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Revolutionize Your Business Entity with NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea

An OpenSea clone is a software application that entrepreneurs, startup firms and business organizations can implement to start their NFT platform.

The clone application is developed using the latest tools and is integrated with all the features of the original marketplace, such as minting, listing, auctioning, purchasing, and exchanging NFT assets.

The OpenSea clone is the best business model for launching a successful platform in the blockchain world and managing it using the administrative portal. The clone can be easily deployed in the blockchain network to be operational and is thoroughly tested for errors or bugs, ensuring reliability for the participants.

Compatible NFT Standards in Our OpenSea Clone

ERC-721 token standard

ERC-721 token standard

ERC-721 is the popular token standard in the Ethereum blockchain. This token standard is combined with solidity smart contracts to provide ERC token complaint contracts. ERC-721 tokens produce token identifiers to provide addresses for the tokens, which is a very useful feature for investors in the field.

ERC-1155 token standard

ERC-1155 token standard

ERC-1155 standards are used to develop both fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens. This type of token standard holds a group of digital assets instead of a single asset. In the ERC-1155 token, the smart contracts can be modified to perform single transfer operations in the NFT marketplace platform.

OpenSea Clone Development Company

NFT marketplaces are the new crypto trend in the digital space. Developing your business based on these incredible platforms is certified for success. Creating businesses in the NFT domain has various methodologies; the clone method is the most effective one. Develop your OpenSea clone script with our development company.

White-label NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea Clone

Our OpenSea clone is a white-label-based NFT marketplace that is perfectly created for the NFT enthusiasts that are out in the crypto market. This clone platform initiates creating, listing, and purchasing of digital products that are a replication of the functionalities of the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Our OpenSea clone platform is completely customized as per your requirements, ranging from the blockchain network to the front-end feature of the platform, everything is meticulously crafted.

Top-Notch Features Of Our NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea


Our clone is developed with advanced filter options that allow the users of your platform to surf through hundreds of NFTs and find the one that is required.


The storefront used in our clone displays an immense number of digital products that are listed by the creators for the sale seamlessly.

Creation Of Listing

The listing option that is provided in our clone platform allows users to upload, add descriptions and tags of their NFTs in a very easy and simplified manner.

Purchase And Aid

The purchasing and aiding features in our OpenSea clone allow you to enable the users to list and bid on auctions effectively.

Crypto Wallet

Multiple crypto wallets are integrated into our clone script. By this integration, the storing and usage of tokens and coins are done effectively without losing a private key.

How To Build an NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea?

At Infinite Block Tech, we provide top-notch NFT marketplace development services to our customers. An NFT marketplace like OpenSea can be developed using two primary methods, such as providing end-to-end marketplace services and developing the marketplace by creating an OpenSea Clone.

Market Research

Our dedicated teams, specifically for the market research of NFT platforms collect data about the latest trends and practices that will provide you with all the solutions revolving around the current market analyses Infinite Block Tech’s team consists of thoroughly versed experts to present you with top results.

What Is An OpenSea Clone

Design & Development

We at Infinite Block Tech, use Metadata API Processing and Conventional Processing for OpenSea Clone Development. Agile approaches to improve project adaptability and team performance. Our experts have hands-on expertise with various types of blockchain and are well-versed in the market's nooks and crannies.

What Is An OpenSea Clone Script

Testing & Deployment

With our experts, developers, and high techies along with the exposure to all the blockchain-based platforms, our team of highly skilled craftsmen will carry out robust and quick development and deployment with a strategic approach. We will provide 24/7 tech support even after the deployment.

Workflow Of OpenSea Clone Script

Salient Features Of Our OpenSea Clone

  • Our OpenSea clone script has the ability to interact with various API platforms.
  • We provide a detailed version of the listing platform to list all the NFTs
  • Our clone script comes with in-built escrow activity specifications.
  • The designing core of our clone script is very simple compared to the other marketplaces.
  • Our OpenSea clone script is integrated with a tri-wallet system to store all the crypto tokens.
  • Our clone script is built with military-grade security features, which are considered to be one of the best in the NFT domain.
  • Our categorizing mechanism is built in an efficient way so that it reduces complications for the users.

Our OpenSea Clone Utilization In Various Business Sector

The NFT marketplaces are used in various business sectors and they are changing the landscape of the respective business platforms in great ways. With our OpenSea clone, you can step foot into numerous business domains.

Music Industry

The music industry is a primary consumer of the NFT domain. The ability to revert the ownership back to the hands of the musicians is playing a huge role in this domain. Thus, our OpenSea clone helps you to be part of this salient industry and conduct effective business.

