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The NFT market has grown to a great extent and gained the interest of many individuals like artists, creators, business owners, investors, etc. Establishing NFT ventures is considered a million-dollar business model for enthusiastic business minds. One of the promisingly thriving NFT business models for entrepreneurs and business owners is NFT marketplace development. It is a high revenue-generating model because of its high return on investments (ROI), different revenue streams in the NFT platform, etc.

To create a high-yielding NFT marketplace, you need to frame the platform with efficient NFT trading features, an engaging and interactive user interface, and other attributes that enhance the user experience and support the traction of the NFT platform. Also, the NFT marketplace should be crafted with the perspective of being a refined revenue-generating model for you. With our expertise in the creation of a remunerative NFT marketplace and great insight into the highly competitive on-demand NFT market, Infinite Block Tech ensures creating such an NFT marketplace and assisting your efficacious NFT venture. This blog contains the latest ongoing NFT marketplace trends in 2023 for you to create a thriving NFT marketplace with us.


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NFT Marketplace Development Top 7 NFT Marketplace Development Trends In 2023



  • Enhancing Value Of Art & Fractional NFTs

In the present world of NFTs, numerous artists and creators are adopting NFTs. In 2021, a popular animated movie character, Nyan Cat, sold for an astonishing 300 ETH, which was worth nearly $600,000. Additionally, a digital map fetched a staggering 205 ETH, or roughly $320,000, within a month. These transactions were only the beginning of the NFT craze.

As more and more similar transactions took place, the world of cryptographic art exploded in popularity. By the end of the year, Sotheby’s auction platform alone had traded $100 million worth of goods. Even digital images and avatars of cartoon characters began to sell for millions of dollars. The NFT market shows no signs of slowing down in 2023. New trades, offers, and artwork from a diverse group of artists will continue to emerge.

Another innovative way the market is expanding is through the introduction of Fractional NFTs. This business model allows for the creation of new investment opportunities by dividing valuable assets into smaller pieces. For example, Particle Company plans to release a collection of the greatest works ever created, with each piece being divided into 10,000 NFT components. This approach democratizes the investment process and makes it easier for artists to make money.


  • Metaverse: The Next Big Thing

The year 2022 saw an explosive start for the metaverse, a concept that aims to blur the lines between the real world and the digital realm. The hyper-realistic games enabled by blockchain technology have taken the world by storm, allowing users to interact, browse and sell their favorite virtual goods. Games like Axie Infinity, NFTs, and other cryptocurrencies have generated trade volume worth over $1 billion, delivering substantial profits right from the start. The market boasts over 300 million gamers, and the tokenization of game assets is expected to push the digital arena even further.

A plethora of digital assets are already available, including avatar-creating meta-villages, digital lands, and exciting storylines that can only be experienced within the metaverse. The metaverse is set to revolutionize the gaming industry by creating an unparalleled interactive and immersive experience that transcends the physical world’s limitations. As technology advances, the possibilities for the metaverse are endless, and the future looks bright for this exciting new world.


  • NFTs and Gaming

Gaming is one of the industries that approvingly adopted the utilization of NFTs. However, GameFi is a sector that promises to combine the worlds of gaming and finance in a groundbreaking way. The concept is simple – reward players with valuable NFT assets while they have fun playing games.

Numerous game developers have jumped on the GameFi bandwagon, integrating this innovative technique into their games. Some of these popular games include Axie Infinity, Genopets, Illuvium, and My Neighbor Alice.

With GameFi, gamers can now own valuable assets that they can collect, trade, and sell. By leveraging NFTs, players can also exchange them for other investments using cryptocurrency markets. With new and diverse playing models emerging, GameFi could be the biggest game-changer in the gaming industry’s history.

This convergence of gaming and finance has created a new paradigm for gamers, making it possible to earn money and assets while enjoying their favorite pastime. The GameFi trend is quickly gaining traction, and it’s only a matter of time before it transforms the gaming landscape forever.


  • Music NFTs

Music is one of the latest industries to jump on the NFT trend, and it has the potential to transform the way artists monetize their work. In the past year, there has been a steady increase in the number of singles and albums released as NFTs.

One artist who has successfully capitalized on this trend is Daniel Allan, who sold NFT copies of his electro-pop music for thousands of dollars each. Allan uses Glass streaming to showcase his work, and since all of the platform’s videos are NFTs, he has complete ownership and control over his content.

Another platform that allows artists to earn a portion of their earnings every time their song is played in a playlist is Band Royalty NFT. With plans to upload 4-5 times more tokens in 2022-2023, Band Royalty NFT has the potential to create new revenue streams for musicians and revolutionize the music industry.


  • NFTs in the Film industry

The film industry, like many other industries, has been positively impacted by the presence of NFTs. Many crypto experts believe that NFTs represent the future of the content market and that they will revolutionize the industry.

NFTs offer a new and innovative way to monetize and market goods and services in the television and movie sectors, and many organizations are already embracing this new technology. For example, House of Kibaa’s NFT series includes GenZeroes, while Stoner Cats is an adult-themed series about cats that uses NFTs. Steve Aoki’s Dominion X is also an animation series that leverages NFTs.

As more and more filming and TV shows explore NFT-based versions of their content, the future of the industry looks increasingly exciting. It’s clear that NFTs have the potential to transform the film industry and offer new opportunities for filmmakers, producers, and viewers alike.


  • NFTs in Brand Promotion

As the popularity of NFTs continues to soar, many companies are eager to jump on the bandwagon and enter the market. In fact, several major players have already released their own NFT collectibles, including Campbell’s, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Gucci, Nike, and Louis Vuitton.

By leveraging the NFTs, these companies can not only drive interest in their products but also foster greater user loyalty, find new revenue streams, and even raise money for charitable causes. For brands, NFTs are an exciting new tool in their marketing arsenal. They offer a unique way to add value to their products and services while also creating buzz and increasing visibility.


  • Fundraising with NFTs

The revolutionary aspect of NFTs lies in their ability to generate funds through their growing popularity. NFT marketplaces have been created to ensure efficient liquidity provision with every transaction, which is made possible through smart contracts. These fundraising platforms use cryptocurrencies that have low gas costs, making the transfer of funds fast and affordable. With blockchain technology, the NFT marketplace is highly transparent and verifiable due to the security algorithms used. This allows the public to access the marketplace database with ease, further boosting its popularity.


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