not one, but various liquidity options for your hybrid exchange to ensure a full order book right from the start.

Escrow Management

Our hybrid crypto exchange platform functions based on an escrow management system that ensures risk-free, safe transactions for users.

Banking Grade Security

Our broad team of industry-best experts will thoroughly analyze and implement bank-grade, multi-layer security protocols for your exchange to ensure the utmost safety and security of the platform and the users.

Liquidity Management

We make liquidity management easier for you by giving the flexibility of connecting the exchange to a third party exchange and display the order book in your platform to boost liquidity and to also to gather users’ attention towards the exchange.

High Performance

Our solid expertise will assure a hybrid exchange platform that enables high performance, and you don’t have to worry about spending much on the exchange infrastructure.

Get Cracking With A Stable And Secure Hybrid Exchange Platform Instantly!

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Prime Benefits Of Our Hybrid Digital Asset Exchange

Enhanced Reliability

Being one of the first to arrive in the field, and having gained solid experience over the years, we have equipped ourselves with the ability to offer various reliable blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange solutions.

Crypto Pool Trading

Our Hybrid exchange model has the capacity to handle high trading volumes, and our crypto pool trading option helps users in dispersing the risks while investing in top different cryptocurrencies revolving around the market.

Community Trading

Our flexible Hybrid crypto exchange development solutions enable users to upload their own smart contract to become a part of an agile smart contract community and enhance their exposure.

Enterprise level Technology

Integrated with enterprise-level technology, our hybrid exchange ensures high performance with zero downtime and seamless execution of transactions.

Professional and Proficient Team

We have an extensive team of experts constantly striving to upgrade themselves and offer the most advanced solutions for users that fit the current market trends, as well as their individual preferences.

Our Hybrid Exchange Development Process

Ideation and Determination

Firstly, our experts will understand and identify your individual ideas and requirements, and then go through research to determine the feasibility of fetching your project idea into the market.

Planning Exchange Structure

After thorough research and market analysis, our expert team of developers will compute a proper exchange structure fitting your specific needs.


Following the well-planned structure, we execute your hybrid crypto exchange development underpinned by blockchain and smart contracts with the most advanced functionalities combining CEX and DEX.


Once the software is ready, we ensure to take it through rigorous testing to ensure bug-free operations and smooth business experience for the exchange owners as well the users.


Once the testing is done, we deploy the hybrid crypto exchange software in the network according to the users’ preference. We also extend post-launch support to ensure the exchange runs error-free in the long-term.

Why Choose Infinite Block Tech For Your Hybrid Crypto Exchange Development

The following are the essential qualities we possess that makes us a fine selection for your Hybrid crypto exchange development,

  • Extensive team with an expertise that is unmatched in the field
  • All-inclusive Hybrid crypto exchange development solutions at the best price in the industry
  • Individualistic approach to each client to understand and implement their unique requirements.
  • A strong record of previous successful projects and hands-on experience.
  • Transparent development process and pricing
  • Advanced Analytics, Trading tools and functionalities integration
  • Guaranteed High Transaction Throughput
  • Round-the-clock customer support, instant response to queries
  • Wide customization scope for users.
  • Institutional Grade Technology and Security implementation


The best way to create and launch a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange in the shortest turnaround time, and at an affordable price, is to go through extensive research and choose an adept hybrid exchange development company and acquire their tailor-made solutions.
The most interesting part about a hybrid exchange software is that it combines the benefits from both CEX, and DEX exchange such as high volume liquidity, speedy transactions, security, user privacy, transparency and many more that provides users with enhanced business experience.
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