Art Industry

The art industry could be also stated as the pioneer in the NFT domain. The credibility issued to the artist because of the NFT virtues has enabled them to expose their talent and hard work on the global stage. Our OpenSea clone will help you to provide a perfect platform for artists to monetize their talent.

Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is the most revenue-grossed industry in the NFT platform. It has opened the gates for various novel features for NFT enthusiasts. Therefore, conducting business on this platform by using our OpenSea clone would be the right choice for your business in the long run.

Sports Industry

The sports industry has been using the concept of non-fungible tokens to the fullest. Every sports league is utilizing this platform and they have been making their mark on the digital platform. Our OpenSea clone allows you to provide a platform for upcoming businesses to excel in the sports industry.


Our OpenSea clone application can be implemented for NFT collectible businesses, and it can be easily utilized by entrepreneurs interested in rare digital collectibles.

Trading Cards

Trading cards are assets that can be collected by interested people. Our clone application supports trading cards and ensures they are reliable and secure to store and transfer.

Virtual World

The clone software can be implemented for the virtual world assets that are regularly used by the participants of the virtual environment. Participants can easily buy, sell, and trade virtual world assets.


The OpenSea clone software supports the creators with photography to store and transfer their creatives in a secure environment. The application allows the creators to profit from their photography.

Workflow Of Our OpenSea Clone

Our OpenSea clone is a seamless platform and it is constructed in a very simplified manner. Therefore, users can use this clone platform at ease.


Users sign up on the marketplace clone.


The desired crypto wallet is chosen.


The digital asset to be minted is chosen.


After the NFT is created, it is listed for sale.


The sellers can choose their desired mode of purchasing; fixed-price or auction.


After the selection of the mode, the item moderation by the admin will be approved.


The creator provides a detailed description of the bids for the selling process.


At the final stage, the OpenSea clone platform executes the trading via P2P transactions.

Advantages Of OpenSea Clone To Business Owners

  • Best-suited Model

    OpenSea clone is the best-suited business model for entrepreneurs and startup firms to launch their NFT marketplace in the blockchain environment easily. It saves them time and funds and allows them to start their business in a short duration.

  • Become An Early Participant

    The world of NFTs is growing vastly; therefore, becoming a part of the NFT world early will benefit you in the long run. The blockchain market capitalization has already crossed the trillion-dollar mark.

  • Partner with Multiple Organizations

    Starting your NFT marketplace attracts many organizations and businesses in other fields to partner with you and share their brand with you.

  • Expanding World

    The market has expanded its boundaries to all the other industries, such as medical, finance, logistics, etc., and is constantly growing; therefore, being a part of the world will benefit you.

Why select Infinite Block Tech for the OpenSea clone?

  • Reformed Technology

    Our staff uses cutting-edge technology to create your clone exchange, ensuring that your software is up-to-date with the recent NFT market trends.

  • Technical Assistance

    Our technical support team is the industry leader in clarifying your queries about the OpenSea clone. Our clients receive help and business direction from us, and we make sure they have everything they require.

  • Cost-effective

    Our OpenSea clone is one of the most economical options on the crypto market and is one of the market-ready solutions for your business deployment.

  • Expert Team

    The skilled staff at Infinite Block Tech is an expert at creating clone scripts for numerous blockchain domains. We provide top-notch development services in the blockchain industry.

  • Services for Marketing and Research

    Our first objective is to make your OpenSea clone a top-tier platform among your rivals in the NFT market. As a result, we offer creative marketing solutions to your clone platform by studying the market.

Why Choose Infinite Block Tech?

Infinite Block Tech is regarded as one of the best NFT marketplace development companies in the cryptocurrency world. We are well updated on the current topics of the crypto market. Developing NFT marketplaces have been huge among business entities. It is said to generate high revenue for the business models. We have an experienced team of developers who have past experience in developing the marketplace by implementing the clone script method. In the past, we have created NFT marketplaces like SuperRare, Rarible, Foundation, OpenSea, etc. Our blockchain team has solid expertise and knowledge in building an NFT marketplace in different blockchain platforms based on the desire of the customer. Our popular blockchains that are used for the creation of NFT marketplaces are Ethereum, TRON, EOS, Binance Smart Chian, etc. After the development of the marketplace, we stay in contact with the customer by providing post-marketing services to expand the reach of their crypto project. Our primary aim is to uplift our customer’s business and keep them ahead of the competition.

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