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NFT Marketplace Development - The Doorway to Success

NFTs have transposed businesses that deal with art, game, sport and real estate into a revenue-generating platform. We provide the best NFT marketplace development services to your platform and convert your ideas into something fabulous. Hire us to create your own astonishing NFT marketplace.

Build Your Own NFT Marketplace Platform With Us

Our NFT marketplace platform offers attractive characteristics that attract investors to kick start their dream business now.

Trading all kinds of Digital items

The NFT marketplace development platform allows the users to trade and list any kind of digital collectibles like art, music, video, etc., in the form of non-fungible tokens.

Best NFT platform for Trading

Non-fungible tokens are of various types that hold unique functionalities and high-end features. NFT platform turns out to be the best trading platform for users to trade and purchase NFTs.

Offers better liquidity

The NFT marketplace needs to be more liquid to facilitate the trader's and users' trade on the NFT collectibles. The user can obtain instant funds on keeping the NFT collectibles as collateral.

Predetermined Audience

The users who pay a visit to the NFT marketplace behave as pre-determined audiences for the non-fungible tokens.

Extensive Business Research

Our marketplace promotes non-fungible tokens by scouting every business opportunity that is available.

Multi-Chain Capabilities

The integration of multi-chain in our platform significantly maximizes the trading of NFT as they bring in users from other chains.

Multiple Options

The NFT marketplace furnishes you with the option to mint NFTs and import them directly from the crypto wallet as well.

Seamless Authentication Process

Our NFT marketplace functions as a mode of verification and authentication of NFTs as well, because of the ability to trace back the identity of the buyer.

Our NFT Marketplace Development Services In Different Fields

Listed below are the top platforms in which we provide NFT development services.

NFT for art tokenization

NFT for memes

NFT for games

NFT for the fashion industry

NFT for sports

NFT for real estates

NFT for fantasy sports

NFT for music

NFT for videos

Our NFT Marketplace Filters

  • Recently Added : Our NFT marketplace displays the details of the NFT that is being minted initially and they are listed on the marketplace seamlessly.
  • Recently Minted : Our innovative NFT marketplace displays the list of the recently minted non-fungible tokens and enables users to have a brief look before purchasing.
  • Expiration Time : The expiration time of every active auction is accurately provided on our NFT marketplace for users to enter auctions at the correct time.
  • Lowest Price Margin : The NFTs with low price margins are listed with complete details on our platform in favor of buyers.
  • Most viewed : The non-fungible tokens that are visited the most will be displayed on this filter of our NFT marketplace.

Different Types Of NFT Marketplaces Available

Due to its immense popularity, numerous NFT marketplaces are introduced in the market, each with distinct functionalities. The common three categories of NFT marketplaces are given below.

Open Platform

Open platform marketplace provides users the freedom of trading, and users can trade any form of digital assets in the marketplace. For example, music files, audio files, video files, domain names, etc. OpenSea and Rarible are popular open marketplaces.


Rarible marketplace is similar to all marketplaces, it is also built on blockchain technology that secures digital assets in the blockchain. It uses its own ERC-based governance token called RARI, which enables the users to vote on multiple platforms.


OpenSea is the first marketplace platform that was developed in 2018. OpenSea is the most commonly used marketplace by the audience in the digital world. Since it is an open platform, any type of non-fungible tokens can be traded, sold, and bought.

Exclusive Platform

In Exclusive platforms, only a selected group of digital collectibles can be bought and sold. The most popular and commonly used exclusive marketplaces are SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, and Foundation.


SuperRare is a marketplace that is integrated with a social media networking platform. It provides P2P networking to the NFT marketplace. It is created on Ethereum. It is used for trading digital artwork collectibles, and the transactions are done using Ether.

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is also known as Nifites, is a popular NFT marketplace. Nifty Gateway was created with the goal of making the trading of artwork collectibles accessible to the general audience.


Foundation was created in February 2021, and it has been a huge success. This NFT marketplace is developed to function as a digital art trading platform, and It is a creator-first NFT platform.


