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The payment gateway platform using Venmo-like apps with stellar has gone trending in recent years. It focuses on delivering a safe transaction mode for traders to exchange their currencies around the world. For investors, it’s high time to develop your payment app on Stellar Blockchain as it provides a secure and quick transaction without any errors or hacks being taken place. This payment gateway platform makes you feel excited since it has all the necessary features a gateway should possess in a blockchain network. To know more in detail, keep reading our blog till the end!

What is Stellar?

A stellar is an open network protocol to store and move cryptocurrencies. Stellar allows trade, sending, and creating digital ecosystems for transactions to take place. Building your own Venmo with stellar allows managing the financial systems across the globe in a single network.

What is Venmo?

Venmo is a trending mobile payment gateway that allows traders to pay or request money from others. Venmo users can experience a safe and secure payment transaction in less time. PayPal owns Venmo-like mobile applications to offer this service.

Efficient ideas to implement Stellar like blockchain network :

Stellar Network Protocol :

The Stellar is developed to perform a chain-based network with a high reach among traders to benefit in the marketplace for crypto exchanges. The Stellar allows the traders to invest in low assets to gain more exchange rates.

Stellar Foundation :

The Stellar Foundation is considered a non-profit organization that initiates managing the entire network and protocols of stellar. It was initially built with instructions to handle the fluctuations of rising and fall of exchange values.

Stellar Core and APIs :

Stellar Core focuses on the communication and maintenance part of the network with the help of Stellar Network Protocol, harmony, and network validity gets completed.
The Stellar horizon APIs perform an interaction with Stellar Core for developing apps with ease on the web.

Creating Accounts :

An account is created before interacting with the network and depositing lumens in the wallet. Stellar account holders have access to private and public keys instantly.

Stellar Assets :

The Stellar Assets consists of resources like equity, money, and real estate. You can trade all various currencies through this network, and Stellar owns a native currency called Lumen (XLM).

Reliable Anchor

The Venmo-like apps are considered to be anchors. To develop your payment app like Venmo, furnish the assets on top of Stellar and transfer them to other Stellar accounts. The anchor that shows fiat is a restricted entity to deal with banks, savings, and remittance companies. Traders deposit crypto exchanges to the anchor’s account and then transfer to their stellar account with equal amounts.

Working process of Venmo like app with Stellar :

  • Install and Create User Account :

The users can install the app and create a new user account to store their details. It requires only a Sign-in process and not a password.

  • Verification Process :

The verification process requires details like driver’s license, passport, proof of residence, etc., for updating the Venmo-like app.

  • P2P Payment method :

The P2P payment method works once the account is created and gets some cryptocurrency deposited in it. Later lets you send cryptocurrencies to other users.

  • Balance Transfer method :

The payment gateway app holds a separate section for depositing money into their bank account.

Important Tech-stack to be preferred :

  • Front end development :

Develop an eye-catchy front-end view with smooth performance, interface, and internal structures to lure many users into having access to your payment gateway app.

  • Back end development :

Ensure to implement a scripted programming language for your app as it is considered the main backbone for the application to work.

  • Smart contract functions :

The smart contract functionality is one of the vital stacks in the key to deploying a blockchain-based network. It includes the benefits of secure, truthless, and P2P for providing a smooth functioning of the payment transaction.

Services offered with developing a Venmo on Stellar :

Scripted codes

Like Stellar, a Venmo app consists of scripted codes written by developers to build this payment transaction gateway for asset exchanges.


The payment gateway app provides a trustworthy feel after usage of it. The performance and security let the user exchange their currencies through safe transactions.

Monitored transactions

The users need not fear losing their cryptocurrency due to technical errors or hacks since it will be under constant monitoring of transactions.

Quick transactions

The app’s payment gateway platform lets the user experience quick transactions instantly without delay if the internet connection is stable.

Affordable solutions

The Venmo app on Stellar comes with numerous solutions related to the app’s development at an affordable price.

Multiple Logins

The payment transaction app consists of multiple logins and sign-in features for users to have a convenient mode of payment exchanges done.

Safe and secured access

The global payment gateway app comes with high-security features and a safe mode of transacting cryptocurrencies.

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