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What is Decentralized Finances (DeFi)?

As we all know the blockchain is bashing the traditional finances to the core by providing a decentral solution to remove the controlling intermediaries along with their monarchy. One of the utilities of the blockchain which will alleviate the financial world is Decentralized Finances, a.k.a DeFi.

DeFi offers the investors more diverse and open financial services utilizing the secure distributed ledger for emerging financial markets. Funds can be transferred in a matter of seconds without the involvement of documentation. All you need is internet connectivity.

DeFi Wallet Development

Wallet commonly refers to storage space, digital or physical, to store your important belongings but traditional digital wallets are fabricated with a lot of formalities which invites more mishaps than ever like loopholes in security, centralized monitoring, pilled on documentation, and custody of your assets.

Blockchain has changed this regime into a more decentralized ecosystem by introducing the DeFi Wallets. DeFi wallets let you store all digital assets in a decentralized manner which is firmly more secure, non-custodial, and unhackable. They generally eliminate the need for third-party and offer compatibility with DeFi applications.

Features Of a DeFi Wallet

  • Key-pair. The distinctive feature of a crypto wallet is key-pair. These key pairs are in a form of 12-word seed terms which is an encryption key for the users to access their DeFi wallet. These pairs are unique and not even one will match another.
  • Compatibility. It is the base foundation of every DeFi wallet and if the wallet is incompatible with the targeted platform then what purpose does it serve.
  • Custody. Generally, wallets are made non-custodial in nature, handing back all the private keys, and access to the assets, back to its rightful owner but there are also custodial wallets that store all the sensitive information in the blockchain.
  • Access. These wallets are meant to carry all types of cryptocurrency to effortlessly manage the full suite of assets from a full accessibility point of view.

Introducing Infinite Block Tech for DeFi Wallet Development

Infinite Block Tech is a conglomeration of hardworking groups of subject matter experts like blockchain development, Marketing PR, Business Analysts, Content Writers, and mentors. We, at Infinite Block Tech, help you build your own crypto DeFi wallet leveraging blockchain to your advantage.

Our Special Features in Developing a DeFi Wallet

  • Non-custodial. Users will be able to withhold access to their own assets along with private keys with them, all the time. Our crypto-wallet will not store any of your important information on the blockchain.
  • DeFi compatibility. Infinite Block Tech fabricated DeFi wallets are fully compatible with the DeFi services offered by various blockchain platforms.
  • Highly secured cryptographical methods. Our DeFi wallets are always updated with the latest and the most used cryptography to cater to the user’s needs.
  • Fast and immediate transaction processing. Fund or asset transfer will occur in a blink of an eye.
  • Multi-currency support for a seamless transaction experience.
  • Multi-lingual support for our DeFi wallet to offer a seamless user experience.
  • Generation of QR codes to avoid sharing of sensitive information over the public channels.
DeFi Wallet

DeFi Wallet Services

Desktop Crypto DeFi Wallet

A very powerful, designed for operating systems DeFi wallet, to be used on the way.

Browser wallets

These are types of extensions to your favorite browser. We will cater to all the famous browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Safari.

Mobile Crypto DeFi Wallet

Full functionality in the palm of your hand. Infinite Block Tech will offer users the fully compact and powerful DeFi wallet in their smartphones.

More About Infinite Block Tech

The prime motive of Infinite Block Tech is to arm the portfolio of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and cater to the needs of the new generation with a wide variety of decentral applications and as widely known through crypto lovers, Infinite Block Tech will always:

Empower the community
Hand back the power to the people
Encourage SMBs to participate in this revolutionary technology.
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