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There has been a lot of innovation and improvement of existing technologies in the last three decades, particularly regarding the internet. From Web 1.0, we have revolutionized the internet through Web 2.0 Now, we are getting excelled in Web 3.0 technology.

Web 3.0. technology includes blockchains that mainly aim to decentralize the current internet structure. Blockchain is developed to decentralize the networks and make them more efficient by making them peer-to-peer without a central authority to oversee operations.

In today’s digital world, many blockchains aim to grab a spot in the virtual world, with some of them getting successful. Solana is one such upcoming and popular blockchain that would possibly be the most used in the future for an array of reasons.

In this blog, we will see more about IDO launchpads that work on Solana and the process behind developing such a platform.

What is an IDO Launchpad?

An IDO launchpad is an online platform that lists projects in the crypto domain, effectively acting as a community for digital assets such as cryptocurrency and tokens, where capital can be raised. Investors can explore the platform and invest in tokens of the project which best aligns with their interests. The whole process utilizes the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) model.

Initial DEX Offering (IDO) Model – An Introduction

A fundraising model where crypto tokens of a project are launched through a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, the IDO model has gained popularity following the hassles associated with other such models such as ICO and IEO. The model supports both cryptocurrencies and the newer stable coins that have been created to overcome the volatility factor of cryptocurrencies.

While some IDO projects might not be listed on any launchpad since they can work independently with their own funds, there are not a lot of success stories from such projects. So, as a new startup enthusiast, it is wise to list your project on an IDO launchpad to attract investors.

It should be noted that every IDO launchpad is developed for different blockchains, and so, they operate differently. Despite that, prospective investors only look at the whitepaper and tokenomics of the business of their interest.

Benefits of Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

  • Investment opportunity: In the blockchain space, an IDO launchpad is one platform that opens the door to various possibilities. It establishes a stage for potential crypto projects and highlights them. It supports them in acquiring the investments they are qualified for.
  • Growth: Crypto project’s finances are critical. Being in the forefront is necessary. The IDO launchpad boosts the project’s exposure and reputation, which helps it expand.
  • Higher Liquidity: The unlimited liquidity is the fundamental reason startups choose an Initial DEX Offering. The tokens are being released on a decentralized platform with improved liquidity. Users can invest in these places and earn returns through automatic liquidity markets.

IDO Launch

IDO Launchpad – Characteristics

  • An IDO launchpad ensures that the projects find the perfect investors. Such launchpads allow business owners to enlist their ideas and goals to the broader crypto group.
  • An IDO launchpad platform increases the possibility for a crypto business project to be successful, as the reach will be far and wide, and there are no geographical restrictions.
  • Automated liquidity pools, which are built-in, ensure that the investors can take out profits when they invest money in the pool.

Solana Blockchain

Solana is a blockchain launched in 2019 that has proven to be an efficient customer in the world of blockchains. It has many special features, such as higher transaction speeds and lower transaction costs (or gas fees), which shocked the world. Solana is seen as a long-term competitor to the long-standing Ethereum, and it might even become the leader in the future. Solana’s native currency is SOL, one of the few cryptocurrencies to rise in exchange value in the current crypto climate steadily. Solana even has its own IDO launchpad known as Solstarter, which aims at decentralized fundraising for all, which is the motto for any IDO platform.

Solana-based IDO Launchpad – Some Features

  • An IDO launchpad in the Solana chain would have a stringent know your customer (KYC) policy using cryptographic techniques so that only verified investors are allowed in the platform. 
  • Such a platform would have automated liquidity possible through the usage of Automated Market Maker (AMM) so that illiquidity is never a concern.
  • A Solana-based IDO launchpad would either have an integrated wallet or allow other wallets inside its platform.
  • The launchpad would allow multi-level staking of tokens based on the project and the total number of tokens staked on the platform. 
  • IDO tokens on such launchpads would be allocated immediately after the project opens up for selling without the need for any wait time before investors can claim tokens of an exciting venture.
  • Such IDO launchpads also contain various filters to search according to their preferences. Some filter options include Upcoming, Trending, Expensive, Cheap, Recently Listed, Frequently Visited, and more.


How to Develop an IDO Launchpad on Solana?

  • Every vision starts with expanding it, and it is the same here. Evaluate your idea and decide how to take the project with detailed planning and what you need.
  • Frame the whitepaper for your IDO launchpad venture as this stands between you and the crypto world. A great whitepaper can prove vital if you need to raise capital in any phase of your business.
  • If you want to be an early bird to the Solana community, getting in touch with a firm that has experience developing white-label solutions for the Solana IDO launchpad should do the trick. All you have to do is convey your customized needs to them, and they will create the perfect platform as per your requirements.
  • Then comes the process of creating tokens, and if you employ a company pioneering in token creation, it would be easy for you as your only work is to inform them of the traits your tokens should hold. 
  • The crucial step of testing comes next, and an efficient QA team is needed to carry out the testing process using various test cases effectively.
  • Deploying your IDO launchpad on Solana is the last step, which gets done after all your needs are satisfied and the platform is seamless and robust.

What Should Be My Next Step?

If you have decided to start an IDO launchpad running on Solana, your next step is to map your idea. But, if you need assistance from step one, a few firms like the Infinite Block Tech pioneer in developing many such blockchain-based solutions for clients across the globe. Get in touch with one of our experts and envision your new Solana-based IDO launchpad now.

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