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Most individuals support the idea of earning money while walking their dogs. It certainly has its attraction to have the opportunity to go outside, exercise, and get money from something you must do compulsorily. Jerry Huang and Yawn Rong co-founded and released STEPN, the activity-tracking software that allows users to earn cryptocurrency while exercising, in December 2021.

STEPN Summary

STEPN is the first move-to-earn mobile nonfungible token (NFT) game that operates on the Solana blockchain. Users of STEPN can earn tokens by jogging, running, or walking outside in NFT sneakers. By bringing new users into the Web3 era, STEPN hopes to inspire millions of  people to embrace healthier lifestyles and contribute to the achievement of carbon neutrality.

How it operates?

Users must download the STEPN app. Then, they must use their email address to register for STEPN. Users must connect their wallets after verification to explore the STEPN coin.

The users of STEPN’s Game-Fi system wear sneakers that resemble NFTs. For users to purchase NFT sneakers and wait for their energy to be restored after 24 hours, they must first deposit Solana’s native SOL token in STEPN’s in-app wallet. Energy determines how long a user can work out in a pair of sneakers NFT.

The energy cap of your footwear is affected by all of its components. The supply of rewards is constrained; hence the energy cap plays a crucial role in bottlenecking distribution. Users can choose from various features, including comfort, efficiency, and resilience.

The Green Satoshi token (GST), which is the game’s utility token and has an infinite supply, and the Green Metaverse Token (GMT), the governance token, are the two tokens that make up the STEPN ecosystem.


For those who want to build their Move-to-Earn (M2E) Web 3.0 software similar to STEPN, We offer White Label STEPN Clone App. STEPN Clone is a move-to-earn Web3 lifestyle application built using blockchain, Social-Fi, and Game-Fi. Users of the STEPN clone software can outfit NFT sneakers to earn money while jogging, running, or walking outside. Our program is completely customizable and has been through multiple tests, allowing users to trade and mint NFTs easily. Our STEPN clone script is an adaptable solution created with blockchain technology that is strengthened by gaming and fitness components. By choosing this option, you may easily and quickly develop your lifestyle application like STEPN.

STEPN Clone Functioning in the real world

STEPN is a move-to-earn web3 platform that operates in the blockchain world. Unless it is altered to fit the client’s business model, the STEPN clone operates on the same principle as the original STEPN. The STEPN clone can be customized with a set of rules and features in accordance with your business policies and ideas. However, the following is basically how the STEPN clone operates:

  • Users must sign up for the platform using their email address, and to improve the app further, the following user’s wallets must be connected.
  • Different styles of sneakers will be offered as NFTs in the STEPN marketplace, and users can purchase such NFTs with Solana tokens.
  • With the Game-Fi system, the NFT the user purchases will let the GPS track the distances the user travels, and the prizes are given according to predetermined earning policies.
  • The energy of each NFT shoe is different, allowing users to run or jog in accordance with it. Every sneaker’s vitality comes from its usefulness, robustness, and comfort.
  • The user will receive the token after completing the run-up per the criteria.
  • Users’ tokens can be utilized for various app activities, including minting, personalizing, and more.

Features included in our STEPN clone

Our STEPN clone’s most important feature is the two-token model, which allows users to use both tokens on the platform for diverse purposes. Our business model allows both the platform and each token to flourish simultaneously.

Our innovative element draws crypto and non-crypto users to the web3 world using these cutting-edge platforms. Web3 lifestyle platform with move-to-earn alternatives attracts participants.

We have introduced an earning application with Social-Fi features to attract a youthful audience, and launching an app with cutting-edge solutions will raise the bar for your business. Social-Fi is the next revolutionary step in the online world.

The appeal and acceptability of the NFT gaming app have risen among users. People who wish to follow their workout objectives while traveling frequently use smartwatches and fitness trackers. Our STEPN clone provides users with an extension to their wristwatches to track their steps and earnings.

Social media is essential for promoting your NFTs. The users can share their achievements and noteworthy events on social media. Accessing and sharing content on well-known social media sites should be feasible so gamers may swiftly promote their in-game assets.


The NFT world is expanding with new projects and creations developed by innovative participants. It has opened up a huge possibility for creators and entrepreneurs to connect to their audience globally directly. STEPN clone is one such opportunity for you to build and connect to your audience with a social and health-related NFT application. Infinite Block Tech provides the STEPN clone with customization options so you can integrate new ideas and policies into the Move-to-earn NFT game.

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