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In the present NFT space, the emergence of NFT aggregator API enriches the trading experience for the users. With the presence of various NFT marketplaces, it has become quite difficult to locate a particular NFT without jumping from one NFT marketplace to another. The aggregator API eliminates this issue and facilitates smooth NFT trades, and offers other various values to its user. In this blog, you will see about the NFT Aggregator marketplace and much more about our aggregator API software along with its compelling features & perks.

Brief About NFT Aggregator Marketplace

The NFT aggregator platform combines all NFTs listed in multiple marketplaces. It showcases NFTs of various niches like art, music, digital collectibles, sports, game, etc., under a single platform. These aggregator marketplaces facilitate the user to search an NFT in minimal time without needing to switch through different marketplaces. 

The NFT aggregator pools the data of different NFTs and combines them in a unified interface. It enables a single entry point with seamless data accessibility. Also, the pooled data are classified with specific metrics like rarity, price, etc. This facilitates the traders and investors to analyze and compare the NFTs efficiently. The collected data are fed to search engines on the platform, which enables the users to track their NFTs precisely. Also, with the NFT aggregator marketplace development, bulk purchases of NFTs are enabled, which reduces the transaction cost. Some of the NFT aggregator marketplaces that are thriving in the NFT verse include Genie.xyz, Gem.xyz, Blur.io, and NFTGo.io. 

Aggregator API Software – What is it?

The NFT Aggregator API software creates a comprehensive space in your NFT marketplace, facilitates the platform to analyze the amalgamated data of diverse NFTs from different marketplaces, and enables the user to compare the NFTs. The Integration of the Application Programming Interface (API) focuses on offering a user-biased trading experience. The prime aspect of aggregator API integration is user attraction with significant values like bulk purchases and reduced transaction costs. Also, the API software suffices the user in tracking the NFT collections. It also shows the trades of NFT across the platform within a specific range of time. This enhances user experiences on NFT tradings along with increased trade volume of the platform. 

What is the need to integrate aggregator API into your platforms? 

As the NFT space is growing despite its volatility, many NFT enthusiasts are interested in entering this competitive field. Also, the reason for its compelling attraction is the high-end revenue remuneration standards and the opportunity to ride on the latest technical advancements. 

Enthralling Attributes Of NFT Aggregator API

  • The Floor price indicates the real-time lower price of an NFT from a collection that is listed.
  • The Average price in the platform denotes the average selling price of an NFT amongst the NFT collections within a selected time range.
  • Sales volume provides the number of transactions occurring on a predefined time range for the NFTs in a collection.
  • Intensive Range offers users insights into the price range of NFTs in a collection.
  • The API displays mint activities that provide the user insight into the total mint volume, mint volume on a time range, latest mints, number of mints, average mint prices, etc.
  • The gas fee provides the user with information on the total fees spent to mint the NFTs of a collection by the NFT users in a selected time range. 

Advanced Features Of Our Aggregator Software API

  • Whale tracking aims to track the trading patterns of big-shot NFT holders that have a million-dollar portfolio on the platform and assist the user in trading their assets efficiently.
  • The Drops calendar provides the user the information about the upcoming NFT drops on different marketplaces that the API supports. 
  • The Rarity model on the API offers the users insights into the rarity of individual NFTs of a collection and facilitates the buyers and investors to purchase them accordingly.
  • The Wash trade filter assists the user in eliminating suspicious NFT trade information and offers precise statistics of the genuine trades.

Closing Thoughts

Infinite Block Tech proffers the best NFT Aggregator API Software to make your NFT platform more compelling to its audience. Our blockchain-based development company establishes enriching aggregator API software for your NFT platform with high level security and transparency. We offer white-label solutions that enable you to acquire a customized NFT aggregator marketplace with user-biased features that facilitate convenient trading. Our API software development allows customizations according to your needs making the platform more potent on the NFT verse. The different APIs we offer are wallet API, data retrieval API, IPFS API, etc.

Our proficient blockchain developers focus on sculpting the API integration in the NFT marketplace development according to your satisfaction. The main aspects of our eminent blockchain development services include on-time delivery, expert analysis, creative consultant, cutting-edge tech stacks, etc. Also, we are renowned for our 24/7 tech and non-technical support. 

If you are an NFT venturer focusing on letting your NFT marketplace bloom in this volatile and competitive NFT space, opt for our NFT aggregator API integration that enhances your platform by bringing its enriching utilities to the table.

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