Zora is an open protocol that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is built with a market that consists of a transparent pool of bids. The marketplace creator can select a fixed rate of the bid, which is the recommended rate that initiates the execution process.

Open Protocol

The open protocol is a type of open system that is associated with NFT marketplaces. It concentrates on forming a wider audience and network effect by initiating transactions in NFTs. Zora is a common example of this type of platform.


KnownOrigin is an artist-centric marketplace. This marketplace runs on the Ethereum blockchain which makes it simple for users to trade. This NFT marketplace functions towards providing a perfectly unique digital asset that is genuine and rare. The Ethereum blockchain network makes this NFT marketplace platform highly scalable and efficient.


AtomicMarket is a distributed liquidity NFT marketplace. Just like every other NFT marketplace, it is built on a blockchain network. This platform enables users to trade all types of digital assets. The unique feature of this platform is to enable users to sell their own NFTs for sale and also explore the existing NFTs at the same time.


MakersPlace is an NFT marketplace that trades digital art collectibles. This marketplace also allows artists to sell their digital art infractions each day until it completes the final picture with the help of blockchain technology. The selling process functions like every other marketplace; an auction is placed or a fixed price sale is initiated.


Mintable is a NFT marketplace that has similar features to eBay. It is a two-sided market that is used for buying and selling digital assets. It only supports MetaMask. This marketplace allows the digital creators to mint their digital assets like audios, image files, and arts into non-fungible tokens without requiring any technical expertise.

Async Art

Async art is an exclusive NFT marketplace that trades digital art collectibles on blockchain technology. There are two core components in the platform; layers and masters. The layers are the fractional elements of the master which build up the complete image. The master is the combination of layers that transforms into a digital art.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a combination of a virtual game and an NFT marketplace. This is a unique platform that has the potential to reach great heights in the future, and it is at a great rise because of its ability to be active over numerous continuous months. This NFT marketplace is the center of attraction for online gamers on a global scale.


V.cent is an NFT marketplace that trades non-fungible tokens that represent tweets from Twitter. This platform is used for digital creators, influencers, and users to mint their unique non-fungible tokens seamlessly. There are three primary components that power up this platform; minting, offers, and sales.

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is an exclusive NFT marketplace that was built by Dapper Labs. This marketplace trades non-fungible tokens that are only related to the NBA league. This platform is built on a blockchain called Flow. It is specifically designed for managing multiple transactions at the same time with high speed.

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Features Of Our NFT Marketplace Development Platform

The NFT Marketplace features we provide in Infinite Block tech are listed below.


NFTs follow the ERC standards like ERC-721 and ERC 1155 token, which allows communication between multiple environments. When a fresh project is executed in the form of NFT, it becomes visible instantly for the wallet holders.


NFT Marketplaces are similar to decentralized exchanges, and they are completely programmable. At the present time, NFT marketplaces are designed by the NFT marketplace development company with more complex mechanics such as crafting, redeeming, forging, etc.


NFT marketplace developers can write programming codes that can restrict programmatically that a specific number of digital assets can be created within the marketplace. This increases the value of the creation.


The interoperable functionality feature in non-fungible tokens initiates the trading of NFTs in multiple ecosystems and marketplaces. This enables the token holders to enjoy an incredible trading experience.


The instant tradability function allows the users to experience higher liquidity. Non-fungible tokens can be held as collateral for liquid cash or another version of crypto tokens for immediate distribution of cash.


TThe developers create common, inheritable, reusable standards that are relevant to all NFTs due to the contribution of NFTs to public blockchains. These include basic primitives as transfer and ownership to control the item the user tokenizes.

Ownership Rights

The act of getting involved with counterfeit products is always a fearsome experience. It has led digital audiences to lose their trust in purchasing digital products and services since everyone wants their product to be authentic and unique. This is where NFT comes into play; non-fungible tokens provide ownership authentication to the buyer once the digital product has been purchased. Ownership of the NFT is completely secured and it is immune to hacking; this is all possible because of our seamless integration of blockchain technology on your NFT platform.


