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The rise of non-fungible tokens has become absolute at the present moment. Everyone is invested in this exotic platform. We cannot find a single individual who hasn’t heard about the frenzy of NFTs. The release of new NFT concepts, development protocols, NFT collectibles, and much more. Their flexibility would be the primary reason for these releases in the crypto space. The ability to mesh with any business industry and genre of physical collectibles is very new and astonishing for the crypto audience, which served as a great promotional factor for their epic rise to the ranks of the crypto world.

Non-Fungible Tokens- The Futuristic Asset

Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that cannot be destroyed or replicated. These tokens cannot be interchanged with tokens that have the equivalent value since they are unique. The most common examples of non-fungible tokens are digital artworks, images, videos, trading cards, domain names, etc. These crypto-assets are built on the power of blockchain technology. This digital ledger secures the transactions and provides complete transparency to NFT enthusiasts.

NFT Token Standards

The NFTs are powered by their exclusive token standards such as ERC-721, ERC-998, ERC-1155, and TRC-721.

    • ERC-721

The ERC-721 token standard is the most popular standard used for the trading of non-fungible tokens.

    • ERC-998

The ERC-998 token standard allows users to trade multiple non-fungible tokens at a single transaction.

    • ERC-1155

The ERC-1155 token standard is a special token standard that trades both fungible and non-fungible tokens.

Funko Digital Pop- A Quick Insight

Funko is a world-leading toy manufacturing company that is based in America. For many years, it has been the pioneer in manufacturing and distributing toys all over the world. They are famous for their action-collectibles that resemble the pop culture of our generation. This toy manufacturing company has taken the next step towards the future of the economy. They have introduced their own NFT collectibles called the Funko Digital Pop. These collectibles are the direct representation of the physical assets they have manufactured. These NFTs are listed on the TokenHead platform, which is an NFT mobile app that trades non-fungible tokens that are built on the WAX blockchain. This NFT app is available on both iOS and Android platforms, which are the two influential mobile operating systems. This NFT collectible is very similar to the famous NFT collectible that put NFT on the crypto map, the CryptoPunks.


Why Is Digital Pop Similar To CryptoPunks?

CryptoPunks are NFT collectibles that were created by Larva Labs. This NFT collectible is a visualization of 8-bit scaled images, which are limited to 1000 punks. These punks are completely unique, every 1000 of them are different, and they do not resemble any of the others. Similar to this, the Digital Pops are also completely unique and cannot be replaced by other NFT collectibles. Their influence ranges throughout pop culture. The only dissimilar section is the availability of the physical representation. For Digital Pop, it has its physical representation, whereas, for CryptoPunks, it does not have a physical representation.

WAX Technology

WAX stands for Worldwide Asset Exchange. This is an impressive NFT marketplace that trades NFT collectibles. This platform provides users with the ability to link their NFT to physical assets. Due to its salient features, the Funko NFT collectibles are the perfect collectibles to be traded at this marketplace platform.

Why Would Digital Pops By Funko Be An Enormous Revenue Generator?

The revenue generated by a digital asset is primarily dependent on the brand it possesses. The Funko toy manufacturing company is an icon in the toy manufacturing industry. The market value held by this industry would act as a primary boost up for their business venture in the field of NFTs. The NFT domain is filled with tough competition in terms of furnishing the business models within the domain. Due to their immense popularity, the majority of the business industries have invested their time and resources in developing their NFT business and hinging them with top nft marketing strategies to expand their market visibility. For Digital Pops, it is not the case, and their brand acts as the marketing strategy that they need to expand their business exposure among the crypto audience. Due to these exceptional factors, Digital Pops would be an enormous revenue generator in the forthcoming future.

Exclusive Features Of NFT Collectibles

    • Trustless

Since NFT collectibles operate in a decentralized atmosphere, they do not interfere with any middleman, which causes delays to the trade. The trade is initiated directly between the buyer and the seller through an NFT marketplace.

    • Tradability

It is an intrinsic feature of NFT collectibles. They can be traded on any NFT marketplace, but they are sometimes restricted to specified NFT marketplace platforms due to their integration of the type of blockchain.

    • Security

Since NFT collectibles are built on blockchain technology, they cannot be replicated or destroyed. All the information regarding the NFT and the transactions is stored securely within the digital ledger.


Non-fungible tokens have been the recent buzz in the crypto space. Their excellent attributes have played a great role in their development among business industries. This has allowed them to attract major business industries into their domain and provide them enormous revenue-generating opportunities and assist them in gaining great market exposure. Due to these virtues, it paves the way for industrial giants like Infinite Block Tech to soar through profit charts in the crypto space and be a significant source of inspiration for other industrial giants to invest their time and resources into the domain of non-fungible tokens.

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