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Decentraland NFT

Decentraland is constructed on the Ethereum blockchain as a virtual world game. Using the platform, players can create their own avatars, monetize applications and contents. The real-estate contents in decentraland provide the users with full governance over the creations and are permanently owned by the community. Ownerships of these lands can be claimed by the users on a blockchain-based ledger of parcels. The non-fungible tokens are represented as LAND in the decentraland platform. The virtual space charges users with a commission if a trade is commenced and a percentage from the selling amount is deducted from the relevant trade. As the platform functions on Ethereum, users will also have to pay gas fees for transactions over the game. Decentraland is a blending combination of both; an NFT marketplace and a VR based game.

Building a virtual platform filled with opportunities

Decentraland like NFT

In the virtual reality marketplace-based games, the users can relate with each other, similar to the real world although they are computer-simulated worlds. Users are portrayed in the form of avatars and they can interact with other users, play games, build houses, and even collect arts in the form of NFTs. Digital games and virtual reality are similar to each other as they often go hand in hand. These gaming platforms exist over two decades, with gamers spending millions annually, obtaining weapons and items for their adventures. This platform is the prime model of how a virtual reality marketplace game would look-alike. It is now the NFT sensation in the crypto space where users can play and earn NFTs simultaneously by enjoying the games as well. You can also be a part of this high-level revenue-generating platform as these virtual reality marketplaces will yield huge revenue by availing of our NFT marketplace services.

Special Attributes of Decentraland like NFT Marketplace

  • Native Tokens : Implementing the tokenomics of a marketplace like Decentraland is crucial. Similar to the tokens available in Decentraland, Infinite Block tech will create the unique assets for your game. And guess what? These assets will power the NFT marketplace and aid users in buying, selling, and trading of in-game/metaverse assets in the marketplace. The native tokens in the game or virtual world will provide the holders with the excellent utilities and rewards. Users can participate using these tokens in timely auctions that are announced by the team every now and then to trade.
  • Maps : Even in the virtual world, real estate prices seem to remain increasing just like Real estate in the real world. In the marketplace, each parcel of land will be a unique NFT and characterized by the location of the map.
  • DAO : Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO will own the most important smart contracts and assets that consist of the Token Contract, Estates Contract, Content Servers, Wearables, etc. It also makes the marketplace truly autonomous as well as subsidizes several operations and initiatives throughout the virtual world.

Steps to create an NFT Marketplace like Decentraland

Creating an NFT Marketplace like Decentraland involves several concerns as it is entirely based on a virtual environment. However, there are certain steps to be followed for its implementation:

Set up a Virtual Ecosystem

Building a virtual ecosystem is really essential as it requires incredibly creative design ideas. It will eventually assist your NFT marketplace like Decentraland in attracting more users.

Design an attractive user interface for the NFT Marketplace

Creating the best UI/UX design integration is recommended to reach a larger audience. It is advisable to get professional assistance from Infinite Block Tech to accomplish this.

Select a storage system

Opt for an ideal storage platform from several options to store and recover data securely and quickly.

How does the NFT marketplace boost Decentraland?


In a traditional game, the investments cannot be transferred and the purchases are one-time as it will be locked in a particular gaming ecosystem. Whereas in an NFT based virtual game marketplace, users of NFTs are granted ownership of their in-game purchases. Therefore, the users can save in-game acquired content and sell them to other users via blockchain technology.


While playing a conventional game, if it suddenly shuts down, all the data stored in the game gets deleted, however, in NFT marketplaces like Decentraland, the data is stored in the blockchain network. They function independently and moreover in a blockchain based-marketplace game, the assets cannot be replicated, tampered or destroyed due to the permanent record of each NFT that generates issuance.


Traditional online games will only operate on centralized platforms. But, in NFT marketplaces like Decentraland, operations are done on independent blockchains that help it to function as a backend structure for interconnected games. The assets presented can be developed to be interoperable in the virtual game across multiple ecosystems.


The players who gather in-game collectibles value authenticity and rarity. The scarcity of in-game purchases has the capability of accessing immutable records embedded in the blockchain network of NFT.

Why Infinite Block Tech for Decentraland like NFT Marketplace?

Infinite Block Tech deliversone of the best scalable NFT marketplace creation for NFT users across the globe. As we specialize in creating NFT games similar to the world-acclaimed Decentraland, we offer customization to the game based on the client’s distinct needs. We incorporate high-end graphics and AR/VR systems into your game for an unrivaled user experience. A marketplace-based game created with great visualization by our developers and the finished product will be deployed into the digital market at ease.

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