The authenticity of any physical and digital product lies in the rarity of a certain product. Everyone loves to own something that is unique and uniqueness derives from the concept of rarity; the rarer the digital asset, the more unique it is. Uniqueness and rarity are the components that make NFTs special. It perfectly attracts audiences by analyzing what they supposedly need. The rarity of the NFT decides the market value. The maintenance of rarity is dependent on the programmers as they limit the production of NFTs to a certain limit.

Extensive Rewards

Rewards are always part of any cryptocurrency application. The NFT also circulates around the sector of rewards. There are various DeFi protocols, which we implement in our marketplaces for you. From NFT loaning to NFT renting, we have covered all. The most primarily used DeFi protocol would be the NFT loaning protocol. It enables users to loan their NFT for temporary liquidation and it has proven to generate enormous incentives and rewards for the business. And there are other impressive DeFi protocols available for your NFT marketplace.

Trading All Types Of Digital Assets

There are various types of NFT marketplaces in the digital space. There are platforms for all categories of NFTs and there are some platforms for only exclusive categories. We create all types of marketplaces for you. Non-fungible tokens are popular for their representation of the abundance of assets, such as image files, videos, GIFs, trading cards, digital art collectibles, real estate, domain names, etc. We keep the current knowledge of these types of digital assets and develop a platform that can trade all types of digital assets or exclusive types, which is completely dependent on the user.

Compatible Blockchain

There are numerous NFT marketplaces that have been dominant in the digital space for a while. This dominance is the result of using compatible technologies and intense research of the current market. Our NFT marketplace is very similar to the marketplaces out there in the digital market but much better because of our research and development team. Our R&D team is one of the best in the crypto space. We perfectly craft the marketplace with customizable features and compatible blockchain technology based on the requirements of the clients.

Our Solid Expertise In Blockchain Technology

The listed below are the common NFT development services we provide in Infinite Block Tech.





Azure Blockchain


Open Chain




Fully Responsive



Our NFT Platforms

We Offer various NFT Platform services, they include

Our Expertise In NFT Marketplace Development

Infinite Block Tech offers meticulous services that will give you a clear idea about our NFT marketplace development services.

  • Our NFT Platform is invulnerable to all types of cyber-attacks.
  • Utilization of a wide range of blockchain technologies, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, etc.
  • A stable amount of assurance is provided to the NFT marketplace.
  • Highly customizable and crafted with all the required specifications.
  • An optimized level of guidance and technical support is provided.

Our foremost priority is to make you the frontrunner in the NFT race by implementing our extensive beneficial features and technical expertise in the NFT platform.


The listed below are the most comprehensive steps to create an NFT marketplace
  • Build a user interface for the marketplace
  • Choose the compatible blockchain
  • Multi-integral wallet selection
  • Targeting the right audiences
  • Identifying operational sectors
  • Define listing and categories
  • Select the base tokens
  • Program the required features
  • Testing and launching in the mainnet
These are the most important features of an NFT marketplace that help you succeed
  • Storefront
  • Optimized Token Search
  • Filters
  • List Creation
  • Listing Status
  • Bidding Option
  • Crypto Wallet
  • Ratings
Non-fungible tokens, also widely known as NFTs, have taken over the digital world in a flash. With its arrival being just at the third quarter of 2021, the market cap of NFTs has experienced an enormous spike of around 1785%
OpenSea is the most commonly used NFT marketplace. It is based in New York, founded in the year 2017. On this NFT platform, users can purchase and sell blockchain-dependent collectibles, art, music, domain names, trading cards, and virtual worlds, and much more.
An NFT marketplace is a unique platform that is designed to trade non-fungible tokens. NFT marketplaces are developed on the power of blockchain networks, enabling marketplaces to securely store all transaction information and data in the digital ledger. Blockchain networks secure and prevent any type of cyber attacks on the platform. Non-fungible tokens are reaching astonishing heights, thus, the demand for NFT marketplaces is increasing. There are several types of NFT marketplaces that are introduced to the digital market, such as open type, exclusive type, and open protocol-based marketplaces. All these development services are specifically done by the NFT marketplace development company for the future generation to make business dreams reach great heights.
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