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NFT games are transforming the landscape of video gaming. The introduction of the NFT-based blockchain games is pulling in a wide range of players to the gaming platform. With its ability to put the term “Play To Earn” to use in an effective way, everything is amazing about the combo of NFT and gaming. In the past, video games were dedicated to players but they did not gain anything except the joy of playing the game. The money that was grossed by video games is only circulated around the companies and developers who are involved in the gaming platform. Thus, with the help of NFTs, it is changed and players can monetize their gaming experience into money and this is done by trading the in-game assets that are represented as NFTs.

The NFT gaming platform development is trending at a very high rate and various new blockchain games are being introduced every year. This year, a wide range of NFT-based blockchain games are expected curiously by the gaming community. Therefore, a comprehensive list of impressive NFT gaming platforms is listed below.

5 NFT Gaming Platforms That Are Expected This Year

  • Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is often referred to as one of the pioneers in executing a game that satisfies the condition of “Play To Earn.” This gaming platform has a very sophisticated ecosystem that is developed with a strong sense of economic model. This game deals with the concept of Axies and these axie infinity clone are nothing but the beasts that are presented in the game and they are used to battle with each other. As the level progresses, players gain experience and various in-game assets as NFTs. These NFTs are traded on various secondary marketplaces. Thus, granting the players the ability to monetize their gaming experience.

  • Guild Of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is one of the most anticipated blockchain games of the year 2022. This game is comprehensively built on Immutable X technology. This technology is a layer-2 solution that is developed on the Ethereum blockchain that prioritizes NFTs. This game provides complete access to the players and functions as a free-to-play mobile game that is based on the concept of the role-playing genre. Like every other NFT game, in this game, players can earn profits by trading the in-game assets that are viewed as NFTs on various NFT marketplace platforms.

  • Galaxy Fight Club

The Galaxy Fight Club NFT game is said to be the game that is most awaited by the gaming community. This is a proof-of-picture NFT that enables the players who own NFT already to play it as their avatar. This is a player vs player (PvP) based blockchain game. This game is not only available for NFT holders but also for non-NFT holders. This game is available on both pc and mobile and it consists of a wide range of avatars, to be precise, more than 10,000 are available. This NFT based blockchain game is developed on the core of the Polygon blockchain.


  • Crypto Beasts

Crypto Beasts is a very exciting NFT game that is based on the concept of pixelated digital art that provides a nostalgic retro feel of the original Zelda game. This NFT game is built on a network called the Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs in the game are represented by colorful eggs and there are around 10,000 pixelated eggs in number. Additionally, this game is an RPG game and follows the concept of “Play To Earn”. This NFT game combines the trend of the present market movement and also focuses on providing the best user experience to the players.

  • Illuvium

Illuviam is an open-world fantasy game that is developed on the Ethereum blockchain. This game is a combination of both entertainment and blockchain. Everything is provided in perfect harmony in this NFT game. The metaverse of the Illuvium NFT game is furnished with creatures known as illuvials. These fictional creatures are captured by the players and they are trained and sent for battle. Through the events of heavy battles, the creatures are upgraded and they become a loyal sector of the player’s collection. The in-game assets that are provided in this game are represented as non-fungible tokens. These in-game NFTs are traded on various secondary marketplaces. In this year, illuvium is expected to make a massive run in the gaming spectrum, with its unique combination of the open world and battle-based experience.


The NFT game development is deemed to be a top-tier sector for businesses. Every gaming aspirant always has thought of creating their own game and enabling others to experience the joy and profits they have felt. Thus, adopting a perfect NFT gaming platform development and creating a new business of profits and entertainment is possible; this possibility is determined by hiring the perfect NFT game development company. Hence, now is the time to explore the world of gaming and solidify your name in it!

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