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Crypto launchpads…what are these?

We are sure that once in a while you had a thought regarding the growing population of blockchain projects in the market. Well, this is due to crypto launchpads. Launchpads are the decentralized blockchain platforms that perform as a pedestal to the new and upcoming projects which are going to launch in the decentral market regardless of the nature like NFT, Marketplace, DEX, CEX, and any other type. Why only these special launchpads you ask.

Due to the infancy stage of blockchain technology, Launchpads adds an added degree of protection to an industry plagued by scams and rug pulls by handpicking each project and putting it through rigorous vetting procedures before promoting it. These platforms promote a chance to invest in decentral projects as early as possible to maximize the gains. The crypto industry is expanding at an exponential rate raising the total capital invested in the decentral world.

Why Crypto Launchpads?

These platforms provide a full range of services and resources that will help the project to be presented under a spotlight and gain the attention of potential investors and build the community.

A secure and credible foundation is laid for the project to build and perform a rigorous vetting process to ensure the investors and project coordinators, both will have a track record of success.

Undertaken security audits for the projects by these crypto launchpads confirm that the project is not another rug pull.

Transparency to the core and equity by using the lottery-based system to provide them equal opportunity to acquire the project tokens will make the relations trustworthy.

Crypto Launchpad Development

A lift-off to the project

These crypto lauchpads have become the gatekeeper to participate in the IDOs. IDO refers to the initial Decentral Exchange Offering in which investors get their hands on the tokens of the new and upcoming projects before they go public at a very less rate. These IDO crypto launchpads help bring up instant liquidity along with low transaction fees hence making them an extremely attractive roadmap for financing both smaller and major projects.

These crypto launch pads gave early access to the airdrops, farming, and refuel gains allowing investors to earn rewards. Working with a launchpad has several advantages, including expert marketing skills, broadened blockchain project assistance, and active community involvement, whether you're a project coordinator or an investor.

Infinite Block Tech…An Introduction

Infinite Block Tech has its root embedded in the decentralized network and is ready to take on the world by storm. IBT has launched various blockchain projects since its inception and is never stopping by going up and beyond the basic requirements of a crypto launchpad to invite new opportunities for all bands of investors and projects. Investors, as well as coordinators, are presented with the opportunity to immerse themselves in their product lifecycle and are given the chance to expose themselves to every business angel.

Infinite Block Tech Launchpad Services

Roadmap Consulting

Success in any project is veiled in the custom-tailored roadmap strategies and business models which we will be implementing to catapult your project ideas to new heights.

Token development

Infinite Block Tech is the congregation of blockchain experts with years of experience in cryptocurrency and the decentral domain. Our dedicated teams will provide the complete architecture for your token development along with blockchain solutions like development, deployment, customization, and effective marketing.


Smart contract security is a critical component of any blockchain architecture, whether it runs on Ethereum, BSC, or any other blockchain. Users of Infinite Block Tech are entitled to an audit report that has been acknowledged by all major exchanges and is trusted by investors.


Infinite Block Tech’s marketing propaganda will put your project into the perspective of world investors and potential users. We will project your idea to the world for worldwide exposure with promotional stratification.

Rigorous Testing

In the light of the token creation and writing of secure smart contracts, Infinite Block Tech does a security pen testing to know how sturdy the smart contracts are as well as the stability of the blockchain.

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