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The gravitation towards the digital world has maximized the usage of cryptocurrency. Many fundraising models and crowdfunding platforms were developed to increase the profit yield for business entities. The most popular type of fundraising model is Initial Coin Offering (ICO). In this model, the user rewards the investor with a crypto token for funding the platform. Initial Coin Offering and Initial Exchange Offering are the two most commonly adopted fundraising techniques by business models. The high demand for decentralized platforms due to the popularity of cryptocurrencies has given rise to non-fungible tokens. The non-fungible tokens have been the gamechanger in the business world, where all business models are interested in developing NFTs.  Due to the high demand for NFTs, many development companies have devised a strategy to combine NFTs and crowdfunding platforms together. This platform is known as the Initial NFT Offering model. At Infinite Block Tech, we have the required resources to develop a crowdfunding platform like Initial NFT Offering for our customers.


What Is Initial NFT Offering?

Initial NFT Offering or Initial Staking NFT Offering is a new type of crowdfunding platform, where the non-fungible tokens are sold at the crowdfunding platform for a certain period of time. These NFTs are backed by a native cryptocurrency. The token holders can burn the NFTs and unlock the cryptocurrency from them. These non-fungible tokens can be artwork collectibles, music files, audio files, or trading cards.


Why Initial NFT Offering Is A Rising Crowdfunding Platform?

In the past few years, business models have gained a high quantity of profit from utilizing the fundraising platforms. The fundraising models take care of the verification process like Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering activities (AML) for the investors. These fundraising models have been assisting business entities to reach their target of the maximum amount of funds and minimum amount of funds. These targets allow the business entity to be balanced and enjoy a high yield of profit.

Along with the attention of cryptocurrencies, NFTs were also receiving equivalent attention similar to cryptocurrencies. In order to maximize the potential of NFTs and with the business models, Initial Staking NFT Offering was introduced by the crypto experts. This crowdfunding platform is introduced to take NFTs to the next level. This platform allows investors to experience the functionalities of the NFTs and receive native crypto tokens.

Our Initial Non-Fungible Token Offering Platform Benefits

  • High Investment Returns

The NFT holder experiences high investment returns when there is a rise in the trading volume of the NFTs.

  • Fewer Transaction Costs

Since the crowdfunding platform is developed on a decentralized exchange platform, the transaction cost is less.

  • NFT Lending

NFT lending protocol is integrated with this crowdfunding platform, as interests are added to the NFTs for the investors. The investors can lend the assets to the borrowers for a certain period of time and gain an extra source of income.

  • Purchasing Of NFTs At Ease

Non-fungible tokens are purchased easily as they provide partial ownership to the investor. By this method, even a small-scale investor can earn a high profit with less involvement of risks.


Our Main Features Of Initial NFT Offering Platform

  • Launchpad 

Our crowdfunding platform also functions as a launchpad for digital content creators, like an artist, musicians, gamers, etc. It helps content creators monetize their digital work, and it targets the appropriate audience by offering fractional ownership of the non-fungible token.

  • Peer-To-Peer Marketplace

Our peer-to-peer networking feature simplifies the purchasing, selling, and trading of non-fungible tokens in the marketplace.

  • Optimized Earning Program

Our platform enables different staking and farm-yielding programs, in order to raise more income and monetization for the investors.

  • Decentralized Exchange 

Our decentralized exchange platform is developed based on the functionality of Automated Marketing Maker (AMM). The investors invest their crypto token in the liquidity pools and these liquidity pools are managed by liquidity providers.

  • Integration NFT Marketplaces

Our crowdfunding platform has the ability to integrate with multiple NFT marketplaces at ease.


Why Hire Infinite Block Tech To Develop Initial Staking NFT Offering Platform?

Infinite Block Tech is a pioneering crowdfunding platform development company in the crypto space.  We have developed many crowdfunding and fundraising platforms in the past. Thus, we have the required technical expertise to develop a crowdfunding platform like the initial NFT offering. Our knowledge and experience in the field of non-fungible tokens are unparalleled. Thus, we ensure to provide a complete crowdfunding platform that elevates your business entity to the next level. The features we integrate into our platform are top-class and they are integrated with the purpose of delivering a world-class experience to our customers. Our primary focus is to guide the customer with the required guidance in developing the platform and also after developing the platform by providing quality post-marketing services. To avail of our top-notch crowdfunding development services, reach us soon!

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