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At present, the digital marketing world is dominated by the arrival of cryptocurrencies. Every major industry has shifted towards the crypto space. Cryptocurrencies have submitted themselves as the primary revenue generator for investors and major investment firms. The most popular cryptocurrencies at the present time are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. As the crypto field has started to gain popularity, many business entities have decided to develop their own crypto token. SafeMoon is the new inductee to the crypto market, and it was created in March 2021. This new type of crypto token is relatively young to the market, but it has gained huge popularity and has become a rapidly growing crypto token.

What Is A SafeMoon Token?

SafeMoon is a decentralized finance (DeFi) token. This token consists of RFI tokenomics and auto-liquidity generating protocol. A DeFi token like SafeMoon has reached the mainstream standards under the Binance Smart Chain. Its success and popularity have been immense, thus, making the majority of the business firms adopt this style of cryptocurrency as an alternative. A DeFi token like SafeMoon is almost similar to the other crypto-token, but the only difference being that it charges a 10% transaction fee from the users who sell their tokens, in which 5% of the fee is distributed to the remaining SafeMoon owners. This feature rewards the owners for holding onto their tokens.

Exclusive Mechanisms Of SafeMoon

The primary functionalities such as RFI static rewards, automated liquidity provisions, and automatic token burns make the SafeMoon token distinct from the other crypto tokens.

★ Automated Liquidity Pool (ALP)

The funds are generated from both the sellers and buyers due to the two-base operations protocol, and these funds are added to the liquidity pool in order to create a solid price floor. The volume produced in this platform will remain secured as the resistant mechanism acts as a penalty. This mechanism prevents larger drops in price when the user decides to sell their tokens and increases the token liquidity pool.

★ Manual Burns

Manual burns are implemented in the system in order to improve the utilization of the token. So, that the investors can have an edge in the long run. The flow supply can be determined at any time.

★ Static Rewards & Reflect Mechanism

The static reward is a vital mechanism in the SafeMoon token structure, and it is the solution for several existing problems in the system, as the rewards are completely dependent on the trading volume of the token, and the reflecting mechanism allows the holders to earn higher rewards.

What Is a SafeMoon Clone?

SafeMoon clone is a complete community-based DeFi token, and its functioning is similar to SafeMoon. A SafeMoon clone is a customizable decentralized token that executes functionalities that are similar to the DeFi token like SafeMoon. The users can customize the tokenomics plans based on their required business specifications.

The SafeMoon clone can be developed by two methods, the first method is to build the token from scratch to produce end-to-end services of the SafeMoon, and the second method is to implement the SafeMoon clone script.

What is SafeMoon Clone Script?

SafeMoon clone script is a complete SafeMoon clone protocol that is used to create a fundraising DeFi protocol similar to SafeMoon. Generally, a SafeMoon clone script is a combination of an auto liquidity protocol, RFI static rewards, and RFI tokenomics. The SafeMoon clone script is made up of high-level SafeMoon mechanisms, and top-notch security features. This system holds the source code at a pure level that enables primary functionalities like liquid pool acquisition, manual burns, and reflection similar to the SafeMoon DeFi token.

Working Of A DeFi token like SafeMoon

The workflow of a common SafeMoon clone script is dependent on these four core functionalities such as reflection, manual burns, static rewards, and automated LP.

  • The reflection feature in the clone script protocol assists the users to receive a passive share of income on every successful entrant on the platform.
  • The static rewards minimize the effect of pressure exerted on the token due to its excessive adoption.
  • Manual burning provides numerous benefits in improving the utilization of the token.
  • The total clone script burning is also tracked efficiently.
  • The most important working in the SafeMoon clone script is that the clone script’s contract assists the price floors of the token

Features Of SafeMoon Clone Script

  • SafeMoon clone script possesses a high Annual Percentage Yield.
  • They are compatible with the fluctuations of the market.
  • They can be launched into the mainstream market at ease.
  • They provide hassle-free farming rewards.

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We at Infinite Block Tech have the quality expertise to create a SafeMoon clone by implementing clone scripts. We are pioneers in the field of blockchain-based products. Our blockchain experts have experience in developing tokens on various blockchain networks such as EoS, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Tron, Polkadot, etc. We always work towards providing a rich and pure clone script for the development of tokens on blockchain networks. We ensure to maintain high-level security protocols and the core functionalities of the decentralized token. We have a very experienced solid development team that can develop any type of token for clients. We have developed many fundraising models such as ICO, STO, IDO, etc. Our primary focus in developing a DeFi token like SafeMoon is to build them according to the requirements of the clients. Our first priority is to assist the customers with our post-deployment services and ensure to provide them 24×7 around-the-clock services to uplift their business model in the crypto world.

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